Book review / Margaret Court : the auto biography

Her last name just changed after she got married , She was a brave , young and disciplined woman, a young lady from an unknown place in NSW Australia called Albury. We see immaturity of her young ages in a few chapters. As we read further,  we see a different Margaret , whomife made her tougher! I didn’t know about her faith till a google search and her ministry in Christianity world. This is was exactly the type of book , I liked to read about! An ordinary Margaret turned to be an extraordinary person. It seems being a famous tennis player , haven’t changed her inside out. The emptiness of her heart only was met by the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

Mrs Hopeman , the only person made her alot of trouble! Which later on died of a  cancer. The young Margaret Smith , didn’t go to party , her whole life was playing tennis and tennis and tennis.
She is brave to leave her hometown for pursuing her big dream, Albury in NSW  could not take her anywhere. Later On after wining beyond wining , from Australia championship to Wembeldon. She made it , the first woman to win in Wembeldon. The first woman travelling with two kids to win the games. She trained hard , she played well from rise and down , still nothing satisfied her thirsty soul! All this big story was to make her for a bigger plan. She came to a point , found by God and everything got started to bring meaning and purpose. Her soul found rest as we read it in her few last chapter of her book. She opens up talking about her comment and why she isn’t favourite as others.

This book is a book of thriving , loving,  working hard for your dreams , purpose and plan of God. A tennis court still is on her name in Melbourne Australia, Margaret Court arena.
Now , Margaret Court preaching and speaking On her own ministry platform , whom God appointed her to be. Along side with her husband Barry.

Dariush Youkhaneh


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