Book review/ “Holy Spirit , Are we flammable or Fireproof? by Reinhard Bonnke

I have just read one of the best books ( depart from the Holy Bible) that explained Who the Holy Spirit is. You can sense that the words and sentences from Reinhard Bonnke are alive and are comes from his heart. I honestly was stunned by this book. The sentences were flamming in my heart, and on more than several occasion, I just went back to the chapter and reread it.
I want you to read this book and let your heart get fired for God. Reinhard Bonnke got my promise right from the first page of the book. He brought to us his 53 years of ministry – of course, it won’t fit in such a small book as this, but Reinhard brought you a snapshot of the heart of his ministry – the Holy Spirit. He looked to her wife, Anni and said, ” When I look on your face, I see the rising sun.” Indeed, you need highlighters to mark what blesses you as your read his book.
” Are we flammable or fireproof?” table of contents has nine sections and two parts in the end. Here are some of my highlights :
” Prayer is not helping God; it is helping us partner with God, surrendering to Him and allowing Him to take His place as Lord of our lives -Deliverer and Savior.” pge31
“Surrender- your tongue, your body, your mind, your will and even your eyes-and people will see Him in you.”pge35
” Jesus lives in your heart, and sometimes He likes to look out of the windows.” pge 35
The baptism in the Holy Spirit is NOT a private matter! It is a public event! Glory to God.” pge37
“He puts His arms around us and baptises in the liquid fire of the Holy Spirit.” pge 43
“Oh, What a Passion!” pge 46
“Don’t disqualify yourself when you already accepted.” pge58
“No, God has no favourites.” pge58
” There were 120 people in the upper room.” pge59
“a group of 120 of them became the first spirit-filled people on earth.” pge50
” The gifts of the Spirit operate by faith in God, not faith in the specific theory.”pge 106
” The Holy Spirit abides, He has come to stay” pge138
” God wants your life to be a place of comfort, joy, peace and happiness.” pge 139
” We are bushes that burn with the Glory of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit.”pge 144
” A prayer room is a powerhouse of the Spirit.” pge 144

My friend, I challenge you to read this book from Reinhard Bonnke, not only know who and what the Holy Spirit can do but to learn to be flammable for God, not fireproof. The Holy Spirit is not only the power; instead, He is a person – the third person of the Trinity. Take the book and learn what God stored for you. You can buy it from here:

Review Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



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