Spiritual excitement is a heart of a believer. Every time we make a decision in our life, we go to him, asking for a sign, asking for help, asking for guidance. We go with excitement and joy that God of all universe have heard us; it is true; indeed, He hears and cares. My question for us would be this, are we pouring our hearts when we speak to him? When we worship and call upon the name of Jesus. Indeed, He answers our prayers.
Are we excited when we go to prayer? Are we excited when the church time comes, and we are ready to hear the word of God from his nominated speaker? I have listened to many sermons and preaching throughout my walk in faith. I confess I didn’t go with an exciting spirit, many of them. But, I did show up as a sign of – God, “I am still here – I am not 100% present, but I know you know well.”
Let your heart rejoice with hymns of heaven. There is no need to do something for God to be accepted; he loves you like how he created you. Good deeds are great, helping someone is awesome, bringing word of encouragement are perfect in place but are we thirsty for Jesus? Are we excited to be in his presence?

I’ll leave it to us to discover his beauty by prayer and songs. And give us a new spiritual excitement in him.

Written by
Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. I really struggle with this. I think I still perceive my church’s worship music with ears of the flesh. I don’t like it. It leaves me cold, not feeling closer to God. The message is usually only 30-35 minutes of a 75 minute service. Announcements and communion are some of it. But the music is usually at least half the service. To me it just sounds like bad music. I am embarrassed to bring that to God as my way of praising Him. How can I learn to go with a glad heart to participate in worship that doesn’t feel like it praises God in a way that reflects my heart?

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    1. Hi, church services are only a short time to fellowship with other believers , Church helps you to stir up your spiritual excitement, it is not the source the source is Jesus in you which you follow him throughout the week till weekend. I’m sure If it is right church of Christ , there will be something to connect where your soul can rest and worship Jesus. My suggestion is back to the foundation of your faith , sometimes familiarity makes us weary. Prepare your heart before service, go with expectant , cherish God who He is rather than what He is done or will do. Surrender all to Him when you are in the moment of Worship , let your heart sing. Open your heart to Him. The service is there to facilitate God’s people to be closer to Him , they may sound fleshy for those listen fleshy , hear it with your spiritual ears, we are spiritually alive and secure.

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