Stand in awe of God, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Stand in awe of God, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
His majesty, His loving arm of mercy and grace will rescue me – who am i Lord that I can stand in awe of you; you’ve chosen me for the purpose of more fabulous than me, this universe, ahhh, it is much bigger than my dream. How can I discover in such a shortage of me? How can I know you? You are enormous than anything I imagine. I stand here, right here in the corner of your earth and respect what you made, such a marvellous and intelligent you are. My mind can not find a word to express your high place Lord. You made everything with nothing- because you are the source of the all, all in all, you made them All. I am here to be a witness, to see your beauty with my earthly eyes- point them who you are. Oh Lord, Can I say something that you cannot hear? Can I do something you can not see? You are everywhere, and everywhere get meaning in you. When I am busy with my ideas, you have plans to meet me, reach me, and kiss me to heaven. Who am I, Lord, that you are thinking of me?
When I walk side of the ocean, I see the sea of your beauty and the wave of your love. I say; this might be your sound, the tone of the ocean! It touches my heart and shows me a glimpse of heaven, our home, where I belong. I whisper like King David, ” Let heaven and earth praise the Lord.”

NGC 268 Galaxy – NASA

I look above you are there, I look down you are here, I look around you are everywhere- even when I close my eyes you are within me- shining like the start, how perfect you are. I won’t lie; I can’t ignore you; I can not reject you in my dreams. I dance with you; you wipe my eyes with the palm of your hands. I stand in awe of God, who made me. I wait for Father. He accepts me in his greatness, where I can freely worship him right at his feet. His love is worth more than billion-trillion planets around the galaxy; it is unlimited love. One second standing in his presence will change forever in me. Let it be, Let all of me sing. Sing a song of joy- a victory of my love, Jesus. I stand and humble myself to listen and obey.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

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