God, I know you can do all things

I am glad, don’t ask me why! I have joy in my heart that we have someone who can always look after us with all difficulties of life. Like a mum whose heart is with her/his child. As life goes on, I am trying to make discipline my physical and spiritual body. When I made a mistake both here and there, I regret and repent. I continue to walk with God. I give thanks and praise to God; with all my shortcomings, He still wants to have dinner with me at the same table. His love endures my path. Sometimes God opened my mind and consciousness like how he did for prophet Job “ I know you can do all things”.

I asked so many questions that I shouldn’t ask. I was a fool not to obey God. I have sinned and was a prodigal son. I returned home, and You treated me like a king. If my faith failed, it is because I didn’t remember; your kindness and your hands were so evident in my life. Was I an old vine? If Job realised that I do  that too “Therefore I despise myself
    and repent in dust and ashes.”

I can see you, feel you, and be you when you are in me. Now I can do all things, purified with the fire, and I dance with the Spirit, the Spirit of the truth.

The secret of my heart is public in your eyes. Here is a declaration of your beauty; everyone should know that. Nothing is hidden from your eyes. I told myself a million times and more, but I still turned my face to do whatever. Let not a part of me mix the goods and bads. If I only was able to filter them- this one also you can do it, I am an observer, please open my eyes to your beauty. If I only knew how much good is sound in your view. King David didn’t know that and he asked you, “ show me your way”, then who am I not going to ask the same question? “ Teach me your way.”

A new way of life, a new me that can love everyone. My heart is yours now and forever. I don’t look back, I am new in You, a new vine in an old vessel. I know you can do all things.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



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