Jesus mission is ours

We are already in December, my dear friend. It seems it was yesterday, which was the most challenging December last year for some of us. But thank God, He enabled us to walk through the difficulties,we counted as all good in His eyes. We believed that God could do all things – Nothing is impossible, although we learned this hard. I trust that that was the reason I restored this blog several years ago; I intended to lift the Spirit of Truth, who Jesus introduced to our earthly world. I write not for my benefit, although my inner writing willingness collides with heaven’s mission. I love writing, and that is the only way I can express to show how much Jesus loves me as an individual. I know that my brokenness can not impress the world, but I believe simplicity is power because the God I trust is simple though powerful. He can change us with one word, so nothing in me or my talent can surprise Him; the only thing that can stir Him is my willingness to walk with him in this journey. That might be naive of me; let them say whatever they want to say, I believe in the unseen- an invisible God who is everywhere. If you are reading this, and your talent are hidden in this world, I encourage you, my dearest friend, do not to lose heart. He knows you are the apple of his eyes, and He put all your extraordinary talents in the right order; we don’t need to show anyone what we can or can not do; we do life simply.

You are talented; only you and God knows; no one needs to be noticed. Good on them if they realised that one day.

Just a reminder, When Jesus went to Nazareth, the city he was born, no one noticed Him; they all thought and perceived that we know him, he is Joseph’s son, We know his mother and all family. He simply opened the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and proclaimed that He is anointed, He is the One and Here we have the mission of Jesus blossom from the simplicity of his character. We read this in the Gospel of Luke chapter 4.

1- Jesus’ mission was/is to bring the good news to the poor

2- Jesus’ mission was/is freedom

3- Jesus’ mission was/is to open the eyes of the blinds

4- Jesus’ mission was/is to give us a new everlasting hope

He came to set us free, to open our eyes to his truth and to give us hope which will never be perished.

What is my mission? What will help me accomplish all God gave me to use for his kingdom? Does it cost me? If my mission glorifies my plan and purpose only – let it not be. I need a plan that God be in the centre of it all. That, those talents and intelligence can work for his glory. so, we deny to look down; we keep our heads held high and look the Jesus’ mission as ours.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



    1. Thanks David for your word of encouragement, I’m truly blessed with every single comment you put in. Thank you for the support and love and the time.


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