Stop trying, Start Trusting..Nothing wrong with Moving like a snail

Stop trying; Start trusting…


As we are closing an unforgettable 2021, I just wanted to write to you again and encourage you that a better year is ahead. The years 2020 and 2021 were like each other for most of us, painful and sorrowful. Our steps were plodding, like a snail passing across the street, and it took two years to reach the other end. I am here to testify is not wrong to move like a snail, even it may not look good. A snail produces a slime track along its way; therefore, it can move on almost any surface. By God’s loving grace, we were able to move practically tested on any surface of life, and guess? We survived. We endured, and our patience level has gone up.

Once upon a time, we were in hastiness, short in view, drawn in the busyness of life. Now, we are moving on to produce a slime of patience and love; We are learning to see life from a completely different angle. We stop, reflect, and take a breath until we finish an inch of our move. Time? It is stealing our rest. In the reality of moving like a snail, time is not essential. Still, the quality of slime you produce not only lets you climb the most challenging mountain of life also would be a trace of love for others, a mark that almost everyone around can notice and climb. Are you getting what am I trying to say? Only people in the world worry about the things they can see. They don’t know the advantage of moving like a snail and enjoy inch by inch of our life.

At this Christmas, you are called to stop trying and start trusting; promise to yourself that you are going to trust the Lord more than any time.

Our human nature of doing things and controlling them in our way is entirely natural; how can we leave the things of concern on the palm of the lovely baby Jesus, who brought Joy as a gift of Christmas to everyone. What I mean by stop trying. It tells us to stop trying those areas of our lives that we have no control of. Your future, your life, your unknown and blind spot of your life, your entire being no need to try but rather to trust to a God can and can change your journey for a good run.
Now is the time – stop, slow and move like a snail. Moving fast is not helping, but it gives you a flash of things, but if you move like a snail, you are in inch by inch mode. Only, you know what slow-moving means is, God can be with you in the journey, your choice and God’s result will be yours when you are taking steps towards trusting the unseen God.
Another benefit of stop trying and starting trusting God is we can see the things we have not been able to see, this time clear and light. The resolution is very high; we are not fast and in a rush- but it ultimately opened our eyes to every life scenario. Remember, you are not the one who knows everything; you are the chosen one- who needs to obey and win the trophy.
Now, tell me, why do you need to slow down this Christmas? What do you need to stop trying on your ability and start trusting Jesus?
There is no shame those in Christ Jesus.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



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