A Window of Opportunity to the Time

The below writing of mine might stir your heart up. Please read it as you discover a new thing in you. Let time be a friend to us. And Jesus changes our hearts forever.

We made to fight to get better -being the best is not the option.
There is always something missing – alongside our journey. We are all looking to have a fantastic family relationship, .all in quality. I’ve had a conversation with one of my friends- that somehow we had this conclusion we can not lean on any human- If we do, our trust would be based on the surface. If we put our trust in our work, in another human which we think they are higher than us – it will fall. But there is much more to faith; it is a very complex topic; as I mentioned before, our ultimate hope and trust are in God, then- the other trust level will cave in.
We do not obligate to report our living to anyone, but we are here to live intentionally for a goal every day. So, in the fight to be better, we can not put our ultimate trust in others; we can not use them. All we can do is consult with them, be friends with them, have a great relationship, and hope that we can get better and better in the land of humans. Of course, the need for God is an obvious fact; alongside a community of others, we need God with no doubt. If you do not feel it, I can say you need to consider; if you do not know what God I am talking about – I think it is time to take baby steps to know Him, at least to a level that we know He hears you and everything is in control of Him.

I think this is right when we look at Jesus Christ’s life. Whether in a challenging season or a season of abundance, you still need to run a race that life pushes you to, but it also gives you a pause to think about what matters. The pause time of Jesus came when he went to the wilderness or a quiet location to receive and pray. It was a time to meditate on the right things, the crucial matters which most of us neglect to have a view on those. What is better in your life? What does it mean to be a better person? What can ‘better’ things get better?
I was supposed to hate running, but when I started slowly and got better, knowing how valuable running is for me. I got better at it, I guess I was not wrong, but I didn’t discover the ‘better’ things. If you are in a season of discovery, I can say you are there; you can find those things and navigate through them quickly. Time is an enemy, but time is here to work for you if you give time a window of opportunity.
A window of opportunity to the time appears when you truly dedicate yourself to the present. A better you occur; it will record a trust form in your inner ability, a wonderful fun moment of life will capture you as being you.
So, what we can say to that moment of life when no one looks? Not everyone is us; we are not everyone; we are unique in our own story, to tell all the world the truth about who we are- made of love and like. But we are getting better and better. A blessing? A flourish season? A grace? Whatever we call them, we are there to take them; that is our only opportunity to enjoy the momentum and create a memory of forever to reflect on our favourite tastes.

 Now make that decision if the time opens its mouth to steal you; show it how strong you are! If the time is hungry and wants to eat you, show that you are not the bait but a hunter looking for an opportunity to be better.

Here is the conclusion :
1- I am made of the strong better version of heaven
2- I am a hunter, a hunter of opportunity and being better
3- I am lovely to know that the best is not the option but being better than what improves my quality
4- My trust is on a deeper level in Christ as I consult and make friends
5- The mistakes are not enemies- they are a bridge to getting better

Your friend in the journey

Dariush Youkhaneh

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