Continue to experience the LIFE

Time is flying again and the clock is going fast. As the wave of cold covers Sydney and around. The season doing his job well. We need to change our clothes and dance with them.

Some other time, incredibly we see ourselves daydreaming. Short or long, ugly or beautiful, cold or warm, sweet or bitter, all will be coming and go. We are getting life experience I guess. Travelling through the tunnel of life teaches us to be there, be still and that everything takes its place or it makes sense one day.

By nature, you know what is right, you should be like a magnetic! Attract all positive and true and healing. I guess again is not enough! The world has been designed in a way that if you give you are happier, so release some good of yourself to the world. Your kindness makes a difference. Your love makes a difference. Your healing and health make a difference.

Take your backpack of life let’s continue to experience it.

What makes your life happier? What life taught you that changed your view?

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


1 Comment

  1. Science has proved a Superior Intelligence or God because of stating that everything started in chaos.

    All of science is observable and repeatable.

    Chaos never becomes order unless an intelligence acts upon it.

    Iron ore (chaos) never becomes steel (order) until intelligence acts upon it.

    Steel (order) will decompose to iron ore (chaos) given enough time, but it is not reversible unless intelligence acting upon it.

    This is a scientific proof of God!


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