Trusting in God’s unfailing Love

“Nothing is new under heaven”, the author of the book of Ecclesiastes says. But accessing God’s source on earth would be always refreshing and new. To access it we need to know first to know who the creator is? Is it the God of ancient? Is it the God of imagination and dissolution? For whatever reason, we stay away from God, beqcuse we heard from past generations or because of wars, or because of a new era of time and technologies, or simply because we think we have the knowledge and know everything. That keeps us away from Him and His unfailing Love.

It is not time to trust the machines made by humans. It is time to trust God first and more. If anything good is made by humans it is because of God’s breath of wisdom and understanding in us, we are a vessel to be used for His glory.

As you go for today and tomorrow, try to know the real God! Try to trust in His unfailing love once and taste and then go for your daily routine. In whatever and wherever I and you are, God knows and He can help. What steps we can take to know him more? Knock and the door will be opened.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh

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Photo : the webb telescope photos


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