Be Strong and Very Courageous, Memories Bible Verses August 2022 day 5

Vance k.Jackson said : “It’s not by your own strength, power, or might that you’ll succeed; choose to be strong in the Lord and trust in Him. God is the One who will lead you out of the wilderness and break the bondage of the desert”.

Choose to be strong 💪, it is a matter of choice. Nothing can be more satisfying than the Lord of the Hosts being with us. So with this mind ahead, hold today’s scripture as your shield 🛡 and trust God that the new doors will be opened in Jesus’ Name.

Be Strong and very courageous, Memories Bible Verses August 2022 from Joshua 1: 9

Be Strong ..

Be very courageous..

Don’t be afraid …

Don’t be discouraged..

The Lord , himself will be with you..

Friend thank you for your presence, and that every day you are following up on this blog. I am blessed to have you here, truly. Encourage me by sharing this post or blog with your fellow friends or boggers or post it on your social media. It is always more beautiful when we all gather together and share. I am honored to serve us along the way. Thanks again.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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