We give all, we live fully with intention of love and patience

I love God, and He loves us without anything in return and I am astonished by his great heavenly attributes. Who knows may God look at us and forgives us because of our stubborn childish act. We sometimes forget who we are. We are dust, made of flesh and bone. Here today and tomorrow are gone.

Every day is a story, the story of mankind in corner of our planet. Where we can inject God into our story, is our choice. It was Joseph’s choice to obey his Father and go to look for his brothers. It was Jesus’ Choice to obey His Father and gave himself on the cross.

Every day is a relentless sacrifice, is an atonement for our wrongdoings. We cannot skip, we all do wrong to some degree, however, sin was a bad friend of us from the womb. We need to be washed, we needed a sacrifice, we needed a savior who could rescue us. The flowers fade away season in and out. But, we are not the flowers anymore, the next time we come alive, we could be eternal beings with different bodies and spiritual ones.

We shine on the sand like on the hot Australian summer days. We give all. We live fully with an intention of love and patience. We spread the good news. We write in our hearts the word of living water. We are in the desert but never thirsty. We are present to enjoy this life and waiting to switchover.

We wait for it.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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