Have Hope and be Strong, Memories Strong Bible Verses 2022

Most of the time we are weak. We need an outer power to help us, to assist us in a time of weakness and powerlessness. No doubt about it. But the experience shows we need our creator to re-enable us and lift us, although we might be physically healthy, spiritually need this heaven’s strength. Today’s passage reminds us of when we trust and hope in Jesus, we could get out of misery and be released from the bondage of instability.

Read it 10 times and again. What does hope mean? What does renew mean to you? Hope in who? When and where to hope?

Memories Strong Bible Verses 2022

Let’s keep this mindest and stick it to our souls 😀, our only hope is in the Lord. Our trust is in Him alone. When we surrender our whole in whole to Him, then we are strengthened. That’s it.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. You want strength from the Lord, well, then you have to believe and hope…… Hope what? That God will give you all the strength you need, in your weakness….. Hope based on what? On his Word andd promises, because the Word of God remains forever….

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