Spiritual Encouragement

John C. Maxwell said it well “Encouragement is oxygen for the soul. It takes very little effort to give it, but the return in others is huge.”

I am wondering why I haven’t talked about a complete post about encouragement. Sometimes we need someone somewhere to encourage our troubled hearts. If you agree with me, read it through and let our minds, soul and heart be encouraged today.

Why is encouragement so important to carry within? If the encouragement package was a product to buy, I would be the first person in line. But there is a willingness and passion to follow such a desire, an inner one that can be truly discovered more and more. When we point out how can we put this practically, we can look at our Saviour Jesus and go from there. Jesus was a direct source of encouragement to everyone around him. Well, He basically started from those nearest to him. For example, Jesus said in John 14: 27, “Peace I leave with you; the peace I give to you. Not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

Encouragement is like a built-in app – which some use it, and some forget about it. Some others even deleted it from their phone and never heard about it. How can we be a person of encouragement? well, WikiHow listed for you those outward attitudes here. I am here to talk about spiritual encouragement! Spiritual Encouragement included those listed in WikiHow plus more attitude of a Christ-like person. As Christians, we have an obligation to love others, not optional. We are called to love and encourage others! How do we know that? By the person of the Holy Spirit within us. The Spirit enables us to be a person of love, truly loving people who can shine like Jesus to others! The word goes beyond a normal sympathetic attitude and kind, but deeply be for God, be with God and be on the ground and humble! Being like Jesus is the ultimate purpose.

It means you are excited to lift someone up because there is a greater within you than out there. It does not matter how difficult your situation is; you are in the circle of spiritual encouragement, preparing yourself for many years of devotions, and praises, reading your bible and being with other Christ followers and you know that a deep-angle encouragement as well! you recognise the simplicity and power of the life of someone even in your pain. The obstacles are there, but you choose to be a person of blessing. You know nothing is over till God said it is over. It is an engagement of your heart to be in the present. It means to deny the darkness and turn your face to the light.

“What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.” C.S Lewis

So, spiritual encouragement must be sharable! nothing to holdable at all! We must use it in all spheres of life. In leadership, in family, in the workplace and in your daily walk. So, I leave a space here for you and I want to hear from you. I am trying to make it short of this article that at least – put an idea or I hope made a spark of encouragement in your mind and heart. Go to God and go to His people. , make a difference.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Love is others is not optional for a follower of Christ. Amen, brother! I’m naturally am encourager, but find it’s still necessary to be intentional—especially with Christian encouragement. It’s possible to talk about the virtues of faith, hope, and love without mentioning God, but that’s leaving out the purest source of these things—God Himself. Great post, Dariush! It’s autumn where I live. Is that mean it’s spring in Australia?

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    1. Thanks, Brother David, it is true our encouragement must be aligned with God’s love. It is Spring in Australia, the end of Spring. Beautiful days.


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