How is the Christmas vibe in your town?

In Australia , At least the suburban i am living Christmas not much like it was. Our Christmas tree in our town are not decorated like before. I want to be less critical. Need more decoration in our town that we can feel more we are in Christmas time. If you are in a town with snow, than you are having a beautiful Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love my town. Such a huge town with a small decoration gives me an indication that something not right. This is the best and wonderful time of the year! Everyone invited to celebrate this change of life season.

I love Christmas – I love to see more light in town at night.

I wish i could walk in a town at night in Christmas that really warms my heart with light and love. I’ll reach my dreams one day I know 🙂 . Christmas is not another holiday time. Although we enjoy the free time with family and friends … But it is a time of love. To see and know what is the reason of Christ-mas. The lamb of God , The Son of God , The beautiful baby Jesus came on earth. Isn’t this enough to light up and decorate more in our town and the others know why we light up and enjoy this season with gifts and freshness.

I know , Other cultures are are living in here. There are heaps of other ethnics and religions which Jesus came for them also are living in our town. Let them know the reason of this season. Jesus loves all. I am not sure how Christmas look like in your town. I hope there would be a better decoration than the last year. Do you think is this because of Corona virus? Do they want to less encourage people to come out because of this new virus? I have no idea.

Tell me about your town Christmas vibe. Is it nice and eyes catching? I am not saying this because i only see the surface of this season. Yes, the real meaning of Christmas is not in decoration and other stuff around.

I know Christmas in winter is much feels Christmas 🙂 I knew as I celebrated before, Oh that is crazy good.

Decorate , celebrate and love

Dariush Y

Beauty of Lake Illawarra!

We are living in a beauty earth, A heaven on earth beauty – I am often blind to this , But in awe of God’s creation. Right last week I had a chance to see and capture a few photos which truly will fresh the soul.

“Who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, who keeps faith forever;” [Psalm 146:6]

Have a moment , Look at the photos and see how God is beautiful! The lake is located south of city of Wollongong and North of Shellharbour. It is about two hours drive from Sydney CBD.

Keep faith , Keep love of God in and around you. He is everywhere , have a closer look. you’ll see Him for sure.


Dariush Youkhaneh

Ten Things that Jesus told us to do

Hi my beautiful friends, I hope you are doing well in Jesus Name. I meant to write a week ago, But it seems the time again didn’t allow me and saying what is in my heart. But today , now and at this moment I am fully here to talk about what is in my heart to share with you. I promise won’t take your time much and I will point out right what i need to say and I am assure of it that you’ll find this post a blessing. Let me tell you first how much I love you truly, and how much you are loved by the Father in Heaven. Not even one single thing in life can separate you of his love. This love made a cost for the Father. Not easy for the Heavens. Jesus came all the ways from the Heaven on earth to make a new possibility, a new door.

I am sure , we all know about Ten commandments of God in Old Testaments. But, do you know Ten things that Jesus teaches us in new testament that will change our life forever. We can find this beautiful life changer message right in the heart of Luke chapter 6 from verse 20 to 38. Below is the list:

The Ten above are absolutely message of love, mercy and meekness. Some of them you may find it in Moses tablet. Yep, those are what Jesus said. Those are Jesus words , not my own made words. Those are Jesus teaching which any teacher of Him knows it well. And they are not unfamiliar to His followers. Also , the Ten ways of life are not the only or summarized of all his teaching. These are part of his teaching. Like the biggest command of Jesus : :Love God with all your heart , soul and Spirit.”

Love our enemies is the hardest thing we can possibly imagine to do. Saying it so easy , but the truth is unimaginably takes us to heaven and back to love those they did awfully bad to us and our loved ones which directly changed our direction of life. Jesus touched that point and teaching us ” if you wanna be healed than do this, if you wanna follow me do this.” Man, How can we do that? Let me tell us and repeat this again : With God everything possible. Not only that love them , also Pray for them , Pray for those , they don’t have a single point of interest of it. It is okay we follow what Jesus said and we know and believe that God got the best for us in every situation.

Man.. you know how hard is to forgive. Oxford dictionary defined forgive as : “[transitive, intransitive] to stop feeling angry with someone who has done something to harm, annoy, or upset you; to stop feeling angry with yourself forgive somebody/yourself (for something/for doing something).” Yes that is include yours and others. The skeleton of Jesus message is to forgive as He forgiven us on the Cross. We need to forgive people. We need to give a green light to our heart and brain and tell them there are no place of un-forgiveness. We need to let go of things are not worth to be part of our being. Forgive ourselves is the first step to flourish.

When we forgive ours and others , a new door of loving people will be opened. We can see Jesus in us. We can see the light. And a new song of Praise will be arose from our deepest heart.

And we all know , about to be humble , merciful and no judge. Do not fight with others about anything but humbly let love of Jesus go through by letting go and forgiving. Above all Seeking his blessings and presence need to be our first priority. We are children of Light and day. We are not belong to darkness.

And Give. Your time , your portion of blessing, your heart. Pray and keep praying for the world, for the better , for the Christ.


Dariush Youkhaneh

Heads Held High ebook

Another short book of mine which greatly impact you inside out.

Alone or in a crowd, in noise or in silence, in fire or in no fire, in heaven or on earth, in here or in everywhere, your love will follow me. Even in the depths of the earth or the highest heaven you will be with me. Your whisper tells me to start again. Your whisper tells me to go ahead. Your whisper tells me there is a future, there is unending life. Not leaning on the flesh, I keep my head held high, rescuing others, pressing toward the kingdom and waiting for the return of the heavenly groom.” – Heads Held High by Dariush Youkhaneh

Here is another great inspirational ebook. No doubt , it will empower you. No doubt it will bless you. What is your favorite quote from it ? If you haven’t had a chance to read here is the link to buy :

Looking forward to your comments.



When the Spirit works in me …

..I ‘ ll be the best runner. I’ll be dancing like King David did, without any fear and shame. Yes , I will be shining in every corner of darkness.

When the Spirit of the Lord works in me , I’ll be hearing like Samuel heard. I’ll be in Love more , in a deep love of trinity. Oh I’ll be like him. When the Spirit of the Lord works and lives in me I’ll be going like Philip went. I’ll be willingly obey the Father like Jesus did , I’ll cry like Jesus did once. I’ll have no arrogant spirit within me , I’ll be kind and love everyone. I’ll be a strong voice for a voiceless. I’ll be the one.

Oh , I’ll be moving and carrying the peace. I’ll shout for joy from sunrise to sunset. I’ll smile when life is brutal. I’ll give hands when is needed. I’ll offer my time when sacrifice desired. I’ll love more. I’ll clap for the God given victory .I’ll have a race with butterfly. I’ll be getting my crown of heaven. I oh I’ll be fearless and courageous. There will be no doubt, no double minded , no ugliness.

I’ll be beautiful like rose

I’ll be singing like the angles.

I’ll be dreaming ..

Now you tell : when the Spirit works in me…



Untapped Light ebook

Hi Friends, It is been awhile that i have published ” Untapped Light” ebook. I hope you had chance to read it. This short e-book will well introduce the hidden wellness of light and bring a bunch of new prospective. Be ready for an untapped light, Ready – Set – GO.. click on the below link to have a fun and inspiring blessed read:

I love to hear your review on this. Can not wait to read your reviews .


Dariush Y

Kangroo valley beauty

I had a chance to visit Kangroo valley for the weekend. Such a natue and beauty. It is time to be refreshed and recharged in the heart of the kangroo valley nature. Here are some photos that I am sure you’ll enjoy to see. All photos taken by me. Haha credit to myself. 😀

It is a great inspiration for Monday and the week ahead. I hope you get motivated and do some outdoor activity. I know , life is busy. I know alot happening for our everyday life. But set a day to go a hike , a walk in the nature can gives a breeze of newness in you. Enjoy and let the freshness of Holy Spirit in you do a new thing.

The lesson we can learn, season changes and everyone season have own beauty. Life changes and every season have own beauty.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
Galatians 5:22 NIV

Much Love

Dariush Y

Dried Roses

I do think the dired rose are still beautiful. For some are useful and they use it for several inner healing medicine. But apart from all nice factor we can conclude from dried roses and flowers. We can see the beauty in them still , what a change! From fresh to dried; from old to new. Yet beautiful.

It is same like our life ..

A dried rose
The dried roses

I should keep them in the bottle or spread them through my Bible pages. For now, I am enjoying the beauty of them even they are dried.

🙂 what a joy


Three things a christ follower won’t do

Yes , there are certain things we need to surrender, we need to be aware of it. Before going deep talk about things a Christ follower won’t do ! We need to understand a few points:

– A Chrsit follower make mistake like other humans

– A Christ follower was a sinner and living in a sinful world

– A Christ follower is not a super holy human

We all make mistakes , the mistakes are unavoidable from one to another. The errors doesn’t measure which doniminatiom you are belonged to. All it does ,It makes us a fool. From another prospective all Christ follower were sinners and now they are redeemed by the blood of Jesus. So, no one can boast to their abilities. A sinner who turned the way and to be like Him. Therefore , a christ follower won’t stay in sin or continue practice it. He or she immediately confess and is aware of the situation because of the Holy Spirit work.

The real Christ follower keep their mind free of worries of this world.

And , the very important point is that, a Christ follower is not a super holy , but only the presence of Christ in person can make them holy and acceptable.

Now we learn those points and it is time to reveal what are things a Christ follower won’t do? I am bringing three here , but there are many for sure, the 10 commandment are easily included:

1- A Christ follower won’t deny their FAITH

2- A Christ follower won’t boast

3- A Christ follower won’t give up

In all steps of life they won’t deny the Faith they received in first place. They won’t forget their first love in Jesus. It is the part of their heart. You can not take it out from them. Faith is their DNA. their whole being identity. Everywhere they go and everywhere they are , Faith is there. Faith in the Love. LOVE OF Jesus , Love of Father and Love of Holy Spirit. They are born again. Couple of mistakes won’t stop this Faith , they continue rise and jump. They are excited for a new vision , a new life , a new door and they are satisfied for the smallest things and have joy in their hearts.

Being arrogant! No , it is not mentioned in their book of life. They won’t boast in their ability for all things.

They don’t give up to keep praying for the loved onces , for their salvation, for their healing , for the kingdom, for their city and nation. No, they won’t give up. They keep pressing , they keep loving , they keep caring , they keep forgiving.

A real follower of Christ try not to be the best version of others but the greatest image of Christ himself on earth. They are honest and have empathy and compassion is part of their being. Are you following me? You know what I am trying to say because Christ is in you. I am going to leave it here now but you go ahead and list what others things a Christ follower won’t do 🙂 list them in comment.


Moving to

Rebuilding , Refreshing and Reaching to more people.

Hi friends, I am grateful for years staying on , by Grace of God I am moving to for a better. However everything would be same and better even. The vision and mission of my blog will stay same as they are my core life value.

I am going to get volunteer within this year . For those have passion for Christ and they have a heart to encourage others through blogging and writing , If you you want to be “the first” global volunteer on this blog , please let me know that we can have a chat and know each other and see how can we bring more Christ-content into this platform.

We are in edge of making a global encouraging Christ content platform for everyone. I am thriving to make that happen , and for to do that , first of all I need your prayer that God can change life through this blog , that everything going to be written and posted ; our only savior Jesus Christ be glorified. I am sure about great things are ahead. I look forward to it that together we can make this happen. Are we ready for this?

For the better, for the Christ , for the people


Plan , Prayer , Promise

In the race of love and fight , we all have one life to live on earth until to eternal life in Christ. People ask what would be like the heavens? our forever home. I almost forgot about God’s promises in my life. I may think the current circumstance would be the end of everything! no. It is not. God’s victory is bigger than my situation , bigger than any result now and than. God changes thing according to his good will not according my good desire.

The real road of victory has some big/small obstacles. King David had faced those. I don’t think the biggest fear of King David were facing the giants but facing about “Does my life honor God? ” , ” Did i do enough to please him?”. Those questions came when he was in highest position , right in his palace. We read this in 2 Samuel 7 . The process of honoring God comes with an action. But not the way we think , but the way He thinks. Comes with an admiring prayer to the God of universe.

We need to learn ( at least I need to learn more) , God does not need us to do something for Him , although He will be pleased with our plans . He is pleased to shape our plans right in his majestic hands. That is exactly we studies in 2 Samuel 7. He makes it right and noble. And I know mistakes are part of my plans and I know my plans are not successful without His love; helping me in all ways.

So , I offer Him my plans as prayer as His promises pass through and filter it with his holy hand. He makes it right. He changes it like a new morning ; fresh and pure.

How great you are, Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.” 2 Samuel 7 : 22.

I have to submit that , I have been short of knowing him more. All these three sisters Plan,Prayer, Promise has something to do with my willing of surrender. Dr Charles Stanley said it well on his devotion ” When we have difficulty hearing the Lord, the best remedy is to surrender our personal desires and fix our attention on what God wants. Only then will we again be able to discern our Shepherd’s voice calling us back to Himself.” David knew exactly about shepherd’s voice, He was , himself a shepherd once. God ‘s promises echoes through His voice. It seems our personal desires are blocking of God’s voice coming in. What we need to surrender, what steps we need to do. So I have decided to follow according below :

Plan = Submit my desires to God

Prayer = With an humble heart ask Him to help and acknowledge He is sovereign Lord and can do anything and He has the best interest to assist me

Promise = Hearing God’s voice pass through, they are right and in time. When God said , it will be done surely even I can not see it.

My friend, Give it a go. Keep these three sisters close to each other. Than we will say like Kind David :” How Great You are Sovereign Lord!”

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

In the beginning ..

In the beginning everything was perfect and flawless. A full garden of beauty and life without death and sin. There has been no fear, doubt. Today , yesterday and tomorrow all were in glorious NOW.

“In the beginning was the Word..”

In the beginning was the Love. And the Love was with God.

He was Love. And Love was with God. The same unbelievable beauty and glory , an unimaginable light in the garden became flesh and made his way to rescue us. Everything made by Love. The heart of God, which we call Him , Jesus. In this Love, was not even a smallest and tiniest darkness. God gave his Love to us in a way we can know His. Within this Love; was life , and this life came and lived among us. And continues to shine every corner of ” after beginning “.

When this Love came in ! We didn’t know it , we were confused and demented , living in a world of confusion and lost. We didn’t know Love is the way ! We own things , we subbtoaged them , and destroy the image of God on earth. We tried everything to be away of Him, But we did not know this Love is dwelled within us. What was needed? A Believe.

If I tell you this Love worn flesh and was with us, you wouldn’t believe it! God gave part of His, that we can be part of Him. A Love ; full of grace and truth. We’ve been created by this Love. We’ve been loved by this Love , all right in the beginning which everything was perfect and right.

My friend , what me and you need today is this Love. Not Love of the world , that we can see God through this Love. That we can be Love here in this broken world. A believe that’s all we need. Believe to this Love and see the world around you will change, the world within you ,will change. This Love, we need for our nation, for our family, for our friends and people around us. We can show them this Love with us. We can show them Jesus. Let’s be that, Let’s walk in that, and whole wall of fear and doubt and confusion will fall down and we can see better , all in this Love.

In the beginning was the Love, and the Love was with God, and the Love was God. Love was with God in the beginning.

Much much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Great Memories Bible Verse

You are my place of safety, a strong tower that protects me from my enemies.
Psalms 61:3 ERV

God is my safe place , where I can rest forever. A place that I can hide. His power protects me from all lies of enemy. He removed all my mistakes and make them white like snow and throw them into the depths of seas which no one can know. God is my refuge. My love, my only place of rest.




Place of


A strong tower,

That protects me ,

From my enemies.


Dariush Youkhaneh

1 November 2020

November is the month of love and light. A month of love right before Christmas month , December. We can be ourselves and have a way of rest . Our souls are ready to get a basket fruit of Joy. A full cherry box ready to be given by a farmer. What a glad moment , when you walk in the garden , a green carpet under your feet and you can pick up cherries.

Year 2020, wanted to keep us inside. It brought a gap between humans. But , that doesn’t mean we are far , we are close in heart , in love and in writing. I have you , and you have me here. Of course I may not know you in person , but I can pray for you, I can read your writings and comments. We have Jesus. Oh , you know things changed this day. New normal is a way of life now. You can’t go to a restaurant the way you went prior Corona. The bell rang , almost we are done for this year. Curse or blessing, either ones God’s love still upon us.

Be inspired! Get motivated.

November is a new season of greatness. It is a sound of new love. Oh , how great would be the sound of Spring. I know we are living in southern hemisphere.

Ahum! Let us be inspired about word of today:

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant.
1 Corinthians 13:4 ESV

Let’s bring more patience in this season. Let us bring more love. Let us have a mind of Christ. Let us endure. Jesus doing a new thing in us. Me and you need more of Jesus. Not more of this world but more of Him. The first person we need to inspire is ourselves, no, not others. We need to be charged and freshed at first , than we can inspire others. Do what’s the best and right. Love God with all your heart.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Part 2- Gathering 200 the most inspirational christian blogs of 2020 / comment your blog …

Continue of our mission to gather 200 the most inspirational christian blog (ICB) of 2020. In month of May I have posted a blog that we are going to publish our final list soon : read here if you missed it :

However, without your help this list can not be finished, If you have a christian blog and inspiring yours and others, please go ahead and comment your blog here that i can add your blog to my list 🙂 If you know a great blog , comment it here and let them know to come and let me know!

Are you in the list?

As much as i love your ” LIKE ” . If you don’t comment your blog , i wont know your blog 🙂 Go ahead and comment.

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The final list will be published in December!

Look forward to see and read your great blogs 🙂

Happy days ahead.

Heaps of Love❤

Dariush Youkhaneh

The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku book review

Simple with a powerful story of resilience and fight. Eddie bring to you , his story of redemption from evil in the hands of Nazis. He never hates them , or even acted a way of revenge. He was simply a citizen of German when one day back from His university and realised the card turned against his family , his race and his  original tribe.
He was the victim of an hateful act of regim. He was living his own life, loving his family , doing what we do for our every day life. But he was unfortune to be born in a time of such this. Nazis brought such disgrace to all nations.
He endured , He survived.

He lost most degree 1 of his family , one friendship in concentration camp kept him going. The only friend of his own , his name was Kurt. They shared whatever they had. They cared each other and lookat it each other. This is story of human kind , how can be sudden so much hateful,  Eddie s childhood friend were against him. But even in the darkest season , there is life , there is Hope, there is friendship.

Eddie , took you from dark moment to cherish moment. From no light space to a full beautiful life lightness. He promised to himself keep smiling and the only revenge would be having a good life. 6 milliom Jews gone of this terror. He was doing it for them. For his family.
I promise you are not going to put it down   when you start reading his story.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

َ Come and say Hi

Hi my dear friends, How are you all? It is been a while to ask how are we doing all. As i am posting the verses during the week. I hope it helps us all. How is life? How are you doing. I am posting this intentionally come and say you are loved, we are loved by our heavenly Father. He is here with us. Emmanuel is with us.

As Sydney preparing for big days ahead. And our American friends going to a historical moment to vote. If you are American citizen , please vote. Go with a victory and prayer. I am sure you are aware how much is vital your vote , not only for your nation future also for all other countries. Australia coping these days , I think , we are doing well. The number of corona virus cases are going down here. People are more confident to go out for their every day life activity. Adult going for date night, the officers going to office and strangers are saying hi to each other. What a lovely sight to be witness, when love is moving around. When love make a way everything changes.

I love to know how is your city doing. How are your doing these days? What makes you busy? I am reading a book called ” the happiest man on earth” by Eddie Jaku. Whom survived the horrible situation in world war II. He is 100 years old now and lives in Sydney. He said ” when there is life , there is Hope. I survived .”

I do run a lot to be honest , may be 4 times a week. I play football (soccer) on the weekend , normally Sundays. Our Team did very well not only we kept the first spot in the table also we went to grand final which will be on Oct 25 at 2pm AEST. Who could have believed ? But we are on grand final and I can see our boys have ability of wining on grand final. I am proud of this, this is a very good result. Now, I am going back to office for work, at least not full week. Either way , I am grateful for every thing comes on my way. We come here to live in peace and we come here to mark and tell the next generation not that, we have been good people but we lived in harmony with each other, with our enemies. Love yours and others , no matter how painful would be your pain but keep the thankfulness heart alive.

oooofff! So many thing to tell, oh Precious Time… 🙂 😊✌

I can tell the weather in Sydney has changed , I think got better. It has been a while we didn’t see a good weather in Spring. I love❤ spring and I want to see it as it is , most of the time Spring season steals the hot temperature of summer.

Family , Friends , Foreigners …

All need to be loved.

Oh I almost to forget saying that i miss being in church although we are church but there is something different when we all together to worship in one place. Heyyyy👀 what the days..

The peace of loving God is with us, if we just turn our view to the Cross. We don’t need to focus of worthless things ,instead keep the concentration on what is right and noble.

I am the fan of Liverpool football team. You know in sport , at least football which i play and watch , there are always wining and losing side, You can’t expect your team be always in wining side. Sometimes a lose , helps a team to find what went wrong and how they can improve. I found that , this is same as us , human. Sometimes we are down. it is okay this is our nature , we can’t be always on up. The down time teach us how to rise up again. I think you are agreed in this with me😃

All are worthless except these threes :

Faith , Hope and Love

Keep Faith

Keep Hope

Keep Love

You’ll be good. Look forward to your comments.

Love you❤

Dariush Youkhaneh

Great Memories Bible Verse

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.
Mark 11:24 NLT

Don’t limit your prayer , Pray in all occasions, anywhere you are . He is not limited. Believe it with all heart that He is Faithful and able to do it. Don’t give up on prayer. The winter will go. A fruit season will come.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Great Memories Bible Verse

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.
2 Corinthians 3:18 KJV

Me and you can be likeness of God , to be Him on earth, the same Image from Glory to Glory.

Read the verse above again, this time read it slowly , let your heart and mind pick them up. Read the second time. Do the same.

Now , read it reverse , very slowly. Get the meaning of the word – let it flow into your spirit. Being image of God wipes all burden of this world. Take off the mask of the world from your heart. God is good , he can help you on this.

Much Blessings

Have a nice day and night

Dariush Youkhaneh

Great Memories Bible Verse

This inspires you and inject good fruit of heaven into your soul , Just take a deep breathe and allow God speaks to you and your heart. Keep the word in your memory and let your whole cells in your body know that ” God got it “. Let me know if this blessed you in comment.

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us— so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.
Psalms 67:1‭-‬2 NIV

Love is the way,

Dariush Youkhaneh

Great Memories Bible Verse

This inspires you and inject good fruit of heaven into your soul , Just take a deep breathe and allow God speaks to you and your heart. Keep the word in your memory and let your whole cells in your body know that ” God got it “. Let me know if this blessed you in comment.

but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31 NIV

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Great Memories Bible Verse

This inspires you and inject good fruit of heaven into your soul , Just take a deep breathe and allow God speaks to you and your heart. Keep the word in your memory and let your whole cells in your body know that ” God got it “. Let me know if this blessed you in comment.

My Soul Waits for the LORD, More than Watchmen Wait for the Morning, More than Watchmen Wait for the Morning. Psalm 130 : 6

Be Blessed

Dariush Youkhaneh

We can be Stronger , Better ..and Kinder

In all these days of uncertain we can be stronger and better ! Even it is not knowing, what is happening tomorrow. We are here to know Jesus as He is our God and savior. To focus on Jesus will ease our unsettle hearts from the burdens of the world. It is not because we want to be free from the things of the world , but because we want to know him better, This makes us stronger in the challenges of life. We are not here to be best only , but better! This better improves our quality of life. Better in Sport , Better in our works , Better version of ourselves , Better in prayer life, a better human being , a better God fearing person whom is not proud by its deeds but qualified by God.

Oh , There are so many out there, So many out there proud for their fame and rich. God does not look at what you have , or what you dont of the things in the life. Of course , He loves the details of our life and He cares about them . There is a mid-way . God loves US not the things belongs to us. He wants US not our Things. We are longing, our souls are shouting for a place to rest.

We can rest. we can take it easy. We can close our eyes and have a breathe of heaven onto our lungs. This temporal life can’t stop us from His marvellous grace. We are not made of steel. We are not made of Iron and we are not machine. We are a simple human being who needs a saviour. Although , we touched the surface of Moon and Mars. There are and millions of wonderful things are made by Him for His glory.

Let not our hearts be in troubled. Let the light goes through. God planned for our rescue. He still has the plan, to live with us , to be within us. Have faith , let not others or yours deceive you.

But even before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvelous grace. Then it pleased him.”
Galatians 1:15 NLT

He choose us to his endless love and grace. He choose you. You can be stronger. You can be better.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Mi corazón

Specially these days we need a new river flow from above into our life. Need a fresh spirit from heavenly Father to clear our paths. The earth is crying out , the animals , the lands , the seas , the heavens ..all calling out for a new vision and a complete new prospective.

Oh Mi corazón = my heart

A touch of heaven will change everything suddenly. A sudden blessing of his peaceful presence. As season of life changes , let us be faithful till the end. God is at work. We are here to enjoy the life with Him. This journey of faith is beautiful to keep us safe even in the face of uncertainty, because we have a certain God. Our rock ans salvation.

Oh Mi corazón , Praise the Lord. He captured my heart now and forever.

Praise the Lord, all you nations; Extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord. Psalm 117

As David’s prayed ,” Yours O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all. Now, Our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.” 1 Chronicles 29:10-13 NIV.

Oh all I need is his mercy and greatness with an humble heart. I am certain in Mi corazón that Whatever He said He will do it. I am here to draw near to Him and worship him like David did. And Dance with all stars in heavens to declare that HE IS GOOD. Oh Mi corazón.

This is song of Mi corazón:

You are in charge , You are in Control Jesus. My Soul praises you and Mi corazón have joy in you.

Be magnified oh Lord in my life. Be Large in my life. If i am making you small please forgive me. If i am limiting you please forgive me. Put me in right direction of your grace and love. I’ve learned if I humble my self and pray to you , you return to me and you will hear me from your ashes of kindness. You are good and your love endures forever. In your peace and patience , I will love you more and more. He is the strength of Mi corazón.

My dear friend , He is your corazón too if you just allow Him to be and open the door to Him. Not a religion but a real authentic heavenly relationship with your creator. Yes you can do all things through Him. Thank Him for your current situation . Thank Him for the seen and unseen things he has done for you. He is with you in this time. He is with us and keeping us well. As you are keeping spiritual health well , please keep also yours in physical practices and be active as God Keep bless you in both.

Oh , What a great day God has made. Thank you for reading and hope this post bless you and make you smile that God is Good and He is with us and our hearts have joy in this.

Much Joy

Dariush Youkhaneh

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Be the Light

Of course not that kind of light is hanging in your ceiling ! When God make you a light, day and night you are shining ! Darkness is not anymore dark! Your salvation comes from Him alone.

God said in Isaiah 49 : 7 ” I will make you a light for the Gentiles. That you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.”

We are the light of the world even in the face of suffering you ll be a light , you will endure. You can do it. If Jesus makes you light , the darkness can not stand anymore.

I love what Jesus said ” You are the light of the world” . Yes true , you are. You are the light of all lights. Abraham Lincoln said : ” I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.

What type of Light do we have? , is it a ceiling- light type ? Or a light within comes from heaven?

Yes , even in these times! All the matter is God loves us and created us to be light. Can we be? Can we accept this and bring this light into our homes ? Oh Lord allow us to be aware of this love you’ve done for us. Oh Jesus make us light even in the darkest time , we shine through ! Oh Lord. Oh Lord. We love you more and more not because you made us light, mostly because you are our light , the source of joy and health.

Pray with me : oh Lord Jesus Christ , I am thanking for this time, in your caring arm of love , the way of your presence heals my being and bones. Oh would you make a light in the time of trouble? I took off all my religion and christian label and nearing you with a humble heart of love and light. Thank you Lord.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Spring has Sprung in Sydney

Everywhere you go in Sydney now , You’ll see a flower comes to live and want to give you a kiss of aroma. You can not miss it , You can not ignore it. It is yours and yours only!

My running days getting even better with the spring flowers. In every corner such a beauty of colors are shining. I love this Spring, I love all the way of how awesomely the nature are dressing a new live color even in the toughest time of humanity. The code name is Love Spring. Using this code to unlock the deepest beauty nature in Sydney these days. I keep this momentum of known intimacy of nature to heal every bone of mine and offer this health to improve other people life around me. I love green , I love white , I love the flowers.

Here are a few of them , dancing in front of our yard:

You will be a new you! a new of everything. Keep it fresh.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Fresh Free Soul!

Finally Free! A fresh free soul ! It is like the Spring rain on flowers, cuddling each other in the parallel of love and acceptance. A spirit of kindness in the midst of pandemic. Can we step into this white and shiny season boldly? Can we love each other without returning some!

” Truly my soul finds rest in God;

my salvation comes from him.” Psalms 62 : 1

I continue enjoy in the little things. The things matter less! The things which sometimes have purpose in my life. I learnt having a fresh free soul means be joyful in small things , satisfied in whatever i am in. If I am on the mountaintop , or even I am on my knees having a full mouth of thankfulness.

I learnt in whatever choice I’ve made , keep God forward. In whatever mistake I’ve made know that God still loves me. A fresh fresh soul needs contentment. A fresh breath of love and true freedom will be found in the testimony of our kindness and humbleness.

Jesus shown his freshness during his ministry and experienced his ultimate free soul on the cross and forever. How can we keep this fresh free soul spirit in our life every often ? Be pleased with our life , as a gift from him and do whatever he is asking us to do. Be brave in unknown. As Jesus was . And i know some of you are so brave in whatever you are going to face. Let us keep this fresh free soul up , the new season of freedom and love is here.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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New Season

We got into new season of kindness, Spring. It is Spring in Australia tomorrow. This is unfailing love that has been given to us as a gift. It means new life. A new branch of lightness invites us to shine again and be a spark in the blossom. How am I be in this new love?I’ll be in awe of it as I change to be better as I look up everyday of this new season. Would you join me to welcome Spring?

Would you celebrate a new life which God given us with me. Jesus Promised He will make everything new one day. Spring is the season of love and kindness. It is the season of new growth , expecting a new rain of heaven with a grateful heart of worship and surrender.

“We follow your will and put our hope in you; you are all that we desire.”
Isaiah 26:8 GNB

I want your will in this season not me. My wills are not stable and long living , yours is truly that I am seeking in this season. My hope is not in earthly things but in You , Lord. I put my hope to You , alone whenever I go or wherever I’ll be. My desire is to be with you in your presence I have everything I need. I follow your heart this season.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

O Lord my God

Tomorrow, is the last day of winter in Australia. Today , was the warmest day of winter, a beautiful aroma of blossom was in the air. I am living in the dream! How beautiful would it be, if everday was like this ! ” Reality ” . When reality comes in , okay ! It’s not that always.

Every season is for a reason!

I’m livin’ in the dream! In the waiting time you got a lot to learn. Teaching my soul to be patient in e v e r y step. O Lord my God as new season of Spring coming would you allow me to take one more step closer to you? Your Majesty ! Would you heal this brokenness bones ? Please heal it with your lovin’ kindness.

Yes . I’m thanking you in the new season. Even if the pain and deseas does not leave us. O Lord my God how sweet you are. How wonderful you are. You turned my mourning into dancing for me. I am only human , You are God. All I need, Your Holy Spirit , the Spirit of Truth and Love.

O Lord my God :

You are the reason

You are the morning

You are the seasons

You are the sunrise

You are the sunset

You are the fountain

You are the life

You are the way

You are the Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

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the Time

Should this be a time of glory and praise or just a time of frustration and nothing ?

As God do not fit in our time and place. But He is pretty well known as time-keeper who knows what’s the best time for us to be helped and rescued. We are living auch an unprecedented time , no one knows what tomorrows will bring ? But God knows , He knew the time of my born , the time of struggling of my passing my subject in school and such an embarrassing situation happened in workplace , or what that marriage brought such this and that result.

Although, the Time has never been our friend ! It will never be . The Time is flying without telling us ” Hey , I am running very fast” , you all agree with me in this. Jesus had such a short time to do the Fathers will. He knew the precious time , is important to keep !

How me and you , are aware of our times ? To be honest , I know my time is flying ! What can I do? Praise and keep praising.

Single like me ? Praise and keep praising. Married ? praise and keep praising.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I believe in this. God’s plan is on time. In His favour and wisdom. I do not know the right timing , He knows. Let God look after our Times.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Living in Promise

This photo has been taken in Sydney, in the middle of a pandemic where people need a sign! A promise that they can hold on to. In my latest book , ” Hope in Corona Time” , I talked about those promises explicitly. I am holding to this, to the greatest One , Who know all the pain around.

I am living in the Promise. When I allow my selfishness be away with an humble heart accept His loving arm.

I love this photo in all angels. The double rainbow of promises ( Genesis 9:12) . It is like angels pouring down ,using rainbow ladder. Let us look again to this photo, together. Isn’t joyful ? Isn’t a full life of promise ? Isn’t saying to us keep going?

Genesis 9:12, NLT: “Then God said, ‘I am giving you a sign of my covenant with you and with all living creatures, for all generations to come.”

In Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Beauty in ordinary life

It is not expensive to see the beauty ! Capture the beauty in simple things , in the ordinary life style. And be in this masterpiece of love , beauty and nature. We can see with our eyes open wide and be aware of our creator made all in and out  for us.
#beauty in your heart , in your home.

You are beautiful ! You made this beauty more beautiful. God blessed Your presence , your being is a huge love for this world. Keep flying with the dreams.

God made you wonderful. He made us to be here for each other. Oh such a short-long life ! Beauty inside out. Beauty in you and things all made by Him and for Him. I am just a witness of this #beauty.


Dariush Youkhaneh

Physical and Spiritual

Yes , I took One Million total steps in 83 days. I am not saying because I boast my ability but to encourage us and be more active.

I have participated in 100 days global challenge activity , and I am so grateful to be part of it. The above result comes from walking , running , hiking , playing soccer activities.

This is so cool thing , and I am happy of this result but this is just a beginning ! Imagine that what you can do . You can start as simple as with a walking half an hour a day. Just do a math and you see the result will shock you!

When we see in Jesus time , possibly this result will be nothing to compares! Most of the time they needed to use their feet to do any activities ( except they had been using horse..) , In this century we are so comfortable, we got agenda to meet, they taught us time is gold we need to protect it and spend the time well. We wont do 20km walk to get to our schools, simply we drive or catch a public transport vehicle. That make no sense if you do walk! We got uber , taxis and bicycle 🙂 Instead of that , we do gym and do outdoor activity such as walking , running and so forth.

Our comfort level reaching to its high potential. We got a nice and comfy bed to sleep in.

Although , physical activity is very good but spiritual activity need to be practice rightly. In my blog and belief, I have no other spirit activity practice except worshiping Jesus and prayer in His Name.
So Prayer is a vital part of my life. Even in my worst day i go to prayer and even in my best day i go to prayer, Prayer in Jesus Name.
I don’t go sleep without telling Thanking God for the day and praying for the night and the day ahead. We learnt this from Jesus himself. We see a Jesus who walks every where ( except one time got a lift from a donkey 🙂 ) , whom has a potential intensive activity every day. And in another side , we see a Jesus of prayer , whom is intensive in Spiritual activity.

If you look at Jesus’ schedule, you’ll be amazed. But with all these meetings he kept his secret place and went to prayer and speak to His Father. It was more important to save people than other things to do. We have a balance here. He is very social , He appearances in the right time with the right people need his speech or touch and healing.

We can say that , If we are on God’s schedule , everything come to right place and time.

Physical activity , Spiritual activity and our social life and family , all will come to balance if we let him have control and be the centre of our life. We see both are very important physical and spiritual activities. Our soul need to hear and be fresh by the Holy Spirit and our flesh need to be on discipline.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4 : 13

I want that balance , I want that Jesus be the centre that every steps I take these steps either for my physical body and spiritual body be beneficial and effective.

Oh Father , Your unending love is for us , You made this body and soul . Help me to keep this in balance. Help me be Jesus and grow me in my understanding of your things on earth. Remove my blindness , keep me active both physical ans spiritual. Thank you Jesus. Amen

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Is God still around?

I have prayed a prayer many many years ago : ” oh God if you are still around let not this happen” Perhaps ,He answered with a whisper of the Holy Spirit. He turned my complain to acceptance and peace and that particular time with a double blessing. When you are in a situation and do not know what to do and the cripple of fear not allowing you to make a right decision , oh please know that God is there. He is there always , all the time.
When the nation of God rescued from the Egypt, and the people of God felt God is not with them on the way and left them alone in the desert, He was still there! I don’t want to know what my feeling says about this! I am assure and trust my Lord that He is omnipotent and Has my life in Control.
The ancient people wanted to be closed to gods. That is why they made statue and brought them into their homes, they wanted to feel secure and safe. But the real God is not in Men’s made thing. We have a God who knows everything. He is name is ” I AM “. ” I AM ” is present and active and working in our life.
He knows every detail of my life , that is why I care about my God. He did not leave me by my own here, figuring out about what is the meaning of life. He is my life. Jesus Christ gave his life for me that I can be with Him forever. He forgives and loves without limit.
The God of all knowledge is still around and calling us to come home. He does not see what university you got your PHD or doctorate or what title you have , All He wants is a pure heart. He is here and bringing peace to our chaos.

I got it . I got it when trouble comes , turn my face to Him and telling :” Hey Father , Can you see it ? ” He comforts me and saying ” Yes , I can see , I am with you , I am still here ” .

I started to see more . ” Hey dear Father : Can you see this and that family trouble ? Are you with them? why did that happen ? ” God shining and says :” Yes, I see them , yes I know them , yes I am there ”

What do we do ? We continue walk with thankfulness, We continue believe what makes God smile , we continue do what is right and just , We continue live in the Spirit. until He comes with His glory.

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Friendship with God

Timothy Keller pointed out the friendship meaning in 7 keys as I posted in my Instagram post (@hhhigh-blog):
1- Is Constancy
2- Love at all times
3- Is Transparency and Candor
4- Encourage and Affectionately affirm one another
5- Is Faithful
6- Heals you
7- Become wiser together

How good is to have friends ? How awesome to have loyal friends? It is rare , It is hard to find those. And how much is more harder to be the one.

Little confess from me, I am not the one! The time machine took me to another place, every time I made it , The time machine stolen from me. May , I need to blame no one , even time. I am honest. I do my best, I always wanted God make me a better friend , a better man and a better human. I forget sometimes to be a loyal friends of a friend. The thing is here what criteria we put front.

I am thinking about this , I am praying to God and asking him about How was Jesus friendship with the Father. And, the more importance fact How Jesus saw the world around Him. Why am i bringing God in this? The reason is this , we can not truly understand the meaning of a friendship before being a good friend with God. I said good friend! God is a loyal friend , we are not !

The most loyal friendship in this world , is the weakest in the eyes of the Lord. But this is not meant our human friendship is pointless. If you draw a line between human and God , the line would be the friendship line. God need to be in middle of our human friendship. With Him our human / human friendship gets meaning.

If you see throughout the Bible, It is built on a friendship. God himself and God to human.

On top of God’s friendship with himself , He was thinking about us :
The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2 : 18

I believe God is building our human friendship. He has already taken every step to build again this broken friendship between himself and human. Now , there is no more ” friendship line ” but the Cross.
The Cross is ultimate loving and friendship act of heavenly Father to us. We are in an active friendship with God now , or at least God is ready to be our friend with an open arm. He comes and knock the door of our hearts for a real and true friendship. No matter where we are , what we done or in what stage of life and season we are in , He forgives and wants to be our eternal friend.

Then , Think about it. You are never alone. The time you accepted and believed in Him , you entered to the circle of the God Father , the God Son and the God Holy Spirit.

Hallelujah and Thank God for this. He is a true friend that everyone on earth looking for.

Friendship with God

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Much Love, your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh

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Dariush Youkhaneh