Great Memorise Bible Verse

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is not proud.
1 Corinthians 13:4 ERV


Is patient ,

Kind .


Is not jealous,

Does not brag ,

Is not proud.

Read again the verse above, this time slowly and know and treasure in your heart that what is Love and what isn’t love.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh

Great Memorise Bible Verse

I wait for the Lord , my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.
Psalms 130:5 NIV

Stick this on your heart today! My everything waits for the Lord.

My eyes ,

My bones ,

My feet,

My hand ,

My blood and brain ,

My heart,

Waits ..

Great Memories Bible Verse

Our bible verse of the day to focus and memorise and let God speak to us.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”☘
Exodus 14:14 NIV

Read it again ,

Again read it,

This time with a loud voice.

The Lord will fight for me, I need to be still.

He is my fighter, I am still(er).

Hold the peace , be silent. Don’t do a foolish thing. He will fight for you.

🌿Be blessed daily 🍀

Dariush Youkhaneh

10 Preachers you should know them!

I know there are huge numbers of gifted pastors and preachers out there. Please forgive me , The below list , most of them I listen and visit their website/YouTube channel and I have trust , it will be greatly a blessing for you ,if sometimes you tune in and listen to them. Please keep in mind , I have no denomination attend in mind as long as is in right believe and heart , we are right to go. Normally I don’t choose to listen a sermon if it is not well sounded biblical.

1- Dr Charles Stanley

I am reading dr Charles Stanley devotions everyday ! And it is a huge blessing in my life. I use their ‘In Touch’ ministry app and right on the way to work , handy , read and pray. If you have never listened to Dr Charles Stanley , I recommend you do it . Listen and see how will sound with your soul. He is a gifted pastor to all.

Check his website :

2- John Piper

Indeed, John Piper preaching is deep and soul-changer. He is mostly known as theologian as He goes deep to bring you best content. His desiringGod ministry is blessing many. I really enjoy vising his website. There are great article to read on.

Check his website :

3- Jentzen Franklin

Personally , I have been really blessed to know Pastor Jentzen Franklin , He is a gift speaker. He brings the heart of God to His community and Truly one of those pastor you should listen to his sermons. I brought his new book review on blog ( you can check it out). As many other pastors He wrote many books like ” Fasting” or ” Love like you never been Hurt ” . I encourage you to check out his sermons.

Check his website :

4- Tim Keller

One of my favorite of all time . His insightful writing and speaking truly changed ( and changing my view). A true lover of C.S Lewis writings. His book of ‘Prayer’ still seating next to my bible and Whenever I open it , I learn something that help me to understand , How to read bible? How to have effective pray life? and so many other biblical questions. I am sure you heard about his famous book ‘ The Reason For God ‘.

Check His Website :

5- Rick Warren

12 millions copy of his book’ The Purpose Driven Life ‘ has been sold, according to He wrote a lot of really good books and they are worth to read it, I highly suggest you go ahead and check his sermon and see how beautiful his deliver the best message to your heart.

Check his website :

6- Christine Caine

The Founder of ‘A21’ , Born and raised in Australia. Her passion is to spread the Gospel of Jesus around the world. She is very active to rescue people in human trafficking. Her sermons are effective and great. She is lovely woman of God and passionately following her call.

Check out her website :

7- Max Lucado

Honestly , Max Lucado a kind man of God. His sermons are awesome just his writings. He is very active in writing. It is impossible for people whom reading christian book not knowing him. His messages are so inspiring and are the box of loving letter.

Check out his website:

8- Joyce Meyer

Thanks Joyce for your continue transformation sermons and messages. There no need to introduction of Her. If you are new believer , old believer or a christian writer or even non-believer i really urge you to head to her website and see how her message will touch your heart. She is a woman of wisdom.

Check out her website :

9- Francis Chan

‘Crazy Love’ , ‘Letters to the Church’ , ‘Multiply’ and so many other books – truly are a treasure to us. He is an humble lover of God. According to Google He is the former teaching pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, an Evangelical church in Simi Valley, California founded by Chan in 1994. He just left his megachurch and started the above community. He is truly a gifted from heaven.

Check out His crazy book :

Francis Chan Wiki page:

10- Craig Groeschel

He is a multi-gifted pastor. Leader , Author and Pioneer. LifeChurch is the home of Pastor Craig with multi-site campus. America is more blessed to have him there. not only that , Thank God , we are blessed that we can watch/listen and read his sermons and messages.

Check out his website:

I hope the list above – Help you to find a Pastor/Preacher/Leader/ as you example that you can follow and be your mentor. I know there are un-numbered people of faith and leader out there to watch. As always put your trust in JESUS. The people above all are human like us. They are in front line to serve people. And we are thankful for that.

If you know a preacher that specifically influence your life – let us know.

Great Memories Bible verse

I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—
John 10:14 NIV

What steps I can take today that I can know him better! A good shepherd never leaves his sheep , He knows everything.


It is okay !

It is valentine’s day , and you are still wondering and searching for the love ! You are keep looking around on Feb 14 of each year and see no one along side with you! hand to hand going out for a dinner ! It is okay , you have Jesus. You keep believing!

Knowing that you are already loved with or without someone with you

Knowing that you won’t die if there is no ” body” hold your hand

Knowing that you are NOT hopeless and defend-less

Knowing that you are in loving arms of heavenly Father

The untold stories of human Life !
The unwrapped gift of Life.
The unknown beginning of eternal life!
Keep believing,
All will be told , One day!
All will be unwrapped , One day!
All will be known,  One day!
You keep believing.

You can not be defined by earthly thought and its measures! You can not compare your pure heart of diamond with the broken and mended earth. You are an Angel finishing your mission on earth with a ’cause’. That is great If ‘someone’ joined you on this journey of unknown , That is greater if ‘You’ finished the mission by your own and the community of believer around you! You keep believing.

Valentine’s day , is the day of you and Jesus. It is the day your lover Jesus died for you on the Cross to show you , How MUCH HE LOVES YOU! Let Him hold your hand by believing in Him. Let Him carry you by his shoulder by Trusting in Him. Let your lips sing a song of love to your lover Jesus.

Smile and have a laughter of heaven. You are here, loving others , loving people around you and loving you ! Your Soul belongs to Him. Your thirsty inner being will be filled with the beauty of heavens. You are a butterfly, flying over earth; let others see your beauty that they know heaven is a beautiful place to be ! It is real.

Yes , you are not alone! Joining millions of Angels , imagine that! Millions of butterflies, millions of incredible beauty! Loving , singing and rejoicing.

You keep believing!

Dariush Youkhaneh

Shalom be with you!

“God wants us to get our mind off ourselves and onto Him because He is our rock and refuge in trouble. When we rely on our own limited perspective, confusion and hopelessness are the likely outcome. Instead, we must look at the greatness, promises, and purposes of our God as revealed in His Word, because divine truth is our anchor in the storms of life.” Dr Charles Stanley said .

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27 NIV

Most people not aware of Peace of Jesus. They think all Peace are same. As we can read from above scripture, Jesus said ” My Peace , I give you .” Let’s pause a few seconds… hang on, Jesus said ” My Peace ” It means , it is not short and earthly kind of Peace. This is Peace of Grace and Holiness. More than a mother child peace. There is no comparison, I can mention. Jesus continues to point out and telling us : the way I give this peace, is Not , the way this world gives you. In another word, it is not conditional and short. It is not attached the millions of ‘ifs’ and ‘whats’.

It is heavenly and will change your life truly. If we go deeper level means completeness, success, fulfillment, wholeness, harmony , security, and wellbeing. All comes into your life. This is Jesus gives assurance that ” don’t let your heart be troubled , I give you my Shalom and Eirene that can carry you to my destination. ”

Shalom be with you!

Dariush Youkhaneh

A Divine Grace

Three things a person must do for to be a Jesus follower ( to better to say; to a true disciple of Christ) : ( Matt 16: 24)

1- Deny Himself / Herself

2- Take up the Cross

3- Follow Jesus

We are not called, love the world  but love the Lord. I know that, part of me do not want me to deny myself. Me , wants to follow me-desire ,  denying myself is not in my dictionary at all.

What does really mean deny myself ? John Piper says: ” There is zero profit in owning the entire world, since that cannot save your soul. The soul can’t be bought by all the wealth in the world.” Denying myself means accepting to put off the honor , wealth , and anything that is not from heaven assurance. It means I have not need to be anxious of tomorrow , if I have already denied myself means I got what it meant to trust Jesus depart of outcome. The perfect season is a season I trust Him more, even the wave of problems and trials comes I’ll be right to face it ! I ain’t to move , because this is not me any more but Jesus with me. Oh How great is this. Oh sweet is to know God is Faithful in all. When I forgive myself , a new window will open. If the world wants me , but that time I am ready to pay the cost , that time I am ready to deny myself and my desires. I got it. This is the key of restoration. Free myself of this world. Forgive me and others. No stronghold will keep me any more. I look up daily and say Thank you Jesus , I am yours as Brother Lawrence said : “I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility, and love.”

The Threes above are not a recommendation from Christ to us , but , rather a commend to all His true disciples.

John Piper continues in His article called ‘ Deny yourself for more delight ‘ : ” Therefore, when Jesus said that the way to follow him was to take up our cross, he meant at least this: Be willing (without murmuring, or God-criticism, or cowardice) to be opposed, to be shamed, to suffer, and to die — all for your allegiance to him. Or, to go to the heart of the matter, to “take up your cross” meant to treasure Jesus more than we treasure human approval, honor, comfort, and life. Our suffering is not a tribute to Jesus unless we endure it because we cherish Jesus. Taking up our cross means Jesus has become more precious to us than approval, honor, comfort, and life.”

Billy Graham well said ” “Christ demands first place in everything. And you have to come to Christ realising you’ll have to pay a price.” Following Jesus comes with a cost , If others tells you otherwise , they are not honest with you. Yes , Following Jesus is the best decision of our life. You have a forever-friend . you can call him your brother , your husband , your groom , your best friend , your lover.

Oh Lord, you sustain my whole being , Let me feel and know that you are in control of my life. Forgive me if I don’t deny myself to take my cross and follow YOU. I am weary , I confess it! Let remind myself and put you first in all my action. I recharge my soul , mind and heart with your peaceful presence. Than , I can understand your DIVINE GRACE and walk in your light. Say Amen.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh

Hiking at red hands cave

Everyone , looking for peace and love in some degree. Everyone has a desire or a goal to reach. Our human nature desires loads of things , If you take more and you”ll want more and more. But, I am asking myself what can stop this? What can bring to my real sense and ask my self a genuine question: Where am I inviting God into my life? How can I please him and seek him more?

This is the cycle a person goes by natural : Born – learn to walk / Go to school , make trouble , grow up / Go to uni / go to work , / do some travel , stay single / get married , saving / having a baby / be parent /stay single , see your families children grown up , be grandparent and death of the body .

Where is my Faith in it? Where can I inject God that can be glorified on my earthly walk? Yes , everyone will leave this carnal human body one day till the returning of Jesus Christ. What thrive I make to grasp the concept of heaven in me?

There are so many element in this.

Hike and have Faith.

Yes, may you come to know his love—although it can never be fully known—and so be completely filled with the very nature of God” Ephesians 3: 19

So , the solution is : be filled with the very nature of God. What are the nature of God ? Well brought us some conclusion :

1- God is sovereign

2- God is Holy

3- God is Omnipotent


5- God is Immutable

6- God is Wrathful

7- God is Love

Knowing His love , is my mission , that can happen through a lot of things. Although , I received his love from my mother womb. There is no argument for this. Today, I see His love through the lens of His creation ; nature. Before seeing today’s hike , I want us point to one more thing or I’d like to point out again that If I want to be filled with very nature of God, I may come first to know His love ‘. I hope I put it together nicely that we can understand. Also , This is not any God out there , but the God of Bible. So , Whole life I am pursuing to Love him more, To know Him more . If you are the one – be united and let’s together praise Him and you’ll see the doors of heaven will open.

In today’s hike , This will remind me of how much God is love , this is the very nature of Him.

Stay in Love, Keep dreaming

Dariush Youkhaneh

Book review / The man in white by dr ernest f.crocker

I am speechless , unmoved and pretty much full of joy. ” The Man in White ” has written by our own Australian author Dr Ernest F.Crocker and I can say that he lives in my neighborhood . I was deeply impacted by the miracles , testimonies all across the chapters, felt God was moving. Some of them , were parallel of my own life experience of God. I truly respect the true stories were Dr Ernest gathered or testified in this book.

As an academic book , same this book, has been organised like academic but the Holy Spirit breathed in. I was pretty shocked how much an experienced nuclear medicine physician can trust in God and knowing something supernatural is for real! He encouraged my innermost soul with his book. Mannn , the only way I can explain this book that you take it and read it , see how much God is involved in people’s life. Some had visions, some had tangible miracles , some had audible voice of living God ( as I had ) .

The Man in White has three parts , 16 chapters.

The three parts are : The Purpose of God , The Presence of God and The Power of God

All these threes The Purpose , The Presence and The Power are the skeleton of his message. The book is not a complete non-fiction but semi-fiction , what I mean by that? Some chapters ( might be most ones) , you follow the conversation and reads from the person himself/herself testifies. God’s hand is not short. He is the master of people’s life and knows what and when we need. Another element i can quietly say that the main element of the book that Dr Ernest try to bring it across is that ‘ God Hears ‘ and ‘Faith’ can increase the closeness to His Son , Jesus and our comforter the Holy Spirit.

” The Still Small Voice ” , the title of chapter one is truly mirroring throughout the other chapters. Specially, I really liked when Dr Ernest pointing the final question to testifier : ” Who are you now? ” , followed by Author’s note.

If you haven’t read a true story , If you want to know how our living God , touch , love and care for you. And , If you want to know the Purpose , The Presence and the Power of God , this book is for you then.

You can order it from your bookshop or from Amazon here:

If you read this book , tell us how was it?


Dariush Youkhaneh

Beautiful garden flowers

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.
Song of Songs 2 : 12

One aspect of flower that brings singing . When you see flower such , you like to sing and love. Love that comes from nature above. No one can deny that flowers are not beautiful! They are beautiful in every season and in every occasion.

They change your mood and feeling. They give a special gift of peace and belonging. Go around a garden full of flower and see what grabs you first! Their look and smell. Their love and peace. They somehow sing for you and suddenly you gotta start singing too! They aren’t shy like human , they show their beauty- naked ! Go through above 6 photo , look at them slowly this time.. what’s come to your mind in first?

Beauty ? Peace ? Love ? Coloury ? Spring ? …

They are seating their all day long and giving us their look : l

You’ll be inspired , you’ll be motivated when you see them. You’ll be inspired with their colour . Aren’t they ?


Dariush Youkhaneh

8 year anniversary achievement on WordPress

This post is a special thanks to all those joined me for this journey of blogging and sharing and hoping together. Eight years ago with a burning heart of posting and blogging and inspiring me and others , I have joined to your story.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. I am so grateful that I can share my heart, my faith and my life with you , on this platform.

Thanks to WordPress organisation for creating this opportunity. I am praying for each staff at WordPress a blessing from heaven above.

I am thanking and praising my Jesus. My only source of truth and hope that He , the highest priest, my good shepherd and my helper and comforter continue work in us that we can still share the inspiring message of heaven in all ages.

Would you allow me to write a letter for your heart? Would you allow me to continue minister us ? I am hoping this blog till now blessed you and your heart and soul. I push myself to write from the heart, where I can directly speak to you. I am so blessed with your checking in and likes and comments and encouraging message in this journey of blogging. I try my best to be truthful throughout my posts. I mean it and live it when I write it . I pray that my post not returning empty handed but powerfully be impactfull.

Let me encourage us with one verse :

Wait for the Lord ; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord .
Psalms 27:14 NIV

I know waiting is so hard . I completely understands. Indeed I am still waiting. The Word says not only wait for the Lord, also BE Strong. Yes , we can be strong, there is no time to be faint-hearted and weak. Be strong oh my soul. Take heart my friend. Take heart , and wait for the promises of God come true. That is the message , I work on it for all this 8 years blogging on WordPress. Keep on doing what you are doing and hold on to God. He neve disappoint us.

Lets declare this with me :

I am Strong

I have Jesus with me

I am enough as God leads me

I am content

I am rich in Christ

I have hope in my heart

I achieve and conquer more with Jesus

I run and never be tired and weary

I can do all things with Jesus.

Say Amen.

Love you all – always

Dariush Youkhaneh

🇦🇺God Bless Australia/ Happy Australia Day🇦🇺

God bless Australia, Happy Australia Day to all my Australian readers and all around the world. 26 January 2021.

We honour this day. As my living land for more than 10 years. I am blessed to be living in such a country of blessed and plenty. I am truly humbled. Thanks to those died for this land. Thanks for those kept this land safe and sound,and now we can do double better for next generation that, they know they are loving in such a blessed and plenty country, 🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA.🇦🇺

The people on this day do Loads of activities such as going to beach, BBQ, small gathering, play sport by the beach, hiking adventure, boat riding …

I did fishing this year , I got nothing more than a leather jacket fish as you can see below:

of course, I released it afte caught. A very beautiful fish , circling with a blue line with a golden tail.

The summer is getting hoter and hoter. Today’s weather nearly reached to 39 celesus. A pretty hot day. When I arrived to fishing spot , a nice wind took away the heat of the day. I enjoyed. People everywhere to enjoy this day off and have fun with their loved ones. If you are in Australia, I hope, you enjoyed your day, tell me what did you do on this day ?

God bless our land , and heal our brokenness. This is the spot i got the chance to spent my Australia day:

Isn’t this beautiful? Isn’t this wonderful magnificent?

Thank God for this Land. Thank Jesus for His love and mercy toward us and Thank the Holy Spirit which is hovering throughout Australia.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Your review needed

Hi dear friends , I am so blessed to have you in my life. As I am on this platform for several years and you know my writing and posts and blogs and my intention. You lr review for my latest book “Hope in Corona Time ” will rank up and encourage others to read as this is an ebook beings light to peoples life. I am sure of this your reviews and love will bless many. The cost of book is a cost of cup of tea (3.99). But if you have difficulty to buy it let me know that I can send you a copy.

It is time now to support your friend :

Your review on would be so much appreciated, although you can review in Amazon of your beloved country.

What is the book’s name ?

Actually it is an ebook called Hope in Corona Time by Dariush Youkhaneh

How long is the book ?

It is short book, possibly take you 60 minutes to read in one go.

Where can I purchase it ?

From, and you can leave a review in too.

Can I purchase it from other online bookshop ?

Absolutely and you can review there as well.

Why did I write this book?

To give us Hope , To lift us up , to change our life.

Why your review is valuable ?

Because the ranking up book will go up and more people can see and trust the review you leave on the book. It will help to reach more people. Give them hope to grasp the truth of Jesus and can open up whole lot more doors for them.

Is there any promotion /discount at the moment ?

Yes , you can purchase it FREE from , however you need to create an account with them which is also FREE. This promotion is for limited time only – check now from HERE.

I am earnestly looking forward to read your reviews on my latest book.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Running 12 km for a cause

Dear readers,

I am running March 28 , 2021 – 12km at RunWest for a cause. I am confident your little donation towards our hospitals will help and assist to serve the ill/sick people in a better way.

Please go to below page and donate and make a difference together. I am proud to have you in my life and helping others means helping Jesus for you too.

Go to below link :

Thank you so much for your generosity.


Dariush Youkhaneh

God is Love

I may fail to love others, But God’s love never fails. Because He is Love. His nature and characteristic is Love. My human nature never even close-like to His Love. His Love is a different kind , heavenly Love-like but touching earth Love. Once upon a time this Love came on earth like a flesh , lived among us to show us the Father’s unconditional love. I may not be even worthy of this Love , But the Blood of Father’s Love , Jesus , makes me whole again. Now , that Love is not only in Him , but in Me , and this Love lives ,whoever believes in Him. The Son of Lamb , The Son of God , The Alpha and Omega , The Way, The Truth and The Life.

His Love is sweeter than Life. His Love is like fruitful garden , full of all kind of fruits.

His Love is Light, opens the way of my dark paths. His love is a lighthouse for the lost ships on the seas. His Agape love never ends , never tires , never gives up , never leaves.

Can I know this Love ? Absolutely.

Can I be like this Love ? Definitely.

My dear friend as you are reading this post , I just want to tell you that Jesus Loves you, unconditionally, His love is for you too. Do you know that in His Love there is a power ? Power of freedom. Indeed you may heard this thousands of times from church’s and preachers, But you have never experienced His UNCONDITIONAL Love , Now is the time. It is very simple but powerful prayer from your heart with a child-like Faith: “God I want to know your Love , show me Jesus“. That is it .

God is Love.

Dariush Youkhaneh

A minute Prayer with me

Lord God thank you for today! That I have the privilege of coming at your presence. Father thank you that you are going before me , preparing a new way. I am humble for all your mighty hands in my life and I surrender every detail of my life to you.

I surrender my heart to you, I surrender my mind to you, and I surrender my soul to you. Do what is good in your eyes and I obey your commands. I praise you and sing a new song of victory. I am free now. You got it and I am confident for your plans in my life.

Hallelujah. In Jesus Name

Say Amen ,

Dariush Youkhaneh

Eleven points in John 14 can change your life forever.

JESUS comforts his disciples in John 14. He directly teaching them lessons. There are many precious lessons to learn and apply into our today’s live. Those words are for all his disciples around the world. They are great to contemplate , and focus our views to pure and right thing. Whoever turns to His teaching , they come out more focus , a better person , and diamond in heart, pure in mind and a free soul.

As I am going to point out those lessons, remember Jesus never promised your issue and problems will be eliminated once you believed in Him , of course He has spoken that He will be with us through it. In another word God wants to make us a true follower of Him by coming out of trial and difficulties as gold.

Read chapter 14 book of John in your quite time , see How God will speak to you through it. I am sure of this , that Jesus words will change your view/mindset. This chapter reminds us to not to focus on worthless things , or any other idea from people to us and the world around us, instead focus on praising , honouring words of God in our life. I need to remind myself of this truth everyday , and talk to Holy Spirit that he can lead me to the right direction. Are you ready ?

Lets read out loud 11 points of Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter 14:

1- Faith in Jesus Christ.

2- Wherever Jesus is , we would be too. Believing in Jesus will guarantee our VIP ticket right at His presence. Yes , we have this privilege of being in his presence in Heaven.

3- Jesus is ” The Way, The Truth and The Life”. Put attention: He IS. JESUS did NOT mention There are other way too.or There is another truth you may know, or there is another person can give you life. He simply said : I AM the way , I AM Truth , I AM Life.”

4- When you see Jesus , you see the Father.

5- Ask in Jesus , whatever you need.

6- We have access to the Holy Spirit.

7- Jesus will help us.

8- Jesus will never leave us alone.

9- the Holy Spirit will teach us.

10- the Gift of peace of heart and mind will be given to us.

11- Jesus will return soon.

Now go and read it , tell me what point talk to you directly. Who Jesus is to you? Does Jesus help you at all?

A private note on a verse

If we are faithless !!! Means it is possible for us to be away of Faith sometimes or for some more. But , He is full of Faith and He is Faithful. This encourages me truly , this lift my broken bone and heals my faithless face. This changes my world forever. He can not disown himself.

He wipes all my tears on the day of faithless face. When I don’t have believe in myself. He cares and add a little bit more to my faith. And He says oh ” my little child. I am Who I am .” This affirmation , increaes my little faith and it will blossom a new identity in me. When the world is in fight and fire. I close my eyes and pray out loud and asking God give me strength to see the change..

All God is asking me : to be faithful.

To Him.

To myself.

To people I love and I don’t.

To known and unknown.

And leave the rest onto his hands.

Can you change me God ? Can you return me to your first love ? To be faithful to you more. Because You are Faithful forever.

Your Son


1 minute Prayer with me

Oh God of heaven and earth ! You made everything beautiful. Thank you for your beauty. Please show more beauty of you Lord. Open my eyes to see it Father. I enjoy and celebrate this , today.

Change my view , change my life, shape it like yours Father. All I am asking , passing a tiny beauty of yours to me , my family and my city. All Glory is yours.

In Jesus Name , Amen.

Dariush Youkhaneh

1 minute Prayer for us

Lord God thank you for your holy Name. That we can bring to you everything we need. You know our hearts desire. Lord God I pray for each person reading this post. I pray for a miracle , a big miracle comes from your mighty hand in 2021 for their life.

We thank you in advance for this miracle. Thank you for taking our heavy lift and giving us a light one. We are assure of this. We are certain of this as we have a certain God. We praise you and give you all honour. As you are worthy.

In Jesus mighty Name we pray . Amen

Thought :

Pray continue on a miracle in your life and your loved ones

book review / My Utmost for his highest by Oswald Chambers

Over 13 million sold. A 365 days devotional book by Oswald Chambers Edited by James Reimann./Updated Edition”

A complete heart to heart – devotion every day writing. A suitable next- to- Bible book.

A one page- short read prayer and thoughtful book can never get better than Oswald Chambers devotional. I have read a review last year and I have chosen indeed the right one. I can emphesis and echo with Michael W. Smith ” The Insights that Oswald Chambers has sometimes just overwhelm me. There are days when I think , ‘ Wow , did I need to read that!’ It’s just part of my life- I read it every day.”

There are hundreds of verses to explore and deepen your love and relationship with Jesus throughout this book. Sometimes , it took me several time to read a sentence to understand what Chambers talking about which leads me to God’s word and what he pointed out was ‘ the heart of the Holy Spirit ‘.

From the first day of devotion till the end of the book , I stayed hunger and wanted to read more and eventually understanding more of God’s pure heart.

This is my best advice to you, please do a favor and pick up and read this devotional book throughout the year. It does not matter day or night , morning or evening , it will change you , draw you close to God and His word. I don’t advice what i don’t read , but I do advice when I enjoy and really feel this is the one I can point everyone to read.

January 1 Title : Let us keep to the point

December 31 Title : Yesterday

Now , It is time to pick a good Christian devotion book and start your spiritual plan journey- Let the change begin.

Click here to buy this book from

Follow on social media and join the descussion :

Insta: @myutmost FB: @myutmostforhishighest

Reviewed by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Happy New Year 2021

Praying for you all have a Wonderful year 2021, apart from any diseases, close-hearted to Christ Jesus, have a good health with full Joy of heaven and blessing.

Happy New Year 2021!

New Hope

New Year

New Me

New Blessing

New Door

New Future

New Opportunity

Dariush Youkhaneh

the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 / updated

Hi dears , This post is continue of Part 2 post . The intention was to brought to you 200 the most inspirational Christian blogs of 2020 , however I trust with the help of you this list will be completed. We have a lot of bloggers just simply ” like the post ” rather than comment their blog. I urged my fellow beloved bloggers to comment their blogs that i know i can bring them in and have a visit.

Anyway , Here we have our precious , 22 the most Christian blogs of 2020 so far :

However the mission continues to fulfill the goal .

If you know your blog inspire people and you – and you are not in the list just leave me a comment here and I’ll have a visit and add you in.

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21- Shifting My Perspective by Calire –
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Check them out and find out why they are so inspiring blogs.

With love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Ho Ho Ho ! Merry Christmas everyone (2020)

From my home to you , the Born of Jesus Christ , our saviour and King of Kings be merry to you and your Family.

Merry Christmas and Rejoice. Knowing that Christ came to our weary and broken world to give us hope and future.

Christ loves us. CHRIST came for us. Christ brought peace for us.

Merry Christmas 2020

Dariush Youkhaneh

Here are two reasons why Jesus came on earth? According to St. John

Beloved apostle John who later became a saint, He is one of those disciple who Jesus loved.

He is the one , whom gave us mystery book of revelation and the beautiful gospel of John.  He knows Jesus well , He was with him from the start of His ministry till end. He is well qualified to give us the reasons of why Jesus became flesh. He left his fishing job and took a new life-changing career, the kind of job that could change the world forever.

The words and sentences we read in all his books are not from a fisherman you expect. You can sense the power of Holy Spirit in them.  There are soft and simple and beautiful. If you read it for the first time , almost can not tell if those written by a fisherman, but not really! They are inspired by the Holy Spirit and indeed He is the real writer of scripture that is why we call it Holy Bible.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved” brought us a new light of why Jesus came on earth. Why the Son of God appeared to humans? This and that and many other questions going around. But , have no wonder; St. John gave us the two reasons of it in His chapter 3 of 1 John book.

1 John 3 : 5

“ to take away sins “

1 John 3: 8b

“ to destroy what the devil had done”

Why Jesus appeared to us?

  1. To take away our sins
  2. To destroy what the devil had done

Because of these two reasons – We are right in the eyes of God (He takes away our sins and we became pure and holy ) and we received the victory in Jesus and will receive the crown of life and now we are children of light. Are there any better than this? Free from the sin (born again) and walk in His presence.

This is the message for our today, for our Christmas, for our world , the reasons why we celebrate light and love at Christmas. Christ brought peace to us as He fought on our behalf – what a delightful truth – Heavenly Peace is ours, I can be fill with this, you can be, the world can be.

Let us love one another.

That is matter- that what the world needs , the love of Jesus.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Let it Snow!

If you really love Christmas , Let it snow! Let your unmask face reveal and shine your real love inside out. I am in dream of this time of the year , A wonderful time of let it go. Let the worry face of inside go and be in L O V E of yours and others. Christmas brings Joy and Peace – Why? because the star in the east caught my eyes for a real love and peace.

A king from Bethlehem brought such a forever ” Let it snow ” and ” Let love be in the hearts forever.” Prophet Micah Centuries ago spoke about this Love. Micah didn’t know about this would be on our Calendar and make it wonderful season for us. But He knew that the new king of love will shine and brings hope to humanity.

Please , Let it snow my heart! let all my bitterness and un-forgiveness go. Where there is a little dark turn it to a light. Oh my little Christmas ! Jesus came for you. Make a fresh start and decide to take a step into unknown. Oh new me on this time – let the world know you are who you are. If a million people turned away from you- it is okay , you shine like a diamond. And know that the King of Kings came for you. Let the snow comes and wipes all our Sins like the blood of Jesus on the Cross.

Hey 2020 , you brought death to us , But our Lord Jesus Brought Life to us.

Hey 2020 , you “think” you won the battle , But we won the battle because Christmas is here, Our Jesus is here.

Hey 2020, you stay where you are , but we go and welcome our new year , a new promise

Hey 2020 , These are you last days – repent and go away

Hey 2020, Let it Snow!

If the Christmas is in the air, it means it is welcome to be in our hearts.

Jesus said : ” I am the way , I am the life and I am the truth ” . Christmas is all in Him , Actually , In Jesus we have everything. Everything we need is in Him , The real meaning of Christmas!

Let your Christmas be filled with Joy and Peace , full of Jesus.

Peace and Joy Alwasy

Dariush Youkhaneh

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Three things God wants from us!

Yes , God does not need anything from us. He is sovereign Lord. Omnipotent, everywhere at anytime. But, there are desires , commands that lead us close to Him. To understand Him better.

Three things God wants from us!

There are three things God wants us for certain. As Peophet Micah said in His writing: “

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8 NIV

Let’s keep this in our 2021 :

1- To act Justly

2- To love Mercy

3- To walk humbly

Promising me :

I promise to myself to be Just in all I do. I believe in right , and do my best to hold on this as my God is Just.

I Promise to myself to have Mercy, not only to myself also ,to people around me.

I promise to myself to walk humbly in all stations. If I’m in highest or in my lowest. That’d be my part of being. Being Humble.

Lets choose the threes be our guide for the year 2021.

Stay Strong

Dariush Youkhaneh

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❤Enjoy your gift !

Dariush Youkhaneh

My Christmas Gift to you all / Get your copy of my latest ebook for Free this Christmas

Hi dear friends and readers and followers!

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy reading.

Much Much Love ❤

Dariush Youkhaneh

Stay in Shape

You are obligated – not to others but mainly to yours ! Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit , Internally and externally.

So treat it in the best way and look after after as much as you can. God created us in His image. Than , Let us keep in the best way. Stay active not only in your Spiritual life, also in your physical life.

In my August post Physical and Spiritual , I have done 1 million steps in 83 days. Not bad for an amateur like me. my last month running record was 96 km . When you are keeping the balance of your well-being , you feel amazing. Your body appreciate you as your soul appreciate when you keep fit spiritually.

stay in Shape. Go for an outdoor running , gym , hiking , walking , swimming.

Make a jump like mine , haha:) :

make a jump , stay in shape!

What sport are you doing these days?

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

A Prayer for the week ahead..and after

God , I am young and needy of you. If I fall please lift me up. And let me walk in your presence. Let your love be known to me and wipe all my darkness within me. Let it be a week of victory.

God , I am unwise and inexperience. If I make a decision please shape it and make it yours. Let your knowledge be a life-lesson to my heart. Let it be a week of greatness.

A prayer for the week ahead.. ! And after

God, I am empty without you. Fill me with your love. Let your kindness soften me. Let it be a week of life changing moments.

God , I am blind and short-sighted human. Heal my blindness and let me see the distance. Let your miracles come and be a week of miraclous.

God, I am only a human from dust. Let your divinity come that I will assure I am made like your image. Let your holiness come and be a week of holy.

God , I am only in one place at one time. But you are a space traveller. You are everywhere. Let me know that you know everything and you are everywhere, Let be week of Y-O-U.

God , I need you. Not only for this week ahead but for the week after, after after… and everyday of my life. Let it be yours and only yours.

Much Love

Dariusu Youkhaneh

Calling the Authors to join

Are you a person of faith in Christ and have a spare time to write? Are you an Author ? or Do you have a passion for inspiring and encouraging others in Christ? Then Join me. In your time; post a message of hope and empowerment to everyone. It can be a short story. It can be your story. It can be a verse elaboration. Or a God-given revelation. Whatever it is – brings light and shine into others life.

Why not message me and we can talk and go from there. Let’s do together a platform of Hope and Encouragement for everyone right from heart of the Gospel!

Go to my contact page and send your interest!

Why wait?

Contact me or go to my contact page above this site:

Can not wait to see your posts and story here! As an Author and Blogger.

Somethings you need to know :

1- Time is yours , post when you can

2- Write from wherever you are ( train , bus , outside )

3- This is volunteer opportunity

4- Keep dreaming and writing

5- There are no obligation

Love / for the better , for the Christ

Dariush Youkhaneh

How is the Christmas vibe in your town?

In Australia , At least the suburban i am living Christmas not much like it was. Our Christmas tree in our town are not decorated like before. I want to be less critical. Need more decoration in our town that we can feel more we are in Christmas time. If you are in a town with snow, than you are having a beautiful Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love my town. Such a huge town with a small decoration gives me an indication that something not right. This is the best and wonderful time of the year! Everyone invited to celebrate this change of life season.

I love Christmas – I love to see more light in town at night.

I wish i could walk in a town at night in Christmas that really warms my heart with light and love. I’ll reach my dreams one day I know 🙂 . Christmas is not another holiday time. Although we enjoy the free time with family and friends … But it is a time of love. To see and know what is the reason of Christ-mas. The lamb of God , The Son of God , The beautiful baby Jesus came on earth. Isn’t this enough to light up and decorate more in our town and the others know why we light up and enjoy this season with gifts and freshness.

I know , Other cultures are are living in here. There are heaps of other ethnics and religions which Jesus came for them also are living in our town. Let them know the reason of this season. Jesus loves all. I am not sure how Christmas look like in your town. I hope there would be a better decoration than the last year. Do you think is this because of Corona virus? Do they want to less encourage people to come out because of this new virus? I have no idea.

Tell me about your town Christmas vibe. Is it nice and eyes catching? I am not saying this because i only see the surface of this season. Yes, the real meaning of Christmas is not in decoration and other stuff around.

I know Christmas in winter is much feels Christmas 🙂 I knew as I celebrated before, Oh that is crazy good.

Decorate , celebrate and love

Dariush Y

Beauty of Lake Illawarra!

We are living in a beauty earth, A heaven on earth beauty – I am often blind to this , But in awe of God’s creation. Right last week I had a chance to see and capture a few photos which truly will fresh the soul.

“Who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, who keeps faith forever;” [Psalm 146:6]

Have a moment , Look at the photos and see how God is beautiful! The lake is located south of city of Wollongong and North of Shellharbour. It is about two hours drive from Sydney CBD.

Keep faith , Keep love of God in and around you. He is everywhere , have a closer look. you’ll see Him for sure.


Dariush Youkhaneh