Speak; Not Strike

Number 20: 1- 13
There were a while the nation of God (Israel) been out of the Egypt. There is been no more slavery but still there is been the lack of trust and honesty. The people of God walked long distance , they are tired , They are hungry and thirsty. But when they left their head up, there is only desert and rock and stone. No clean water Not even a tree fruit. All there is been their confusion and asking themselves : what will be our future. As we read this story in Numbers’ book. They see a dead body; their beloved Miriam died and they just buried her. Trouble behind trouble; there was no water for the community. People are complaining; their basic needs been missing.

God brought us out of trouble and we are still need him to be involved , We need him today as we needed him yesterday.

People looking for answer , here more question comes up to Moses and Aaron. And they couldn’t answer people. People are asking them why did you bring us up out of Egypt? Although they were slave but at least they had fruit to eat , they had water to drink. There is been so much complaining to Moses and Aaron.
This life encounter us with so many question, we are not able to understand and answer all.
Moses and Aaron went facedown to presence of God to get the answer from God. We need to do the same. We are not skilled to understand everything in this world, But all we know going to his presence and get all answers. Are we looking confused around? The answer is going to his presence. Are you thirsty? Just go to his presence as Moses and Aaron did it. They went, the Lord said :
“SPEAK to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water…” (Number 20: 8 )
If God told you sit, please don’t jump. If God told you move please don’t stay. If God told you to ; When you get your answer and heard from him , please do what exactly He told you to do. Don’t try modify the answer or try to show you’ve done with your ability.
Moses and Aaron they heard the Lord’s voice but they did not listen. They went to do the magic. Moses took his staff. As he went probably thinking if I only talk to that rock, what people will think about it? Or maybe it is not going to work. They thought there is a risk in this magic as they saw all work from the almighty one.
With all in their mind – instead of Moses raise his hand to worship God , He raised his arm(Nm 20 : 11) and Struck the rock twice with his staff. God told Moses speak to that rock don’t strike. God is telling me and you speak to your life what word I gave you , don’t try by your own understanding.
We see there is a lack of trust. We need to trust him. He is faithful, nothing is impossible for him.

God is telling you do magic as I told you.

When you struck your rock of life it means you dishonest the ability of God in your life. It means you don’t trust God and his ability in your life.
When you speak to that rock of your life it means you are trusting God’s word , It means you are brave enough to honour Him as Holy.
That was the reason God punished Moses and Aaron and the never entered to that promised land. What we can learn :
Try not to do the things by our own ability . Put any doubt away. Listen to him not only hear from him. Do what he told us to do , then he will be exalted ; honoured and treated God as Holy. Therefore you are able to speak to that obstacle and rock of your life , Not strike it twice to bring the answers.
God is looking to give us the solutions. When he said to you speak to that rock speak Not strike.
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