A dream for Wisdom

How many times we asked for something and we haven’t received it. The only answer we have been facing was a simple ‘Silence ‘.   Do you know that silence is an answer. You heard a lot people around you saying be patient. Wait for the right time! And more phrase like that. But think about that for a second; for example most fruits have their own season to produce , Apricot season is on January, we have fruits during in winter time.  Me and you need a little bit endure to get the right fruit.  Who is not in trouble in this world? All we have little stone on our journey.

Keep asking – Pray for everything ask for good thing. God sees your motivation. Solomon asked God for wisdom. He did not ask for money. He did not say Oh God make me rich.  Oh my dear friends . He asked for wisdom to rule over his people. Solomon remembered what the Lord done for his father David. He confesses that he is very young to rule. Are you feeling young and inexperience in your life don’t worry God will give you wisdom; Just ask for it. Oh you are in right place!

Succeed comes from being good , loyal and honest.

Here we see that Solomon has a dream. A dream for wisdom , wealth , understanding and honour. We read this in book of first king chapter 3(1 king 3: 1-10) .

Material are steady and comes and goes , they are serving us Not we are serving them. They are only a tool we can use them. Godly knowledge is not everyone own it. Those they have it , they  asked for it and they did not put their trust in the world instead keep their eyes above to receive it.  Do you need wisdom for your marriage? Do you need understanding for your kids , family and ministry? Time is humbly ask God. Please do not look back. Use your past only for lessons not regret. If you really want wisdom and understanding, God is telling you put away other things , those they are not from me. Put away your modern-logic-world understanding. Put away those sticky and burdens  of this world .

God says I give you a dream. A dream of wisdom and understanding.

Come out of ‘ the box of me ‘ . Let the shine of the father bright your future. If You really need wisdom and understanding like Solomon. So pray for it , keep asking for it. But you may say : Dariush I prayed a lot and asked a lot but nothing happened. Here I am going to ask , Are you ready for to receive it. Right motives and wrong motives are completely opposite each other. Solomon prayed for Wisdom because he saw the need of his people.

Here are some wisdoms you may ask:

Wisdom for Family

Wisdom for marriage and relationship

Wisdom for your future steps

Wisdom for understanding your current situation

Wisdom for others

Wisdom and understanding for your heart




Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Reading Point : 1 King 3 : 1- 10



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