Are you in desert?

God will bless us in the times of desert! We may be sometimes in desert. In desert of losing Jobs, in desert of divorce , in desert of separation , In desert of family , In desert of health , in desert of your kids, in desert of relationship..

I want to tell you what the Lord says ” I know you are in desert , I watch over your journey through this vast desert “.

Forty years the nation of God lived in desert- and they lacked nothing.

Today the Lord is saying – you spent enough wondering around and confusing – Now turn to a new way I will show you.

You are about to pass your vast desert land!

The vast desert are not permanent in your life. Whatever is your desert now. You are about to pass it. The Lord says : ” I will bless you in all work of your hands. You are about to turn a new land- turn to a new territory.

Are you worrying about a  new land?

Do not be terrified ; do not be afraid of facing new things and new people. Your God who is going before you, will fight for you(Deuteronomy 1 : 20)

The vast desert of your life is preparation of going and reaching to your dreams. Your dreams are after passing this  wasteland. If you are in middle of it , take heart ; every one have to pass to get their dreams true. Your God is with you, be still ; He is with you in all your desert times.


Let your  desert land time make you a better person. Deserts are good sign to grow your personality. You need it. take it as it is and the time of pass will come soon.

Listen –  See – Taste

God is doing a new thing, Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? God is making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.( Isaiah 43 : 19 )

Your wasteland turn to a  bestland when you be still and trust God.


Pray with me in your heart:

Father , make me strong in the times of desert. Let me know your will ,  Let me turn to a new land . Make me a better person through this journey as you are watching over every details of it. Thank you that what you are about to do .much more amazing things.  Your hand are not short. Thank you for saving me and your grace is sufficient for me in the times of desert. Amen


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



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