the Everlasting Hope

When God calls us. It means He loves to free us in Christ. He wants to turn our situation from despair to delight, from misery to pleasure.

Since we have been dead in our sins. Lost in our lust. Without hope and life in this world. But now we our redeemed in Jesus,He freed us . Now we have eternal hope and life in Him.

He does- what he does! He breathes into our restless life with a wink changes everything. He does the same with the word of ‘impossible’. He touches and breathes into in and it becomes ‘Him-possible’.

” So Christ brings a new agreement from God to his people. He brings this agreement so that those who are called by God can have the blessings God promised, Blessings that last forever. This can happen only because Christ died to free people from sins committed against the commands of the first agreement.”(Hebrews 9:15)


You are chosen people. A holy nation. A home that built on the rock. You are entered to receive the promise of God. His promises never ends. They are sweet for your soul and body. So what promise is for you? – Eternal inheritance in Christ

Abram was 99 years old when the Lord appeared to him.

So old for us. So young for God.

God promised him to make Abram great. He changes his name to Abraham. He makes him extremely fruitful and gave him a child in that age.

So impossible for us. So possible for God.

God is whispering to each one of us today. If He can do for Abraham He can do it for us. Now we have a new covenant in Christ.

Impossibility is a gearwheel of Hope. Possibility is a wheel of Hope.

He is telling you:

” I am God almighty. Live in my presence and devout. I will establish my covenant between me and you..(Genesis 17 : 1)

Living in presence of God gives you eternal peace and freedom. A freedom with obeying . Your dady in heaven unbelievably love you. Even his punishes toward us is full of wisdom and lesson . Welcome to the land of promises.

My prayer is your receive the everlasting hope in Christ. Does not matter where you are and what is your situation. the new covenant . the great promises of God. the gift of Holy Spirit lead you in green pastures and show you awesomeness of his presence. Then you will stand firm in Him.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Sources : Bible Book of Hebrews and Genesis

Photo : By Dariush Youkhaneh




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