Thursday devotion.

Thank God is Thursday . This is the day God made . Let us rejoice and believe the best are ahead for us. The journey is full of blessing .

In today devotion let the spirit lead you through . Lean on the word . Read and enjoy with it .

Here is my thought and revelation . According to your circumstances you may have a different revelation which is iimaget for your situation .

Here God is going to act . Read it – meditate on it and share to others .

Mark 9:14-30
-But if you can do anything , take pity on us and help us .
-If you can ? Said Jesus .” Everything is possible for him( a person) who believes”
-” I do believe ; help me overcome my unbelief “.
There is no “if” to whom believes . He can do anything for you today . What area of your life you need to ‘believe’ to happen !
Give to Him .

what do you believe in for to happen ?
Can you say :” I do believe ” God cares about U & your situation . Just believe in Him and know that everything is possible for you .


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