the Fullness of God.

We all need to be powered by the Holy Spirit to reach fully in his love. We need to be immersed in his love completely to become mature . Becoming mature will be found in love of Christ , it is not something to earn, it is something to hold , it is already been prepared and ready so you are not trying to earn something instead you are running to hold it and reach to fullness of Christ. That the wholeness of Christ may approach in you with freedom and confidence.

“ grasp how WIDE and LONG and HIGH and DEEP is the love of Christ”  ( Ephesians 3 : 18b)

Until not going to grasp the all angle of the love of Christ , you are not going to reach the fullness of God. Immersing in each angle of grace of God make us united with Christ through the Faith . “In Him and through Faith in Him” we will be entered to four angle of Christ’s love( wide , long , high and deep).

fullness of God

Angle one ( Deep)

Paul says “ being rooted and established in love “ . It means we are going to depth of God by love and love only. You are inside the zone of grace of fullness of God by being rooted and established in love in Him only.

Angle 2 (High)

“Through faith in Him we may approach God with Freedom and confidence.”  What the love of Christ brings? A live a life worthy of honour and calling , be completely humble and gentle , be patient and forget each other and bearing with one another in love. This angle keep the spirit in unity through the bound of peace.


Angle 3 (Wide)

“ So the Christ may dwell in your hearts ..” Living as children of Light make our love in Him wider. Wider and Wiser to know his love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of ALL fullness of God.  Do you know his love make you wiser? A wide love that embraces all truth. This is a very important angle of fullness of God. Your love toward others should to be wide as you are wise in the knowledge of Him.


Angle 4 (Long)

“ and becoming mature , attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of God “.man and woman of God not only is depth and high and wide in love of Christ also now he or she is becoming mature in Him. Old has gone far way now a new self is on. He/she made new in the attitude of his/her mind. Everything sees from the eyes of God. The Holy Spirit shows the way clearly . The person knows what is good , what is not good to follow and do.


What Christian would you be? We all want to be filled with the fullness of God. We all desire of the knowledge of God. We all longing to see his face. We all running the race to win the prize. Christ with Cross opened a new way of living for us . Father’s will  is for all, the fullness , dwell in Christ. His body shown the real love to us. What person you would be , when you knew that for his fullness we have all received ,  grace upon grace.

Pray with me:

Father help me be rooted and established in love- that I may have power in you.

Let me grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ for me. Let me long for it and run for it. Let me filled of your love and grace. God burns this desire in me to seek your face every day till I reach the fullness of you.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Wow the depth of Gods love is so Deep, High and Wide and Long that we will never ever get to the bottom of His Love for us. Its so deep that only can eternity hold It fully
    Enjoyed reading your devotion/ study . God Bless You 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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