Your world (is) God’s world!

Are you looking for a change ?  Changing your career , changing your partner , changing your relationship , changing  to a new country . We all looking for some change in some point in our life. Bibles obviously is not opposite of a change. God love changes in our life. Father sent his only son for a change within us and given us eternity . Our destiny changed by Jesus of Nazareth. But I know it is really hard to change our career, our sweet home.

Sometimes we need to stay what we do. And whatever we do glorify his Name . are you a carpenter? Glorify God in your workplace. Are you a house-wife ? glorify God in your family and children.

“ Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for the men.” Colossians 3 : 23

Imagine that , you are not working for men , you are working for the Lord. Because everything belongs to Him. He created everything , every idea , every workplace , everything is in His control. So your main boss is not a man. But your boss is in heaven who sit on the throne forever.

Your world is God’s world. God covers everything in your life. As He is above all. Look at below image and for a moment think about it , where are you. where are you glorifying God? Can you find yourself there?

your world

You Glorify God in your world . what makes your world. your career, your country, your community , your family , your friends all belong to him . You will find your identity in Christ , because You are glorifying God in there.

Does not matter what you do. Do what you need to do for living. Eventually we all his holy nation following one goal. The goal of ‘glorifying his Name’. Whether you are engineer , Clark , wife , husband , boss , big manager … for the lowest position to the highest position . all together going to glorify God.

God is Love. Serve God with all your heart . When you serve God with all your heart. You do whatever you asked in your workplace , you serve your earthly bosses with all you have because you know you are serving the Lord almighty. You know you have a big reward for the Lord. Paul says in Colossians “ you will receive inheritance form the Lord as a reward “ (Col 3 : 24) and continues he says “ it is the Lord Christ you are serving “. Wow read it again. And again . is it possible to serve my ugly earthly boss?  Hmmm. According to this verse , yes it is . Not only that scripture says ‘ it is the Lord Christ you are serving ‘ . I know .  I know . Serve your boss like you are serving Christ. Be humble. Look everything from his eyes. Change your prospective through these lanes.

Whatever you do . do it for his Name. Do not complain , do not grumble . Be satisfied to what you have. Whatever position you have . Try with honesty your best , I know Christ will bless you at your home , at your workplace . And wherever you go . you will shine like a diamond.  You are his people.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh


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