As I promised by the grace of God. My single ebook has been finally released. Excited!

Get your copy now by going to this link:

At this stage you can only buy it through this link. But soon would available on your favourite retailers ( APPLE : iBook , Kindle..).

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Cover Page:

serving-thelivinggod-dariushyoukhanehMost of us have a great serving heart but we do not know how to activate it. This book inspire you, empower you and encourage you regardless of who you are and what you are doing now. You are made to serve others as you have been served long time before.
Most of us have a great smile to serve. But how you would stay strong , not sinking and not losing.
You are beautiful and awesome. Let this gift of serving be activated in you and through serving others you are serving the living God.
You are about to be greatly know how awesome you are. This small version of writing focuses on three important matters : serving with smile , serving with heart and serving with Him.

We all have a story. But what makes it really a journey! You can make it excited or you can handle it slowly. Either way you are ‘your’ story teller not someone else.

By Dariush Youkhaneh


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