I am born in a new generation

That’s right , I am born in a new generation society. A generation born with technology. now people are communicating fast , millions of information interacting in a  second , people are travelling to other planet , every day a new thing adding up into our life. Technology is more than we expected, we drive a fast car , still we are looking to be more faster.

But , the truth , the reality have not been changed yet. Still we need sun shine. still we need rain. still our souls are thirsty . May new technology offers you happy time but can it bring joy in your heart forever?  I am a technology guy for about 10 years I’ve been studying computer and information technology. They are great , indeed , good , which you can read my message on your device. Technology is not sad thing – It is a great tool to reach more people in this generation.

My point is this , how technology works for you? are you overloading with the information.

Do we really need to know a lot , according , to have a good life! I am simple guy , I am content what I have and give thanks to my creator , Yes I have dreams to follow. I have goals to reach. I have ambitions which like nets all are over me. But look and see with all made-beautiful-human things still the war , the envy , the fighting are not ended.  Did this technology brought peace to people’s life!? Psalmist written in his book : ” This will be written for the generation to come, That a people yet to be created may praise the LORD.  ” Are we praising the Lord.  Don’t you know you are created to be with your creator ! You are not the products of human. You are a light . a light to this dark world. who can impact and point others to One above.


You need let the world go, and allow God come into your rusty and weary heart. You are in the world but you are not from it. This world and everything in it will change but He lives forever as we read in another place psalmist says ” Long ago, you made the world.
    You made the sky with your own hands!
The earth and sky will end,
    but you will live forever!
They will wear out like clothes,
    and like clothes, you will change them.
But you never change.
    You will live forever. ( Psalm 102 : 25-27 )

See , He loves you. He knows we are from dust. Praise the Lord at your age . In your time. He is same. Let God fills you with his Spirit then you begin to be whole. His mercy is greater than stars in the sky. Do not allow the human decide who you are. You are who made by him. Do not allow technology says who you are. You are defined by Him. Technology serves us ,  we do not serve them. Let the morning light remind you God loves you and have a purpose for you. Let his sun even in your busiest city shine through your window and remind you God still loves you. Is not this beautiful till HE lives I live. He puts in this generation to be a witness for Him. To make a good story of fight for Him. To know you are a good son and daughter , until to reach to his glory, in His arms. You are not belong to seen things ,rather , you are belong to unseen creator . that’s what hope means. you have hope to things you can not see. In this generation , which , everything is seen and distracting.

He wants to be friend with you , He know you can do it. Publish His name. His goodness. His Love and kindness. To give a hand to a needy . To love your enemy . to send a ‘ I love you ‘ message to a person . years , you have been selfish to . Redeem yourself by His Spirit and see you are with Him. The Challenges can not separate you from Him. This world can not. Family problem can not. Marriage break down can not. Children run away issues can not. The storms of sickness and hater of this world can not and have not power over you at all. Lay it down to God. Do not look answer for other places , from other humans. He is your answer.

You are living in the best age. Declare it ‘ My God is faithful to me  , I am living for Him , I lay it down to Him and He has the best plan for me and my people around , I brought peace and love here , where I stand right now , till forever ‘


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Source : Psalms

Photo : https://pixabay.com , CC0 public licence



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