We boast in the Lord.

You are ready to start your day. You prayed. You read the bible and verses. And laid down your day to the Lord.

Your colleague called you. And you are disagreement about a business at work. This disagreement peruses to an argument , argument make a big deal between. You brought to the manager . Both tell what is right in their views.


Still , you are disagree , because you thing you know what is the best for that after 15 years experience in that particular area. Okay.

The case was not resolved yet. Further investigation goes on. Still you and your colleague are not in a good manner.

So , What do you do?

“Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1 : 31

Are you an experienced worker ? boast in the Lord

Are you an expert ? boast in the Lord

Are you young an inexperienced ? boast in the Lord

Everything , anything you have ‘ it is God’s gift ‘ no one can boast ( Eph 2 : 9 ).

The basic meaning of the boast is ‘ to praise ‘. If there is anything to boast , Boast in God. It is good to boast others , to praise and encourage others. Because you are lifting them up, yep our God said ” Simply know others better than yourself” , This humbly comes from you , The spirit within you is greater , bigger.

Your boast does not take you in any place , But your love, YES.

His love is forever for you. Proper boasting in Psalm 44 : 8  ” in God we make our boast all day long “. There is no higher boasting than this.  What are you boasting these days?

Psalm 34 : 2

Written Dariush Youkhaneh




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