These Days!

All eyes are on new President of America. Some are praying , some are protesting , some are in shocked  and some are watching!

Bible encourage use to be a good citizen on the earth while we are waiting to get the heaven citizenship. Yes , there is some rules we need to do while we are on flesh. Think about that , what Paul says in  his letter about authorities ” Obey your leaders and submit to them “( Hebrews 13 : 17 ). Please do not be heavy heart and take courage and remember the Lord is in control.

But i am shouting to the Lord! I am singing a new song for Him. As people are trembling around that what will happen to our future. I am encouraging you today , God has your future and He has your city and country in His hands.And no one can take it from you and your Children and family . David says ” Rejoice in the Lord , good people ” .  Yes , be joyful even the times are tough and it seems all doors are closed and all your uncertainty be removed from you in Jesus’Name and everything be cleared for you and you see the things from His eyes.


What can you do in these times ?

#1 Pray for your people.

Pray changes the things and circumstances and changes You and people around you. Your number one solution in everything is going to presence of Father and tell Him your concerns. Now you are temple of the Holy Spirit . God will hear you because His son is already sit in You and you have the power of heaven.

#2 Pray for your new authority.

Whoever been elected for leading your country and city Pray for wisdom and understanding that they can lead their people. God will move with more prayer , He hears our prayers specially prayer for our kings.

#3 Read Bible .

Reading Bible is one of the vital tool for any believers to move forward in these days and get a new prospective. In most often time God will speak through his words. God’s word (the Holy Bible) is alive and is active in this world. Take heart and read it and see how your life will be changed , be consistent and have a plan to meet the word of God. Remember when you open and read the Bible , you are meeting the King and be prepared to hear from Him.

#4 Do not judge, Be still.

It is so easy these days throw your opinion for someone you do not know personally. Paul says ” even i can not judge my self.. How can i judge others?” . So be still and know there is God to judge everyone and every knees will bow down one day and will confess JESUS IS THE LORD. The One is IN You is bigger the one is in the World. Yes , You may see injustice, iniquities and Not the things very well in this world but be Still and know your God is in control and do not be worry about it because our God is just. Yes , there is time to confront others sin with truth and love in respect. ” Do not judge , or you too will be judged ” ( Matthew 7 : 1-5 ).

#4 Take easy your life

Most times we take hard our life. Life is simple as may the world show to us is complicated. It is not. Yes , Bible never promised us this life would be easy for believers. But we have the Holy Spirit , the comforter , the helper , the lover. You have the Holy Spirit in You. Nothing will change your destiny in Christ . Not this authority , not present , not past and future so why are you taking hard your life? Haven’t you have a good good Father?  Haven’t Christ died for you? He is you life and your life is in Him, so go and do a free life.

Sing a new song to him.
    Play it well and sing it loud!

He loves goodness and justice.
    The Lord’s faithful love fills the earth.

Great blessings belong to those who have the Lord as their God!
    He chose them to be his own special people.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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