The True Tree

wow, what a week! It was a really great and thankful week. I named it and i received many blessings. We had an awesome thanksgiving. How powerful God will move when you honor Him with your first fruit of your life. Grateful for everything in your life. Even if bad things stuff up your life but they are not allowed to ruin your life in Christ. Your hands are always raised to praise and your mouth to confess the goodness of his presence.

Anyway, After great night of thanksgiving , As you may know there is no official thanksgiving holiday here in Australia . But I was really moved by the Holy Spirit 3 days before thanksgiving to be thankful these days – from friends to family .. whatever we have. But my post won’t be about thanksgiving , I am sure you had a great blessing times with your family , had a little bit fun and laughter or may taste a bit of strange red wine.

God reminded me to John 15. I do not know why! Here we go. Saturday morning , need a bit time to my self. But God was pointing me to something. Before have a breakfast , I opened the Bible and I started to read John 15.

The First Verse began with ” I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman ” . Okay What God wants to remind me ! What he was talking about? As i read more and more and back again and more .. the Holy Spirit was whispering and i was picturing an image like below :

truevineHe said ” Found your self in picture , Where are you? “. I was hesitating to answer. Becasue if i sa i am branch he will say where is your fruit , if i say i am leaf again it would be same , for sure i couldn’t be the root .

Without answering the picture changed to this :

truevine“You are here” He said . Jesus is the tree and the root. Father is husbandman whom taking your fruit from the tree that you may bring more fruit for Him. If you stay with tree(Jesus) you will bring more fruit ( Holy Spirit ). Holy Spirit will teach you how to bring more fruit(love and patience ). Without Jesus you are lost.

Than quickly after than the picture changes to this :

truevineWithout Him , you can not do anything.

You shall be my disciple if you stay in my Love.

I believe God wants you too, stay in His love and bear much fruit for Him. You are His disciple when you have love to unlovable. When allowing God to work in your life. Allowing Him to have control every detail of every secret of your heart and let it deal with it. Do not allow a little deadly small secret eat you inside and stop you to bear more fruit for Him rather than go to Him and confess and open your heart to his presence , than He will be your good friend in all things you do. You are carrying God within you. Because you are the carrier of the good news and good fruit. May this end of year is the time of forgiveness or whatever is in your heart. Let God to clean it and Jesus to wash it and the Holy Spirit to sit in it. He has chosen you that you should go and bring fruit  and whatsoever you shall ask from Father , he may give it you.

Jesus says : ” These things have i spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be in full. ”


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

If this message spoke to your heart , why not sharing to your loves one!


  1. Hello Dariush,
    Thank you for your reminder that God is looking for fruit in our lives and that the only way we are going to be able to produce fruit is by abiding in the vine.
    Nice drawings. Thank you for sharing these words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen. ..abiding in the vine. Great to be part of Him. Such a blessing to bear fruit for Him. Thanks for your visiting and kind words .. Hope to see you more here and this blog would be an encouragement – day to day along the word of God speak to your heart and those coming . Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

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