New Book for Christmas

Good news.

These past weeks , I stopped my pervious writings and I was writing a new book for Christmas ( as you see slowing on my blogging)  , which hopefully by the grace of God going to be published before Christmas time.

This book is free of charge for my followers. If you are following me here . Please email me on , than I will be able to send your copy of book to your email. Also I will be proudly glad if you can give me  your review on this.

As I am writing the last page of the this Ebook. Please send me your request before publishing even you can participate on this.


Why am I writing this book:

I see Christmas behind Christmas , the thirsty of people , how they are passing each year and lose the opportunity of believing something beyond this world that can give them supernatural things. I am motivated to encourage the new generation as I am one of them. Because I see the needs that Jesus was talking about.

About the book

It is about thanking . It is about simply giving . It is about saying sorry and not be ashamed . It is about forgiving and loving . It is about a new start in living and hoping.These 7 things in Christmas are not an immediate cure rather they are like a vaccine going to be applied during the time.

It is covered in 7 chapter . 7 vaccines for your soul. 7 steps to know where you are.

The book starts with a explanation and what was the motives of it . Then straight goes to inject the vaccines to you.

When is going to be published?

Right before  the Christmas day.

Are you my follower here and want to participate ?

I would be happy send you a copy of the book for review. Please send me an email with your request to participation. My email is

Book title?

Christmas ‘Vaccination , 7 things for your soul.


Any question ?

Send me an email.



Dariush Youkhaneh







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