Happy New Year 2017

In Australia we celebrate the New Year ahead of most countries : )  . We are fifth in the ranking ‘ to observe the new year ‘ table. So That is why i am going ahead and saying Happy New Year and CHEERS everyone.

Lets read Psalms 75 together :

We give thanks to you, God. Yes, we give thanks!
    Your name is near. Your marvelous deeds are declared.

God says, “When I decide the time is right,
    I will establish justice just so.
 The earth and all its inhabitants will melt,
    but I will keep its pillars steady.” Selah

I said to the arrogant,
    “Don’t be arrogant!”
To the wicked I said,
    “Don’t exalt your strength!
   Don’t exalt your strength so highly.
        Don’t speak so arrogantly against the rock.”
Because what exalts someone
    doesn’t come from the east or west;
    it’s not from the south either.
Rather it is God who is the judge.
    He brings this person down,
        but that person he lifts up.
Indeed, there’s a cup in the Lord’s hand
    full of foaming wine, mixed with spice.
    He will pour it out,
    and all of the earth’s wicked people
    must drink it;
    they must drink every last drop!

But I will rejoice[c] always;
    I will sing praises to Jacob’s God!
God says:
“I will demolish every bit of the wicked’s power,
    but the strength of the righteous will be lifted up.”

I just want to say Happy New Year and have a blessed and prosper year ahead in Jesus Name. Have Joy and fun because the Lord have mercy upon us and we can see His wonderful deeds in our life. 


Thank you for your support and great encouraging comments.

The new year would be a year of blessing , happiness and joy with loads of achievement.

See you in Next Year.

Also you can read the 7 things for your soul here.

Love you so much.

Welcome 2017.

Dariush Youkhaneh



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