Live a life that is matter

Assume life is a pool and you are allowed as much as you want to swim in it . What do you prefer water in it to be like? Cold or Warm! of course you will say depends to season , if i am in summer i want to be cold , if i am in winter please please be Hot! So if you are in cold water know that there is another season too. If you are in hot water now know that there is another season too. Do not look your situation in one side. Your circumstances are not depends on how is cold and warm is water , It is about how you swim in it. Life may show you many seasons and things that you have never expected but you can enjoy and make it easier as it is. Saying ” this is what my God created me , this is who i am in Him ” .

I am content to who i am and what i have. This removes the pain of comparison in my life and give me a new relief which i can most focus what my creator want me to do. Car, house , money all will be gone one day, what remains is your relationship with God and a heart which is beating for Him. I am so happy i know this God ,and i am trying to figure it to you too. But i do not know how. But i am trying to show you my friend.


Awesomeness comes from lawlessness and give birth to beauty. 

You are that beauty , your point of weakness is the start of a greatness within you. No one can take from you, what you would be in Him. Am i hard to understanding? Hope not. And i wish you can huge the beauty of yours which God created for. God made you strong for this life . He did not leave you alone . He is not breaking his promises in my life.  Live a life that is matter and worth not only for yours also for others. You have double strength to help others too. Yes , you can shine your beauty . You can be what God said you to be. You are marvelous inside and out. Do not allow your small mistakes break the promise of God in your life. Do not allow to enemy blame you for nothing . You can stand again. You can start again because each morning God prepare a table for you , a new mercy.   That is why enemy shocked of the grace of God. They can not understand the grace of God. I am under grace , you are under grace.

this is what Psalms 43 : 5 said : 

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.


Hope , Grace and Praise will destroy the enemies plan even my soul is down i will put my hope in Him. Even if we do not feel it .

God is there and have more for us. 

This is very important to know. God is on my side and He is there for me. The life i live is for Him and Him for me.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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