Life is a sleep

Life is a temporary assignment. It is a sleep. It is  like a new grass in the morning which in the afternoon there is no more! You are here suddenly , you are no more. In a measure of breath , shorter than from my ear to my lips. Our 1000 years can not reach an hour of our creator. Living in reality of unreal. Touching , feeling , paining a few mile more to know we are in dream here. Only God knows how long. a few steps to smell freedom. A little bit longer for us till that stay under refuge of my unseen God. Trusting him in my sleep. Know him as a lion. Who can fight for me.


I wont be regret. I leave everything into his hands. As His angels concerning me to guard me in all my ways. Even when i am walking with closed eyes. deep into his greatness and drowning  into His mercy forever, don’t wake me up. I am awake of His presence.

I am strong even with my trembling legs n hearts , even with no understanding of future and a bit fear of unknown. With all ,  I am made to be yours. stay in your stillness. Because for the beginning to the end you have been. You always protected me. Do not wake me up yet , i wanna know you more through this, I wanna rise with you that when i open my eyes i can see your beauty in my eyes.In Heaven with you.

You are not sleep like me, You are not deaf . You are not blind like me. See, who is in sleep. You have been always my refuge and my shelter. If i climb the mountain you will there. If i walk on the water i see you grabbing my hands and walking with me. You are in pain when i am , you are crying when i am too , you enjoy when i enjoy. I am willing to see you in real world. A place i am not sleep anymore. freed of the pain-sleep world, completely yours.

I always knew no matter what i face or going through ,  you are there immediately. because He loves me. i am continue trust him even i do not know the answers. Even i do not know when i am going to awake. But i surrender my whole to Him.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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