Tuesday Devotion 14 April 2020 / Hold on

Dear beloved friends and followers . Thank you for being with us for 21 days devotions. I am truly blessed to have you here. I am so thankful i was able to share the goodness of our Father and encourage us all. The main theme of my devotions were to hold on.



Hold on and don’t let go of Jesus in your life. In the rain , In the storm and in any situation hold on to his great presence. Everything will fade way , only the true love of God will be alive in you.

Hold on , if it means to wait for a year . Hold on, if it means to wait for years and years. Keep warm your innermost being with his loving arms. As David says “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” (Psalms 27 : 14 ). 

Take a deep breath..

Wait for the Lord..

Be strong..

Take Heart..

and wait for the Lord..

We meant to do this before , We are meant to do this now, We will do this for tomorrow.  Do not listen to enemies’ lies. Do not listen what other people will think. HOLD ON THE TRUTH of JESUS. To His promises , To His Glory , To Whom is LIFE.

Hold on to HOPE.  Think whatever is right whatever is true and whatever is noble and worthy of think . Refill yours with the HOLY SPIRIT. With His Power and With His Majesty.

With Praise and Prayers.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Reading the books | Joy and Adventure

At this age of mine , I’ve never known i would be more loving to read the books. From ordering them online to going bookshops to buy. Still , However  ; I am suffering to have a great bookshop near me. I need to drive at least 40 minutes to reach a good bookshop.

I am saying to myself one day when my library grew , I am going to open a huge bookshop. I was not a booky person at all. Of course i’ve read my schools books. But my issue was that hardly to pick up a book from bookshop and read it.  Newspaper was one of my favorite reading, specially the sport section. My habit was reading newspaper from the end. Choosing the subject of  football and then reaching to the front paper.


But , Oh these days! Books are my number ONE fan. Specially new published books. Those they are in library which has been eaten dust long time are not really my type 🙂 I am telling you this with honest. Recently i found out that from our local library you can borrow it only and read it online , how awesome! my issue with dusting fixed.

Let’s get back to the new published books. Fresh content , fresh paper. When you open the book the smells of beautiful wood ; seriously is like heaven. It will bring me back to my first grade school time. Oh what a joy! What a joy of opening a book and read it. 

The more important thing is reading a book you like and stirring up your heart. I am in it. I can not put the book down until my eyes says please enough. You can find millions of reason why reading a book is important in the internet. I am here to say reading a book is the best part of your life depart of its knowledge and thoughts and lessons you could get. Seriously , some books has life impact effect to you. You can not get it wipe from your brain. As you give food to your mind. Your body reflects it well. What food are your eating these days?  I am here your book club fan , Tell me what have you read! If you have your own book just shoot me a message that i can add it to my line of books.

Are you friends of the books or afraid of them?

As you can find millions of reasons why reading a book is important , i will give you three main reason here:

  • 1- Reading a book can CHANGE  your life
  • 2- Reading a book can SHAPE your mind
  • 3- Reading a book can GIVE you a fresh perspective

Wherever you are , Whoever you might be this will be for you. Lets pick a book and read. You will be encouraged. Whatever book might be looked like – ebook , paper book , choose whichever way you like.

As C.S. Lewis said “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

Yes Jesus loved the reading as well , remember when He was in synagogue and reading the scripture to people. If Jesus loved and read the books then we need to do it also.

Here you go , A post to encourage you all to read. Can you tell me what book are you reading these days? Just comment below.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


Acres of Diamonds by Jentezen Franklin book review / Chapter 1

Acres of Diamonds by Jentezen Franklin book review / Chapter 1

I’ve read a couple of his writings till now. I’ve listened to his sermons for a while. I am following his social network page. Although he is involved much in politics people these days, He prays for Donald Trump and his administrative people. That may be a real cause for some Christians to dis-follow him. I’ve listened to his sermons in person. He is genuine what he says and how he lives , although mistakes for all of us are unavoidable. He is human like us , He makes mistake , he confesses it . He preaches a word for sinners not for those they do not feel need Jesus. Let’s be Honest all of has jealousy embedded in us.  May be you are first time you are hearing about Jentezen Franklin.  If you are , do not worry He is a pastor of a church called Free Chapel. Him and his family are blessed to serve the Lord in the corner of USA.

He wrote a new book called Acres of Diamonds which will be published on 11 Feb 2020.

Jentzen Franlink

This is the description of the book :

“ Are you in a season of life where every search for direction, encouragement, or fulfillment seems to come up empty? You thought God had you in a place to thrive and grow, but you are ready to call it quits. There has to be something better.

You don’t need a new garden; you just need to learn how to dig! In Acres of Diamonds, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Jentezen Franklin helps you discover the unfathomable riches Jesus Christ has for you. Rather than chase after a better life, you can celebrate the untold spiritual provision to be found even in the midst of spiritual deprivation. Readers will learn to cherish where God has placed them as they uncover the hidden potential within their families, jobs, ministries, and communities . . . right where they are. “


This book has inspired by his sermon back December 2018 , which you can listen it from here , Actually the main theme of this book would be based on this sermon:


Note this for the sermon : Sometimes we fail to see the treasure in our own lives. Our eyes become blind to how blessed we actually are. When that happens, discontent replaces gratitude. We may find ourselves thinking that what we need to make us happy is “out there” somewhere when we actually are surrounded by God’s priceless blessings—our very own “acres of diamonds.”


He starts his first chapter with a worm up words which will light up your heart. Jentzen  offered his introduction and first chapter free of download. Although his message is amazing and great inspiration. But , His main message is not from Bible , it is based on russell Conwell story in his book. Jentzen has linked his message to the Bible.  Perhaps , you do not need to go anywhere to look for diamond ( hmm or rightly Acres of Diamonds) , you can find it where you are in your business , in your family .. The first chapter starts with “ Why Not Now? “


You can download his first chapter of Acres of Diamonds here :



As we can see his introduction starts with Russel Conwell story in 1869.



“ When you stop undervaluing where God has placed you, you will start to see the hidden potential of where you are”

In his first chapter He talks about God’s timing and how that applied to his life. How he missed the opportunity of buying a TV station which later on sold for $50 million dollars.  As he quotes “ A present opportunity played with problems is better than awesome opportunity has passed.” He speaks about that focusing too much on our own plans and timing we might miss “ the Power of Now” (there is a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle) He continues in first chapter about releasing your Faith Now. He does not say okay Now or Never , but he tried to tell his reader Now is better than your past, Now is your future !   “ You can not do anything about your past , but you can rewrite the rest of your life.”

And he finishes the chapter one by saying :


You can buy Acres of Diamonds on 11 Feb 2020 , It is ready to pre-order now.





Dariush Youkhaneh


If I only be in Your Presence

You make known to me the path of life;
    you will fill me with joy in your presence,
    with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

There is no such  a beautiful place rather than be in the presence of God. There is no place you can find rather than be in his loving arm. As I am surrendering all to You God ! I am praying to see the way of Life , Open the way ! I have none in me , that can known this path but in you I know where I am standing , I know where I am going. Passing the wave of the emotions and feelings where I can see your reality. The Person of God. How beautiful is this ? You are not Hidden forever in my heart! You are known for all humanity and one day all we see with our eyes! rather physical or spiritual. You’ll be there for me. I’ll be lost without You. Breathe in me your Life again! From Cross to Glory.

I do not want temporarily happiness of this world offers me. I want you fill me with your Joy where your presence can change me, and shape me like you.

My soul thirsts for you.

20190615_132236 (2).jpg


My whole being wants to be in your Presence.

Let this little word of mine be acceptable and the angels of yours tells you that, How Much I Love You.

If I only know You Jesus .

There is eternal pleasure , eternal glory and joy. I want to be there where you are. Where I can see you eyes to eyes , where I am washed with your blood. I remember your greatness in my life , I remember what you’ve done in your nation’s life and I praise you for it today. Your will makes me a new person. I am not living for my selfish desire anymore but Yours!

Hallelujah Ki Malach Elohei Eloheinu (Hallelujah  For the Lord Our God Reigns  )

Hallelujah ke khodavandeman Saltanat mikunad ( Hallelujah For the Lord Our God Reigns )


His eternal pleasure yours

His Joy yours

May His path of Life be known to you.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Psalms of David 16 : 11

Blessings Promised for Obedience

Promises are beautiful things we can hold on to. We , as human make so many promises but most of the time , we are not able to make them true. It is alright. That’s make us human. Personally If I promise someone , I make sure I stay 100% till end, and give away my best to make it happen. I do not know you, but I am really love to be a kind of friend that will be counted. Why promises are important? Why do we need them? How can I be sure I can live in that promises ? Or what God promised to me? There are so many questions you can ask. But , in this moment I am here to encourage you that ” Blessings ” promises for you , if you obey! If you listen what God says to you. You know there is always if. A father promised to his child IF you be a good buy I am going to by this bike for you. It’s not entirely like that. But our heavenly Father loves us, in the same way we need to love him and this seeks obedience. If we can not obey well, we are going to miss the point and end up with a wrong direction.

Listen to this what God promises to us :

I am giving you a promise now while the seed is still in the barn.You have not yet harvested your grain, and your grapevines, fig trees, pomegranates, and olive trees have not yet produced their crops. But from this day onward I will bless you.”( Haggai 2 : 19 NLT)


Our good shepherded promises blessing in our life. In the time of dryness and wilderness. May you are struggling to find a right job . But God promises is bless you even you do not have a job. May you are struggling with a not a good relationship but God promises is to bless you in that situation. Think about that , How his promises change your life? never ever underestimate God’s promises in your life , they are blessing you in every direction.


“God never made a promise that was too good to be true.”
Dwight L. Moody

Obey and see the fruit of it. Let our life shine in every area. From school to our job place. From talking to a friend to talking to a boss. We can be better , we can change the world around us by holding to the promises of God and obeying what he says about us is truth. Enemy hates his promises. The plan and purpose of living God is good indeed. God never took eyes off of you. He is look after you , here and there. Where ever we are he went and prepared us his blessings behind blessings for us. This blessings is not only within us and for us, also it is for others around us too. They will see how blessed you are. How youthful and beautiful you are, your smile , your love and you are act of kindness all together impacts them positively. An unbelievable energy with us – which from above not the world. From the Holy Spirit within you. You are a light. You are a blessing.

Let this be your declaration:

I am blessed , I am loved

Because I have a good Father, because I obey his love

I am blessed , I am strong

Because I have a good Father, because I obey his spirit

I am blessed , I am called

Because I have a good Father , Whom promised me is with me

I am blessed , I am beautiful

Because I have a good Father , whom I follow


Promise of God is a new season for you now. Enjoy the blessing!

Much love

written by

Dariush Youkhaneh


I am in awe of You

When I see your beauty , I am in awe of you. When I see how you died for me on the cross that today I can have this freedom and walk in your presence without shame. When I see; you forgive me – this is a miracle. The sun without one turning back shining me your light. I am doing my own thing under the heaven but you are blessing me and thinking of me. I am just do not know what to say. Speechless within thousands words! Lips not moving but heart full of your awe.

I was travelling around Sydney for a few weeks. When I saw the beauty of my God. I just was full of thankfulness and I realised how big is my God. That was a place I felt safe and secure completely. Although there is nothing to compare His beauty – I surrender all in this awe-ness!



Let the whole world fear the LORD, and let everyone stand in awe of him. (NLT Psalms 33:8). Everywhere you go , you can see with your eyes how awesome is our Lord. From here to your town , from your town to another. You can feel it and touch it- be full heart of gratitude in this life short on this earth! This is the real love. I am focusing on your promises Jesus. Be glorified in my imperfectness and complete me with your love.

Sometimes God allow us to be us! He is there dancing with the nature – waving with the sea to us. Touching our hearts with a whispering of his wind through the broken window. Even we lock ourselves inside the room- He is there. Trying to come into – knocking the door of our heart. Saying come my child let me show you how big I am.

Splendour and majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his place. ( 1 Chronicles 16 : 27 )

I was always thinking I need a pair of wing to fly above all and enjoy. But I just realised I can fly without a pair of wing. I was thinking I can win every battle by my own, But I just understood this is not my battle to win. I was thinking I can love everyone, but I just got it if I only can love the one. 

Are you fighting on your ground ? stand in his awe. Are you well and blessed in your life? stand in his awe. When we live with Christ our love grows every single day, every battle day , every well day in all situation. And I believe for you as much as I believe for me. We believe in his love. We trust in him that is our firm foundation. We are the overcomer. Just stand in his awe. Believe God can do it for you.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Have you read my book ” 7 things for your soul”?




Relax and Promote Your Blog!

Although , I am humble to call my fellow bloggers to get more attention and introducing your blog with others , with one line comment.

Not only that , a lot of you I know by someone else did a promotion on their blog and I finally found out how beautiful your blog is. Do you allow my little blog be warmed by your comment and love? I am ready to check your blog , Other friends are ready to check out your content. Tell me what’s motivate you to start blogging , perhaps heaps of you guys had started blogging earlier then me, I am an ear right now to know and learn more about you and your blog.

Not less but more! Not a few but countless. We are not bunch of rescued people gathered here in the name of Blog. We are motivated to get more of Life. We are enthusiastic of a beautiful future ahead , not better but getting the best of it. I am missioned to encourage you here. I am motivated to inspire you , where right you are now. You and your blog – let shine and be a guidance in a darkness places.  When the dark colour came we know there is a bright colour waiting for us. I know that FAITH works. I believe that Love conquers. It is the only matter of time. Because My God Saves!

dog-3829473_1920 (1)

I have mission to introduce your kindness to others. Here you go – it is your turn. 

Blog is a page of your inside heart. Share it. I am going to be touched.

– Dariush Youkhaneh

This is Dariush Youkhaneh , Heads Held High Blog , inspiring new generation. 19/12/2018

I already love your blog already 🙂

I hear a mighty rainstorm coming!

Then Elijah said to Ahab, “Go get something to eat and drink, for I hear a mighty rainstorm coming!” ( 1 king 18 : 41 )

Right before Elijah Prays for Rain , he said to the king. I hear a might rainstorm is coming. God stir up in my heart – I have to believe that in my life and declare that ” I hear the big miracle is coming ” I trust God can do it . There is no doubt in it. I hear the chains are broken. I believe it – there is a freedom coming. Believer Prays for the Miracle. I hear a mighty rainstorm of beauty of God pouring out on his children. God is whispering in my ears , tell them . Do you believe it ? Declare it with me : I hear a mighty supernatural awesomeness of God falling down on me and my family. A peace beyond my own understanding.


“So Ahab went to eat and drink. But Elijah climbed to the top of Mount Carmel and bowed low to the ground and prayed with his face between his knees.” ( 1 King 18 : 42 )

Do not stop praying. Keep praying and look for the change. Keep praying and look for the miracle. Keep praying look for the change. Keep praying look for the healing. Keep praying look for a new house , new prospective , new river of blessings. If you are young keep praying , if you are old keep praying. Elijah did it. And he sent his servant to see the result. He sent him seven time till he got the result. I hear a mighty rainstorm of blessing coming to your life in 2019. I hear a mighty  rainstorm of love and grace coming to your way. I hear it , be ready.

“Then he said to his servant, “Go and look out toward the sea.”

Look again , God is doing amazing things. The rain is coming – the mighty one. Oh Halleluiah. The  sound of mighty rainstorm is more stronger than any other disturbing sound in my life. God is moving fast- blessing all aspect of our life.

Then , God will give you special strength to maintain it as the Lord gave special strength to Elijah. This word is for you and me today. Special power to collect the all blessing of the living God.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Serving the Living God book




“Now we pray to God that you will not do anything wrong—not so that people will see that we have stood the test but so that you will do what is right even though we may seem to have failed.  For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth. We are glad whenever we are weak but you are strong; and our prayer is that you may be fully restored.” ( 2 Corinthians 13 : 7- 9 )

I am not going to have another bible Sunday school here. Not at all. But I like talk about the truth in your life and in my life. The Above paragraph which the apostle Paul  saying to the church of Corinth actually it is for us .

The real truth is able to fully restore you. It can change your life in a positive reality of being. Your definition of truth it may be different of mine but at least we are agree in this – there is a real truth exist. The real truth remains always nor the time can change it. Paul says that in above sentence ” We can not do anything against the truth , but only for the truth “. Today I am writing about this , I want you to meditate on this words. Because by focusing on the real truth , your heart’s eyes will be opened. You grab a new prospective of the truth and what is it for me? That is why Jesus said ” you will know the truth ( the real truth) and that truth will set you free.” Walking in the truth make you strong , that will impact your whole life, beautifully. You can not lie anymore , you can not steal or cheat because this is not you , it is the truth in you – carrying everywhere you go. Jesus said ” If you only know me ” What does that mean? It means if you only know the real truth. Your chain will be broken and for sure you know what is right and what is wrong.

By this truth we can know his Unending Love ( click here for to read it)


The heart of God , Is truly full of truth. Grab the heart of God , you will not do anything wrong. If we do , we are going the wrong direction. I want us to keep our heads held high with no condemnation. Truth is a helper of me and you in this broken world. I did not know about it , But God of all mercy revealed to me. How and when? By being humble and obedience. Our weaknesses  does not mean we do not know the truth , but ; that means we are strong to accept that our flesh is weak – and fight between flesh and spirit made us weak. It is okay. We are not surrender to the desire of this broken world but we are surrender to the only Son of God , Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness would be possible by the spark of this truth.

Let God change your heart to his truth. Than you will know why Christ dies for us? Than you can forgive others in this truth. definitely you will know what is the meaning of the lamb of God. By doing that , you accept to the holy spirit of God reveals the more (real) truth of himself.

So I don’t boast in the truth but I rejoice in it.

This truth will allow you :

1- Going to the right direction

2- To do what is right

3- To be strong

4- Fully restored

The above four , they are the sign of a growing person in God. But for sure there are a lot into it. For example Before Paul says ” Test , if you are in faith”. Truth , Faith , Hope , Love , they all working together. If you know the real truth , you can not hate the image of God( human ) on this earth. You love everyone , forgive them. You have everlasting hope and your heart is full of life as you are holding to the faith.

Let me know what is your truth? Is it giving you eternal life promise ?

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Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of the Heads Held High


Keep Smiling / Joy is our portion

A very warm welcome to you if you are new here. I am so honoured to have you with me. You are not guest anymore , your home is here. You are my friend , Please comment anytime as I love to hear from you or visit this blog( home )  again. I love the fact we are international friends – different time and place , different background and skin , in different seasons that makes me even more happy. Because you have a story to tell! Please go ahead and have a look around my blog , search any topic is in your heart in my search bar section , there is a lot to discover , go to my book section , visit my quotes panel. Be inspired..

Today, It is in my heart to talk about Joy and Smile. What makes you smile ? What is in your heart that makes your heart have joy even you may be in the storm? Share with me , comment here , ask your friends and loved ones , ask them how they view you.

God loves your smile , But the reality is , these days it is hard to have a smile on face. The broken world putting so much pressure on us and it gives us every reason not to do so. I Confess that I am not that type of person which in every corner of city when I walk do the big smile. I need to have reason to have smile 🙂 . That , which this sinful nature of humanity need to have. A REASON!. But it does not mean I have not have Holy Spirit Joy in me.

When you have an inner joy within you – the outer smile will come anyway.

Specially the enemy of our faith target those they are young. They have less experience of life. Our young people are more depress these days why? Because enemy likes it.  But God says ” I destroy the plan of enemy and I will give you joy “. Jesus says ” Stand up and Arise ” . I learnt that I do not need REASON to have smile . I can smile without any worldly reasons. Jesus my reason to smile. He is my Joy and everlasting life. There is a story in Bible that from last night seat in my heart. Jesus and his disciples were passing a city , People were going to carry a dead young man which he was the only hope of his widow mum. They were carrying a dead hope of his young son. All her smile were fade away and replaced to a big grieve in her heart.  The Pain in her heart was unstoppable. But Jesus was on the way. The life of all humanity.  The real hope.


Jesus came in to the crowed – and said to his broken mum -” Don’t cry”.  Joy is here. He went on and touch and said ” Arise young man “.  God wants us arise and smile in this broken world. He wants to have his joy carrying within us everywhere we go. He is near with us as we carrying his joy and smile every road we are taken. I am content with this. I have more joy in Him. I have more focus in my life – because my gaze is on him and I am not distracted of beauty of this world. It is yours. God is yours. His peace is yours. His love is yours. I don’t lie if I say he knows you by name , I don’t want to fill your heart with a bunch of good words. I am going to be filled with his promises, He is real. Right there with you. Don’t lose your heart and smile , keep going , keep moving friend there is an open door for you right every door is shut. There is a smile for you right the bitterness  of the world is there.

Joy is a portion for those who love God and following Him. And the joy of the Lord is yours. keep smiling.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Review of ‘Bigger Than Me’ book by Ward Brehm

Finally finished reading Bigger Than Me (BTM) book by Ward Brehm. Now here is my humble review of this book.  Brehm has written two books before this one; Life Through a Different Lens (1993), and White Man Walking (2003).

As I am not going talk about his character and other related interpersonal things, it is worth for you to have a check on his wiki page.

His wiki page says a short story of him: Ward Brehm

Brehm got a family , His wife Kris and three grown children: Andy, Mike and Sarah. As Ward main job is not writing, He was a business man working along side helping communities in Africa as two USA presidents gave him this mission to serve Africa. He had a lot of trips to Africa. But in Bigger Than Me book he has captured how the first travel to Africa changed his prospective and view of life. It seemed he was full of everything. It looked like money was not issue – He was making good amount of money as his business grew.

bigger than me

In the middle of a good happy financially growing ( happy life) , Their life has been shaken by his wife , Kris, Been very sick! Cancer came upon Kris, They spent a lot of money – but as the sever of cancer was very demolishing – there were no chance even for surgery. But -It was a huge surgery- they did not give up. They went home and prayed. A day after with the whole this shocking news – they kept praying – until a Doctor has been found to do this sensitive ( life and death surgery on Kris). Brehm did not talk about how this news deeply negatively impact their family – rather He was more emphasising on positive thing of the story. That God is a provider and a healer. That How God is able to heal people even everything seems impossible. In the middle of all full life – Brehm found that earthly and material things of this world are worthless. Indeed they were , because no money was able to save his precious wife , Kris. He was experiencing it,very tough. But God do not test people with sickness and bad things at all. He lose himself  and found by God. He understood that Faith is a hope – an unseen hope.

As I was holding the 27 chapter of his hard copy book- seating on the train, am wondering how big is our God! Brehm was sick of himself , he needed time to restore his relationship with God where he can find his true-self. Bigger Than Me has written very well- But the content it seems are very heaver than the size of book. It is not smoothy readable book, When sometime you read a paragraph , and you are saying to yourself : what he is talking about ? You must read it again. Some quotes are heavy. Chapter to Chapter are different view.  A few chapter He talks about the pain of Kris healing – and a few chapter he talks about his healing and rest of other chapters mix of his sons and Africa and other life experience.

In general it is worth to read it . I do not pick books based on famous authors , But rather base on what is writer have to tell about God , himself/herself and other. Bogger Than me well written book by Ward Brehm has been forwarded by Rick Warren- Need to be mentioned that Brehm also brought a few quotes from Warren. In the end of 240 pages of book, Brehm brought 3 pictures which one of the he stood with President George W,Bush.

” Somehow we’ve brought onto the lie that good life is a showy one, But the greatest adventure come when we stop living for self and what the world says is important- and start living  for thing that really matter.” ( In the back book of Bigger Than Me).

My Rate for this book is 3.7 out of 5.

This is a personal rate , also you may find it better.

If you have read Bigger Than Me – tell us how was it? What rate do you give to it? What chapter most talked to you?

Here you can find how to order and other detail.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


The Garden Of Our Ways!

These days are very special for me. As I am praying for a company change from God. He did answer in the right time with his special way of answering. In our terms and conditions we may see the things good for us. But God has his own way , He has his own term which is perfectly , perfect for us. We make decision with the human fact and our logic won’t be enough compares to our heavenly God decision. We do make decision in the base of what is right or wrong. But God wrap it up with his grace and love, with a wisdom beyond our human mind.

Right in Sydney is raining now! A beautiful rain all we’ve been waiting for. We had a really dry seasons from last year. I am thanking God for this beautiful , peaceful rain. Love this moment specially my favourite cup of tea feels more cosy! I care about you, you are my friend even I do not know you, my vision is to reach you to inspire you, encourage you is my most priority task. You think , I am careless about myself , not at all. If I won’t be in good shape how can I inspire individuals. Inspiring you , it will inspire me. every word I say here will definitely is for me too. I’d like to make here like one-one-one session. Like two lovely friends talk to each other- but I hope you won’t be tired of listening to me.


Where ever you are right now. I pray for you that Love of God overflows in your life. Feelings comes and goes. Our moods will change but God will never change and He is always with you. All of us our needy people. some people more , some people less. What makes us special from others is we are the son of the most high who lives forever. This makes us proud but it is our responsibility to introduce this eternal life to others. Our personal growth is our responsibility more important then that our spiritual growth will help us to know the heart of God. I once was away from it. But slowly slowly by spending more time in prayer and the Word , God changed me inside.

There are a lot of things out there can steal that moment of stillness. Do not allow that to interrupt your intimacy with Father. From business to family. What ever it is . The moments I pray for my future career company – interviews – preparation . God revealed more himself to me and a soft lovely music whispered in my heart ” My grace is sufficient for you ” . I realized , I have the most important [thing] in my life , I am content. God was not stopping my dreams, He was reminding me that ” You HAVE ME , Means you have everything ” , all other things are temporarily and He will provide with a blink of eyes everything I need and I asked for. Have you thought twice in the below word?

” in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. ” [ Proverbs 3 : 6]

It was the matter of submission and being humble. Trust whatever he chooses for me will be beneficial for my life. Even the ways looks like narrow and impossible. My task was an act of obedience not less then that! It is like saying ” God I am blind ” you take my hand and lead me to the right path. The only thing I can do those moments offering my heart of gratitude to Him. Acknowledging Him is not a shame. It is an open-heart decision. In health and sickness. In prosperity and poverty. In gladness and grieves. The question is here am I willing to submit my ways to Him? Jesus submit His ways to Father. He is an example for us. Let us look after ‘ the garden of our ways ‘ and let Him do the trimming and smart in appearance inside and outside.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of the Heads Held High / Check my books section


The Story of M.. is the Story of Jesus.

OOOps other way around ! the story of Jesus is the story of Mine.. M M M .. Capital M . ME. The story of Miracle is the story of Jesus.

Every one trying to give his/her own idea- If you believe it than you are looking to it in on way! If I am sharing anything here to you know – it is limited into my own world experience only. I am work in progress still. I may know how to drive but I am not know how to ride a horse. So I am so willingly waiting to know your story in your situation , in your city and country which I do not know what it is like to!  This is were Jesus’ story comes in. Jesus healed sick people – He perused Father’s will to be done and shared beautiful love of Him on the earth. But How come this story was so loudly which went to end of the earth ?

If your story strong enough may be loud it to your city – if you novel it; may sound it through country , if it is pretty famous than go through couple of countries and than through whole earth- but may after a few years be forgotten! But what is the story of Jesus remained remarkable after 2000 years plus still a fresh love story. It is not about creating a new own world for yourself to reach there- It is a bout a personal encounter with Him. It is about reality truth ! If it was not real – it should not be survived till now! Because Jesus himself comforts his own followers with love and compassion even there is no evidence to prove it.  Even in the mix of pain and suffering still His followers , following Him without expecting Him more to give. Takes it more; even his loves one need desperately a miracle for healing; crying out to God but nothing happen , Still they are following Him lovingly with seeking face. What is the story of this?


Grace is the story of redemption. It is God’s world which has been stolen by sin. I am here to have victory over it. God’s word is enough to comfort me even there is no voice of Help. Years after years , getting older and older; looking for purpose and meaning; But right there my story begins when ” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ” Yes your story and my story begins with Genesis 1 : 1 . If we are killing someone , we are killing our own ones. We are in one Family , created by One God in forms of Father , Son and the Holy Spirit. Our story is His Story , because Our journey starts when “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ” We did not know where to start he knew and he had a great plan for it. My purpose is to testify His name here , there and everywhere! 

My ” meaning ” is to live a life of honour for Him- I am belong to Him and he is mine. He created me to live for Him. I have no other world except His world. I have no other idea and opinion to makes me doubt of ” my home heaven “.  He made me complex and gives me simple Grace. My own choice do not make me better – I will align it with Father’s will; that make it better for me. I enjoy life – live in it freely. I Help others , love them and forgive them. I receive the hurt and pour it out to God’s feet and He gives me strength to endure it. Because He knows one day we will be with Him forever. My teacher gave his life for this story – the story of redemption and freedom. I heard a thousands gave their life – after a while I heard millions of people gave their life to this story. The story of Jesus. Why Cannot I live in righteousness ? Why Cannot I live in peace , love and freedom?

I have decided to make change – A huge change not inside of me – but people around me even there is a lot other stories seems to stole mines one! My story is the real one because it is the story of Jesus- A heavenly story. A story of true healing and redemption. My repentance accelerate much better everyday. Not the word of my mouth only but the word of my heart evidently changed for a better. That makes me be more genuine and faithful. I peruse it to awesomeness. In every daily activity of my life –  home to school ,  home to work , Home to shopping , in the car , on the way .. In everything – My story is the story of miracle of Jesus in my life.



Now and forever.




Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Serving the Living God




Living now

You are loved before creation of this world you are living now. Who said you are useless ? I am sure it is not the one whom called you for a good plan. It is us we can make this decision to treasure his word in our heart. The Life you have now it is not yours but the One who made you to be here! Feeling and experience are two different things. When we make mistakes and do the things we do not want it. It does not mean we are deserve the grace of God. His grace for everyone. His glorious richness of presence. He is not far. He is so close to you , so near . He said Seek me you will find me. Right here I am typing these words and right there you are reading it . God knows your heart deeply better than yourself. He can change your life in a second. The beauty of this life is in Him.

He is light.  100% pure Love of Him is yours. Pray , Seek , Pray Seek ..

You know He is so much involved of your details of your life. Leave all to Him. Leave your worries, Leave your troubles , Leave your sickness , Leave your doubts , leave your weakness , leave your pain and tears , Leave ALL to Him who is Able and Mighty.

Make clear the air of your life with a clean life of freshness in Him. It does not matter from where you come from , It does matter you repent and back to Him. Here is the simple formula. Call upon name of Jesus – weather you feel it or not.


He never leave you. He is with you. A good friend of life which brought you from death to Life. A new life with Him. Full of Joy and peace.

Do not hesitate , All things are here tempo , the sickness , the happy times , the sadness , the moments all will parish . But His presence will never leave you. He Loves You.

Say it with me :

Thank you Jesus that you are with me, Thank you that you brought me back to a beautiful life with you, a real meaningful one. You are not like those friends watching from distances to see what happens when I am in trouble but You are so close to me , loving me and protecting me. What can I offer you? I have nothing except a broken heart. You given me Life today. Thank you Jesus


I am little bird learning to fly, I am not in the cage of condemnation.  any more, the word of God came to me and said ” Therefore , There is Now no condemnation those in Christ Jesus “.



Dariush Youkhaneh

Books I am reading now

This is good. When you share with people the good things. I am reading these days ‘ The case for miracles by Lee Strobel ‘ . It is a nice book to read.

I am in half through the book and till now I can say the book is interesting , fascinating books. I know what my God can do but it is always wondaful to hear and know how God worked and works in others’ people life.

He started the book by brining couple of small miracles in people’s life. Than He interviewed people there.

He brought a case against Miracle and slowly slowly explain about that. He flow to couple of city to have this interview with those people.


Another thing I need to tell you that , Which I am not sure you are aware of it or not. I am mostly updating daily post on my Instagram post #hhhigh. Please follow @hhhigh_blog. Now about 2160 followers plus and I have 175 posts till now I am typing up. Please go ahead and follow me there to get everyday inspiring posts.


The two other book , I have not started yet , they are slept on my desk right now . One is Bigger Than Me by Ward Brehm which forwarded by Rick Warren and other one is Everybody Always by Bob Goff. I will definitely going to put the reviews on this blog to give you more insightful views of the books. If you have read them why not left a comment here and let me know how was it? and we can have conversation for it.


Hope today’s post was helpful for you.


Talk to you soon

Dariush Youkhaneh



Raising Time

” If you are not particularly excelling at something, remember that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Before you learn how to succeed you must first learn how to fail.

Before you gain something you must first give something.

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, it is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, Me, no one, is going to hit you as hard as life but life ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how wining is achieved.

Do not live life like everyone else;  be your own person, live your own life like no one else ever has. There is only one Michael Jordan, there is only one Muhammad Ali , there is only one YOU.

Life is not about being perfect, it’s about putting in effort and brining that effort every single day. That’s where transformations ha[[end, that’s how change occurs.  ” – From Nicholas ( AIME mentee) Mentoring , The Key to a fairer world  Page 146.

There is so many things ahead that we have not discovered yet in life. I brought to you the above inspiring words from Nicholas who is a aboriginal in Australia. There are a lot of truth in Nichola’s words. But It is not enough to stop there. Inspiring words are not enough we need to live in it. We won’t be happy most of the times that is a reality in our life. WE need to experience this life which has given us as a gift. You are saying I have not choose to be here but you got a choice how to live it. Doing life alone is miserable and hard but that won’t be like this anymore because we have a God who predestined our story. 


God says ” You did not choose me , I choose you and appointed  you  “. When we have been died to our own world , ugly and beaten in our own way , He called us friend and loved. We have been positioned from a slave to a friend, From homelessness to a safe lovely home. This is a reminding trig to ourselves to love ourselves and others. When I am rescued than I am able to rescue someone else. Now , we are dependence on Him.

After transformation we realise the life we have now , it is not ours anymore but for whom appointed us to be here. When he lives , we live too. The good news for all of us is He lives forever and  we reign and live with Him.

But God did not stop there he also gives us mission to bring others to this eternal life by bring forth fruit. Yes , Failing is a part of learning. I am so happy to be here and enjoy the life I have. Be proud to who I am and where I go! The reality is now you are adopted as sons and daughters of God. No longer salves of desire of this selfish world but joyfully and peacefully in His arms to do his will according his glorious word.

Walking with God changes me inside deeply and makes me stronger than before. Pushing a desire of to know him more. In this world of mechanic and media and technology – I am focusing on Him to remove all these distractions around me that they are wanting to robe my peace and love in Him. Our young people need to learn How they trust in Him , They need to know that where they came from. The need to pray and read and hide the word of God in their hearts and live it well. In a society where there is no name of God – there will be no need of God. He said ” I will be found by YOU “. I am appointed but do I know my position in Him or this world stealing me from Him.


Jesus said ” I have told you these things “. He told us before that would trouble for us in this world , it is time to raising up and be an example generation to come. How can we forgotten his goodness and kindness to our ancestors. How can we forgotten the believe they had to our living God. Let not the comfort of this life rob you and me from his plan and purpose.

We have to confront ourselves. Do we like what we see in the mirror? And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay – and rise! ” – Maya Angelou 

Yes says the Spirit they are blessed indeed , for they will rest from their hard work, for their deeds will follow them ” – Revelation 14 : 13

Tough times are always there – let me and you approach it as a learning platform. To gain be a better person. They are there to not killing you but to make us strong. Let’s change our mindset and give everything to God by prayer. Let’s declare it LOUD and CLEAR – CRY OUT to Him by his Spirit.

Billy Graham well said ” When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.”


It is a raising up time. Rise and Shine

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




Be awake

We are humans. We fall in love . We break the rule . We make the laws. We love . We hate. We fail . We joy . We feel and touch . We see the beauty and We create the ugly.

Indeed. What is going on inside world of humans. Why some are selfish and Why others so good like angels? As the study of humanity is a great philosophy. We quickly adopt our self to a new environment. We learn how to drive but miserable sometimes to love our neighbours. Indeed , Who are we? A complicated existent! We learn how to speak still we can not spell the real love! I am brining these things that makes us pay more attention that who we are!

If you are young – may you find this difficult to grasp , The concept of being. because still you are busy to know where you are right now. Or may you are busy with your exams. That’s Awesome . Keep doing what you are doing.  Go ahead and read till end this post and in the right time you will understand what do I mean.

My existence is to love others deeply. To be kind to people around me and ultimately everyone. I know there is always someone out there misuse you and try to take advantage. My advise is to stay away and evaluate where you are! If you look at Jesus’s life on the earth. He was always around . Pray and heal and go to another location. Because he was doing what he meant to do. What mission do we have today to follow. What we are doing is it pleasing our creator?


One of many differentiations of human and animals is ‘conscience’. Some people pay attention to it – some not. It is very important for you and me to know what is right and just and good to our soul. We need to feed it right and well. Although that related to our culture to – to the family we grow up – to our characteristic . Today we make peace and tomorrow we fight and after tomorrow we reconcile. If God is good to all – we need to be good to all too. Jesus said love everyone. Oh how hard it is. This teaching is so hard. How can I love my enemy , those did bad to me. How can I love my classmate whom did bully. How can I love my parents those left me behind. How can I ? You can make a long list of it.  But God message is simple for your conscience – He says to it ; you love them , you forgive them and I am with you.  In Luke 6 : 27 says ” Love your enemies “.

Past world needed love. Current world need Love. Tomorrow’s world will need love.

My dear friend the ancient Greek formed it in 8 types of Love.  What we are not recognising today is love. We need to grow in Love. We need to understand what is love- a real love is deep and complete in God. We need to be content what we have and inspire each other in Love . Be motivated that we still alive and can love someone out there.

I was out there and I saw an old lady with a full trolley and I asked her kindly that allow me to help her out.  Ask someone may they need your help , be with someone may they need your presence, Know someone may you will be a blessing to them.  A real love is not ugly it may be strong but it always wants good for others.  We see even Bible says Love is greatest. Stay young with loving others. Whoever you face today or tomorrow – who knows you may love an angel! I know the best is yet to come. I know you are good because you have been created from a good good God.

Be awake for Love.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

He Won’t!

God has been good to me. I do not know about you. I feel it. I see it and in everyday in my life a new blessing is prepared. In my quietest moment He has been my hero and cleanse me completely from my desire. Psalms says ” I will always look to You “.  Season in and season out , Day and night .. I am here to Praise you my God. People using different technic to keep themselves happy. There is one real God who gives you enough peace to have joy in you. There is a lot of choices out there , but with a shout I say : You are my choice Lord .

I do not hold on the light of this world but the real light in me which Jesus Christ my saviour has been given me.

Each year we are getting older , In some of us there is a hate when our birthday roll in- Time is short and we are spending where? When mind can not tackle the reality and a real love is a rare these days. Who can see and touch a real love when hatred and war flaming every one us. With all my heart, I will celebrate, and I can safely rest even may my heart beating fast still I am able to say “Hallelujah”. I will happily sitting at your right hand Jesus and tell you my all story and you count them as blessing for me, You have shown me the path to life.

Sometimes we forget how much is important a heart of gratitude. A heart of gratitude is filled with awe and kindness. What is matter these days ? Love , patience , kind , faith and hope. Which one do we need most? I am here like you ;” learning to run safely in love ” But a small voice of Holy Spirit makes me free and I say like Nehemiah ” Oh Lord, God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps his covenant of unfailing love with those who love him and obey his commands “.


God won’t be bother of loving you. He won’t be tired of helping you ; because his love is unfailing and unconditional.

I taste this and I am saying you as my experience shown me. He was always look after me, even may in a short time I went on my own way – He even saw me when I was in darkness. But How good he is – like lost son waiting for His son to return home. Rich or poor – all of us needs his presence. I am wondering where are you at? I pray you always be found in peace and at feet of Jesus Christ to receive forgiveness and newness. We are here to experience this love on the earth. A heavenly love that wash us over again and again. He loves you as you are. He never will be bother of loving you. Because you are created in His image. Me and you , are ; likeness of God to do what we needed to do for him.

He won’t be.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Review of “Love like you have never been hurt!”

This review is only for first chapter! of ” LOVE LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN HURT “

Normally I do not mention or put any review from other books. But I need to confess that this book is so different of others. It is something powerful- honesty in it that will attract you.

Jentezen Franklin always have been my inspirational pastor. He speaks from his heart. Recently , He just finished his book called ” Love like you have never been hurt “.


His book will release on 6 March 2018. He released first chapter as free. And you can read it here.

As I have finished reading the first chapter, this book is so different from other books he has written. He has so much more life and grace experience. I am going to talk deep about it here further. He put his story in it beautifully with an honest word. It is like He is setting in front of you and pouring out his heart and hurt. Yes , He has been hurt severely. Which I assume it is not separated from all of us. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but that shows your strong and brave to move forward.



Introduction starts nicely with an old proverb. The story of how a dog be loyal when you treat the dog well. I am not sure what he was pointing exactly but it seems it is about life and us.  He gives you small bite of his story  , Cherise ; His wife  is with him long the end of chapter one. I am sure we are going to see her name all over that book. Now in the main story, He is telling us his real challenges. “Life gets real! ” He mentioned. 

Mostly , He talks about His struggle with his marriage – I mean 100 percent of chapter 1 is about how they had really sever life test. Their little young teenage girl hanged out with wrong crowed. One day Him and Chersie drove down – 3 hours about to her university and took her out of that circle. 

It seems the name of book taken from a verbal communication from other people. As he mentioned ” I heard someone told me love like you have never been hurt “. He Nicely pushes us to whatever struggle we us , we need to TRUST. 

Lisa Bever Commented on this book and She said ” A profound message on the power of unconditional love . A must-read ” 

The questions is here. Why Jentezen sharing his personal life struggle with us. Everyone of us in any degree have own challenges. He even shared ” His arguing ” side with his child. The most close answer it would be ” Love “. A father is a father when puts everything first for his child.

My recommendation :

This book is perfect for those family they have teenage kids at home. With this in mind also great for those they do not have any children.


Go to His book page :


Dariush Youkhaneh



A Noble Girl!

Today is in my heart to encourage the young ladies. Who may feel small and not being seen by anybody. I am going to tell you some great secret about you and your heart may overflow with Joy.
Bible says : A woman of noble character who can find?

It says in continue She is worth far more than rubies. Let me before to explain and see what our thoughts will say about that – let us understand what is a noble character ?
I will start with my life. from a man prospective I am always looking for a girl of my life to be noble. There is so much in that simple word need to be said. Who is noble girl or woman? Also you can judge me with that as well! You may say where is the noble man around? But I am going to talk about a noble girl. Who is generous , humble , princess. A girl noble does not mean MUST be so beautiful to be attractive. Not at all. For me it will never be that option- However because all human sight is in their eyes – they see in the first look and judge through that. I hope I have never done that much. A noble girl has a strong character. It is interesting for me , I have never met so many girl with a strong character. What do I mean by strong? It means they strong in attitude. I don’t mean strong in muscles. Look at this what bible says :
In proverbs 31 : 17
She sets about her work vigorously;
    her arms are strong for her tasks.
But it seems point it out she is also spend a lot of energy and effort to work be done perfectly. What it is says her arms are strong, means they are strong the work or task of life be done. She is not scare or have any fear of future. Why? Because she knows and trust her God and she does what she does. Not thinking what will happen tomorrow. Where can I find a good girl ? In the house of God? In a busy street? In a club? In a school or university? Where ever we find them, you need have the noble character carry with you.
In proverbs 31 : 25 says :
She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come.
Are strength and dignity your part of your daily life. Do you have a great hope for the days to come. Or are you girl busying yourself with a wasteful time people. Respect all. But what are boys looking for? Is it not a noble girl? I am not saying Naïve. You should be smart but cloth yourself with a dignity attitude of love to everyone. You know what are your limitations. what is right and wrong.
Your word need to be full of wisdom and understanding. And if you are in  a negative environment you turn it to a positive and loving caring with the help of Holy Spirit. Why? Because your God is an ‘ able ‘ God. He can do impossible and so you can. Think about that what Jesus would do if this and that happen? You are full of Love and caring for people. You work hard and know how to rest in God everyday. Laziness ! there is no place for it. You girl!! always looking how to help people and give without expectation of returning. You are favourite in the eyes of God. I love it!
You are worth more than you can imagine. You are wise. Your tongue bless others by telling the truth. You are beautiful inside out. Who is the noble girl? Whom have fear of the Lord. Any man going to praise you. Because you have all the original quality of what God says in the bible. You are not a product but a beautiful creature made for Love and care.
In proverbs 31: 29 says to you:
“Many women do noble things,
    but you surpass them all.”
Yes. You are. Keep Heads Held High. You are the one made wonderfully and beautifully. Before the creation of the World God intended to made you beautiful for all humanity. So keep your spirit up and be lift up and rise and shine everyday noble girl of God. I love you because you are a noble woman of God.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Where can I start?

Hoooryyyy! I am so happy back again to write for you guys. I miss you all.


From where I can start. Let me apologise for not encouraging you for past 2 weeks. By this post you will realize I have a legitimate excuse to no being able to come here. I have a lot to say. I have been through a lot.  From my Flu to Australian plebiscite.

I am just a person walked though fire but not burned. I am just like plant be trampled on the ground. Stuck between two worlds, hanging my opinion in the balcony of my silent mind. God knows.


Before unfolding my thoughts , I would like to invite you to download my all ebooks for FREE. Because of the limited time , I want you to download it and read it in proper time. I promise and guarantees those eBooks will lift you up and inspire you.

3 books are ready for download are


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We had a picnic 13 August 2017, Altogether it was a good time to cut the cake because of 2 birthdays . Hanna, daughter of our church friends turned 4 and me, which offcourse I turned older. Before Sunday 13 we had gathering of prayer and encouraging on Friday. All birthdays are wishes under lips and heart and there is hope to come true soon. In about 1 year I am turning in Jesus earthly age.

We came back home – I went work tomorrow… On Wednesday I got runny nose and coughing at work, I finished my shift and I came home with all fever , headache and trembling body. I couldn’t even walk . Arrived home – whole family got Flu! Open my red eyes with an infected body of virus. Sometime even you cannot breathe well. Anyway, I Immediately texted my boss I am not going to be in tomorrow and after tomorrow.

I am like ..


God help us!

In another hand, I got an email from our pastor to vote about same sex marriage plebiscite in Australia.

Australia passing the darkest days , these days. It will be unknown persecution to the body of Christ in Australia , not only to people of Christ , Also it will be a huge bad hit to family union , to the society , to our generation in school! If you do not know in this case , Somehow Australia government stuck to legalize same sex marriage or not and these days are the hot speech in parliament house , also Australia government spend $122 Million dollar to send a paper survey sending to home of people to vote. ( Although it is not really important, if politician can say no even Australian says yes). But I urge my fellow Australian blogger enrol and vote , do it according to your conviction in Christ , Bible clearly says how a healthy and proper relationship would be! This sickness came from darkness and can not sallow the light , But light has more power and break even it seems the darkness win. We are called to be light in the darkness world. Whatever is your circumstance now , I declare it in Jesus name , your situation , your problem , your trial , your hardship has NO power because There is NO other name except the Name of Jesus Christ. BE FREE RIGHT NOW. There is no bondage can hold you because you are child of KING of KINGS. There is no idea and opinion or philosophy is able or can separate us from your TRUTH Lord.

Oh , Lord we do not want to be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah. We do wicked things without knowing that is really not pleasing you! We bring it under love umbrella. Now dear Father look at your children in this beautiful land, have mercy and do not let us to be burnt in our wicked things. Awake us , awake your people. Were is prophet , where is your men we can turn to? It is only you God , we can come and the really answer is you. Send your angels but this time not for destroying but for rebuilding God. Where is the  brotherly love  , where is the sisterly love , where is your hand Holy Spirit?

Are you not that God led your nation Israel and crossed them from huge red sea? Are you not that God , Promised Abraham ” for the sake of ten , I will not destroy it. “. Let 10 prophet of you, Jesus arise in this nation and build it again and all these wicked things be away from your people. Till , we are waiting of your return , perhaps 10 past generations been waiting for you but still you are watching and your spirit is hovering over the earth.

I am celebrating this life.  

I know there is much more. With Faith. I know there is much more even people confused what the real love is. In our imperfectness , He is perfect. In our mix-judges heart , He is just. In our mix-light and dark world He is brighter than anything white like snow.


I will dance with all pain.

I give thanks to you Lord , Rise up , O God and defend your cause.


My food for all these days was Chicken soup and water J . So Pray for me and our family to get recovered soon J . I love you !

 3 urgency prayer :





I will write more once I get better. Do not forget to download the book. Let me drink water;)  and take a nape



Love ya More

Dariush Youkhaneh

Faith is Colourful.

..The life I now live in the body, I live by FAITH in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave himself for me.

Faith is not a motion or emotion. It is a real thing we deal. If you believe it heart fully it will take you to next step. So why these days we do not see much the real faith around, because there is no genuine believe in it even, our self-conscious are not active and sincerely believe it. So what is the reason of it? The short answer would be : comfort and not whole heart surrendering everything to Him, to another word not believing in unseen or the things we can not see.

When we ask something we need to believe it to happen for us and there would be no doubt and hesitation or not going to happen. 100% your heart , your soul and your mind must believe that will happen. To satisfy your mind; it is up to you to fix it up , Tell your mind be silent and listen to heart to believe it. Because doubt is like a wave in the sea takes you anywhere. You believe in Jesus Right? You believe in His Name Right? So now you are asking things like from Son to Father. You and I need to believe our Father is able and can make us new. This needs our faith to be colourful. Faith in healing , Faith in word , Faith in Jesus , Faith in better things ahead , Faith that He is able.

Let’s think about this. If my Faith can change me , the things and people around me , why not to taste it and believe my Father( God ) is powerful. There are so many example in the Bible about Faith from Moses and Joshua to Paul and Jesus.

Faith is a lovely Mum’ sing – La La La – for her kid, Faith is a really honest and genuine friend that will never let you down. It is a beauty of blue ocean. It is a lovely tree that will bring in all four seasons all kind of fruit. It is a sun will shine in your life.


Faith is colourful in the black and white world.

John [3:36] says ” Whoever believes in the Son has eternal Life.. ” so Faith has an everlasting attribute to attach. If you and I just believe , How our world will change. Believe in Him not in our limited ability. Faith in His powerful wisdom not in our limited understanding. It will not take you back , it will push you forward. Faith looks the best in people and change their life forever and ever.

The first channel is to believe in the Blood of Son. You are gone 80% of the way. Believe in the Holy Spirit and Father , you are gone 99% of the way. The 1% is believe in You. That you are made in the image of God and your likeness of Him now.

John [3:18] says ” Whoever believes in him is not condemned..” and ” Whoever believe in me , as scripture has said,

rivers of living water will flow from within them”

This river is within you, and will overflow gratefully. It will bring life and peace to you and people around you. It will supernaturally provide all sort of needs on the earth. It will heal us. It will revive us.

The problem most of us is , we so much flash-back. People are healed still go back and talk about how miserable I was. Testimonies are good in a better way to encourage others. But some of us till living in past – there is a better future are ahead if we only believe and have faith God can do great things ahead. Lets talk about the beauty of heaven and future . Lets sing praise and good news of Christ. Lets speak life to each other. Lets make decision and this pain and suffering will be away by the Faith in the Son of God.

” Go” , Said Jesus, ” your faith has healed you “..[Mark 10:52a]


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Aiming for 500 Followers!

November 24 2016 I was celebrating 100 Followers. Now I am celebrating 200+ faithful followers. 7 Months may would be a long time- I am aiming for it by the help of my brave followers make it 500 by the end of this year!

Every word is written on this blog are genuine from my heart to you – to speak to you directly. Not playing two faces game. Not joggling and playing with words. But all came from my experience of life and God. I won’t convince you there is a God, I wont push you to believe what I believe but I stand with you and encourage to your best. My Father in heaven wont like to force people either take away their own choice. He made you free and you have a choice to choose!

Because he breathed in you , you made in his image. You can use this potential to make it reality. May the world blame you , but eventually they will realise how much was important the heaven things on the earth and we ignore it. There is no meaning life without God. There is no reality without God. All things made by Him.

+hhhigh on 200+ followers

I am extremely thankful to this God. Thank you to you with your presence make this blog better and useful for others. But please , It is not finished yet! You know this blog speaks to your heart , and you know someone there need to hear and read that. Why not re-blogging – why not give this blog suggestion to your friend , brother , family , sister and whoever need to be here with us. We are a big Family 201 member in one family. The bigger family is , the bigger love we have.

Let’s make it public.

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Am I doing for my boast! Never. Let who boast , boast only in Him.

There is ONE fountain in your life, That is God!

God’s plan are not hidden or a mystery in your life. They all in your day to day life. Rich or poor , strong or weak – all of us be measure with same grace.

One God, One Faith , On hope and One love – So keep your head held high.

Thank you for making this blog your home-blog-reading page.

If you want to contribute with me and like to share your life , faith and experience please let me know( send the form in contact page ). I would love to work with you along side to encourage others.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions , feedback , any comment to make this blog a better one for you.


Your kind

Dariush Youkhaneh

Made in His Love

Everything made by His love. There are no things that He was not mindful of. In Him we have been formed in His beautiful love. His love purify higher than any fire. His love is a super-fire heavenly realm. But with all his holiness and greatness He came for me to rectify my sinful nature and cover it with his blood. The only ‘ Word ‘ , The only true ‘ Love ‘ came for me to give His fullness to my mortal body and to be alive in the wings of grace.

With His Love he created everything. By His love he loved me. By His love he rescued me. By His love He gave me life and light full of grace and truth.

John says :

“From the Fullness of His grace (and Love) we received one blessing after another ” John 1 : 16

I’m grateful that my God never change his mind , He is blessing me day after day . God is blessing my city , I am so thankful that His love is over my family, friend, household, and my country. I am melt and went to trillions downs with his depth love of Him. The fam of His love is billions way away famous, even though my tears knows how to cry for Him. Who is this love ?


“LOVE do not measure the things, it will purify it like FIRE”

His love shines in the darkness , but the darkness will not understand it at all. You can describe his love in nature , you can see his love within you by the power of the Holy Spirit. You are made in His exact image. YOU ARE LOVE as GOD IS LOVE.

The scripture reminds us that our creator is full of love and grace. Jesus’ message is all about love. He said the true love ‘ I am ‘. I am going to full you with this, if you only believe me. If you believe in me ( in love) you will have eternal life. When I know I made in Love why not taking time and loving back those around me without expectation. We can make our broken world better with loving each other., with forgiving each other. There is no wrong to say sorry but you have an opportunity to learn a new thing. So your past mistake , your present mistake not one inch reduce his Love towards you. Be strong God’s love is always within active it with an act of love toward yourself and someone around you. You are so much closer to His love you think. Go in his presence with a simple pray and have experience how much he loves you simply.

Pray with me:

Father , I am created in your image, take me to a place that I realize how much love you put into me to know you more. Simply , wonderfully and fearfully you made me to be like you. Help me to love you more. Help me to love your people more. Help me to know you more. Your Love is incredible for me. Thank you.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




Like a soft rain – pouring out in my heart. Like a warm flame in the winter , like a whisper to my soul. Holy Spirit the friend of mine – Who makes me whole. He is the meaning of my life! I am astonished without Him. He is unbelievably beautiful. Such an awesome God. He is like a green forest of peace for me.  He is like a calm deeper than oceans.

He is very sensitive-strong spirit. In the moment you confess Jesus as your saviour – He will come and dwell in you. He is a really good mate. He is every where with you. In the light of the day – and in the day dark of the night!

When I am speechless – He speaks behalf of me. When I am sleep – He awakes me up. When I am lost – He directs me to path.


I am so thankful to this good mate of mine – who was , who is God. When I walk in the darkness – He is my light. When I am heavy with the pain of the world , He is there for me. He is my helper right here.

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity. He is the bonding element. This bonding is a wonderful effect of faith in Christ. It is creative. It brings about a new kind of oneness not even known in the closest of earthly families.”
― Reinhard Bonnke, Faith: The Link with Gods Power

The Spirit of Truth – The Holy Spirit . I am grateful Lord for the Holy Spirit , For Jesus Christ your son. I am praying for the fire of the Holy Spirit come upon to us. Come and cleanse us and pure our heart and make us new . Let us have joy in you more and more. Touch our hearts – Touch our minds and souls . How good you are? I love you because you are Holy and you do not see the things the way we see. You see us different . Before the creation of the world you loved us.


Oh Holy Spirit…

full me with the fullness of your spirit!

” O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams. ” -Saint Augustine

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts1:8

Me and you , are witnesses of God.

We receive the power of the Holy Spirit. To do what?

1- Do and believe in possible

2-  Personal conviction

3- Miracles

4- Live a life of peace and love

5- Source of Hope and Faith

6- The light and being salt

7- Discern the Spirits

8- Bold and brave in Jesus

9- having a pure and genuine  heart

10- standing for Others

11- Spread the gospel and win souls to Christ

12- being a witness

I am going to trust the Holy Spirit. Because  I need him everyday. He leads me the best way I should go. My mind , my soul and my heart all will be ready to listen to his beautiful voice.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





I want to walk with You

I am in love with you- I want to walk with you everyday- every moment and second. I am keen to see you- Because you are the only one i can trust in! Yes – You stay forever with me. Even i am broken and lose everything. Even in my happiest times – you are there and cheering me up. From your presence where can go? You are everywhere! You were watching me when i was child , you were watching me when i was a teenage – you were watching me when i was stepping to unknown.

I want to walk with you like Adam did. I want to enter to the real garden of relationship with you and shout HOSANA , HOSANA! I do not want to take the fruit of sin – I was foolish enough. Grace I need now! Your beautiful love and mercy. Your hand empowers me to be still. I want you to grab my hand like you did to Peter when i am falling and drawing in the sea of my world- You are there again – Telling me  ” walk with me dear “.

I acknowledge you in all my trembling way. I serve you with dignity and loyalty. I know the world i am living in now , it is not loyal to me- But you are always loyal .


When i walk with you:

1- My head held high – My shames all gone

2- My identity found

3- My security accepted

4- I am loved and beautiful

5- I am in peace

6- I am in heaven on the earth

7- I am going to be like You

I am not hiding from you anymore. Because like a fish i am into your sea of presence. In the ocean of greatness. The word i can not find to define . Hand to hand going to walk with you around. Open my eyes to see your beauty more. My guitar can not play a song more beauty than your song. I am here now! to be with you- kiss all the way your heavenly peace and love! I am burning into your holy place – subjecting to reign with you. Pointing to the holy city of the Jerusalem. Shaking off all my dusty human and holding the word of God in my heart and take the light in darkest places – declaring HOLY HOLY it is HIS Name .

Where – When _ What , All be created in one word ” WALK” . To walk with you in all steps of my flesh life- to reach to you.


” Those who walk with God , always reach their destination ” – Henry Ford

Walking with God is a learning process – it is an obedience. Before walking i need to know who i am walking with – and how much he has power – who is walking with me. If i only realise the king of kings – the creator of everything walking with me. Than probably my prospective will change. Even , when i am walking through fire . I know who is with me.

Let start now to learn how to walk with God.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Freed of myself

I do not need any reason to do good because i need to be accepted. I do not need to live a life of that others have to accept it. I am not going to be others. I learnt to live a life of love. When i was introduced to myself – I was slowly dragged myself from out of the presence of God to a world of me. That it does not necessarily means i am free. I did not know that to be me it means I need to be in Him. But I learnt it. Although i was beating by it. It was a sense of God making me a new figure.

I thought the word of ‘enjoy’ means , the things in the world will make me happy. But I learnt enjoy means to enjoy God. To be with Him.

The lack of knowledge can not drag me down of  ‘myself’. Because my reality it is defined in Him. When i am in God _ He is giving me ‘ the true of me ‘. David knew that and he says : “Enjoy the Lord ” . It means taking us not seriously and free ourselves of the things of the world.  It means simply enjoy the simple of you and let your personality grows in Him, Not by the criteria of this world instead by desire of God.

I know the reality is so real and tangible.


But ‘the true of me’ is found in the Spirit not in the flesh.  

When my wishes and dreams are lined with the heart of God- then i can say like David ” and he will give what your heart asks “. I will enjoy every moment of me { yes even in hard times} becasue i choose to be in Him. I choose to accept my mistakes and failures. I choose to not letting unforgiveness have any place in my heart. I choose to love others . I choose to be in peace with Him in Christ. I choose wherever i would be , i will glorify Him.

When i commit my life to Him , He will act!  

Am i a professional worker ? am i a simple worker? I will commit it to him everything i do.

You and me , made to freed ourselves the things of the world are trying to stick on us. They labeled us unfaithful , they labeled us crazy . They labeled us unmodern and fool, direct and indirect. I am proud in my God. I am proud and enjoy in Him. I am single-minded not narrow-minded .  I love them continuously. Because i know one day ‘ the true of ourselves ‘ will be shown obviously. That is what David says:

” and will make your righteousness shine like the dawn,
    your justice like high noon. “

I am going to reflect this. I am going to live in this. Who is in me is bigger than any other out there.  How do i find this ? By :

” Be still before the Lord,
    and wait for him. ” 

Live , Wait  and Trust :  these are good for your soul.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Read : Psalm 37

New Heaven | New Earth

As i am laying down on my bed – Thinking about how would be look like a new earth. I love bible. It is pointing right the best thing ever.  It takes you in another place. It is a real dream which one day come true.

Revelation 21

Do you know there would be no sea  like we have on earth – more than 65 % of this earth is covered with water. Huge seas around. I was thinking about it- it would be impossible  to have no sea in our new life- But when i go to read further , i learned more about it. Jesus himself is the source of living water. There will be no need any other water. John saw and testified this :

“I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. ”


So it is obvious – our future new life in Christ – It would not like the current heaven and earth we see now. It would be completely new! Not only in appearance also in quality . What i mean by that? It means it will be a Holy city. The Holy word in this century it has no meaning or it is so heavy for most people. Anyway i am not going to explain about the holy word.  But i need to understand and take it slowly to receive the message. John said I have seen the Holy City coming down on the earth, out of heaven.

“And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.”

After , new Jerusalem ( the people of God ) came down. All the souls of Heavenly father will come and gather in it. This time Christ himself will be the centre and the kind king of kings, He is going to be the source of love and grace and light in the city. Now those they are in city  are not belong to a strange world . They are belong to Him. It is look like there will be a awesome and beautiful relationship between sons and daughters of God with Himself. They are listening to Him. They know Him and God know them. He is their loving shepherd forever. When he is their God , there will be no sorrow and pain and tears anymore. People are out of all their bandages . Because sin has no meaning in the new heaven and earth.

So, John keeps dreaming and saying us ” the house of God it will be in humans “. God going to live with them. But before going to do that , he needs  to :

“Behold, I am making all things new.”

There will be no rich or poor. less or more. Tears or pain.crying or mourning. Right there God wearing you white cloth in obedience, You rejoice in peace and bless .Dance in grace and mercy. The Spirit of God is visible every where.

 And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.”

Who can make all things new! Our God can do. As a bride we are waiting for that day. The church ( people of God) waiting for Jesus. I AM WAITING TO BE WITH HIM. I know there is joy in his presence. That time i am going to grasp the real meaning of love.being me and Jesus.

“To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.”

I receive the living water of life from Him- He is so generous to me.I love him not only he is preparing me for new heaven and earth – also i am experiencing him right now in my earthly life. I AM SO THANKFUL HE FOUND ME.



written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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Life is like a soap!

Handmade soaps are so amazing . They are in top niche of your beauty stuff. Handmade soap  made of vegetable oils and butters that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy skin. Not only that they cleanse your skin and help to keep your skin nice and fresh.

But what i mean by life is like a soap. May you never heard this concept before. I brought to you this because you need to know something about life that are similar to a ” soap “. With all benefits of a soap . with all good and great things in a soap. It is one day going to be finished. But as life slowly slowly as much as we spend the time , it is  going to be finished. Like soap , it is going to lose its beauty , You enjoy using it. Your skin praise it. Your body loves it. But one it will be end it soon. Okay , but this is not an end for us. Life is interesting. May our life like a soap , We are not. This would not be our end. life is an adventure full of challenges but our strength can not handle it. We need grace . we need love. we need hope to go a few mile more. It is not about being by your own , it is about his grace. It is by his grace we sustain the life we are in. It is by his hand we are protected the danger we are in.

“1. Life is to be loved and to love. 2. Life is to trust God in every moment. 3. Life is to be at peace with God and yourself. 4. Life is to enjoy God.”
― Judah Smith, Life Is _____.: God’s Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence

If my life is stretching ,  i wont give up. May i feel a bit pain and sorrow but it is full of promises and testimony. I am seeking for his face, I am looking for it. I am fighting for a faith that offers me eternal life. Am i building my life on this temporary earth. No! I am looking forward to advance my life by the side of Christ , my savior. Learning to be his likeness. greatness it is not far away from me. I hate sin. One step more. When i fail , i am drowning into his lighting-heart. Not anymore, If my life is like soap , how am i going to trust it. Trust is the matter of strong and steady. Is this life replacing to my eternal life? Not anymore.

Doubt is a bridge to find truth! 

life is like a soap.

I lose everything to reach his beauty.

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;
 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
Do you believe it? Your life here is not the end of story! it is not. When your life is losing like a soap. It is not the end. Do not worry enjoy till the end. You are made for eternal.
” You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you.”  – C. S. Lewis

I am not talking about being a christian gives you eternal life. I am saying knowing the truth sets you free. I am happy you read my article until now , it means the life you are living is matter for you. The meaning and purpose of life can not find here, but i can lead show you where it is. We all searching for it. But Here , Now , at this time of Century , Jesus is who we are looking for. He is life and the way and the door. My idea and other people idea wont set you free, yes they will may help you or destroy you , But the real God who is here and there. He is going to show you they way.

Life is like soap. Everyday we are using it, everyday stepping close to eternity. Our choices and our life makes it what it would be.

Do you believe it – that Jesus died for you – which you can have life now? If not – do not worry we all been that place. But why not consider about it. Have pain for good reasons. Faith is the only thing can pass you other side.


  • Dariush Youkhaneh





Life is a sleep

Life is a temporary assignment. It is a sleep. It is  like a new grass in the morning which in the afternoon there is no more! You are here suddenly , you are no more. In a measure of breath , shorter than from my ear to my lips. Our 1000 years can not reach an hour of our creator. Living in reality of unreal. Touching , feeling , paining a few mile more to know we are in dream here. Only God knows how long. a few steps to smell freedom. A little bit longer for us till that stay under refuge of my unseen God. Trusting him in my sleep. Know him as a lion. Who can fight for me.


I wont be regret. I leave everything into his hands. As His angels concerning me to guard me in all my ways. Even when i am walking with closed eyes. deep into his greatness and drowning  into His mercy forever, don’t wake me up. I am awake of His presence.

I am strong even with my trembling legs n hearts , even with no understanding of future and a bit fear of unknown. With all ,  I am made to be yours. stay in your stillness. Because for the beginning to the end you have been. You always protected me. Do not wake me up yet , i wanna know you more through this, I wanna rise with you that when i open my eyes i can see your beauty in my eyes.In Heaven with you.

You are not sleep like me, You are not deaf . You are not blind like me. See, who is in sleep. You have been always my refuge and my shelter. If i climb the mountain you will there. If i walk on the water i see you grabbing my hands and walking with me. You are in pain when i am , you are crying when i am too , you enjoy when i enjoy. I am willing to see you in real world. A place i am not sleep anymore. freed of the pain-sleep world, completely yours.

I always knew no matter what i face or going through ,  you are there immediately. because He loves me. i am continue trust him even i do not know the answers. Even i do not know when i am going to awake. But i surrender my whole to Him.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Papa Thank you.

Thanks that you are with me . That in every step of my life , you have gone before me and showed me where to go. Papa , i was lost but you did not give up on me and you sent your Son to rescue me. I was on my way . Still you did not give up.

I am so so loved. Because you have there for me. Papa even i am in this flesh , even i feel nothing , even i feel disappointed , even i feel hopeless, You are there , still there arm opened wide to hug me. I am so so blessed , because you blessed me even i did not feel it, even i am weak. What is your strength Papa? Your love towards me. Papa you are love. You are the only one i can trust. You are the only one i can come and pour out my heart. Because you are not far away . I am not scared of you , because you are my Papa . Not a God of wrath , not that one i am afraid to be punished . I am in middle of the circle of your love.

Now , i am able to call you , a close name : Papa.


And , This closeness making me a new person!

Your promises are strong and never fails. Your spirit refreshes my soul. Your hands will gather my focus and gives my a new heart. My heavenly Papa even i am speechless you give me mouth to take and a heart to follow. Even my all strength gone and have not any to turn but you are there for me and i praise you for this.

I am taking a slow step to know you more. Only through you i am able to do so.

Open up a fire within me, which can cleanse any selfishness in me. I am a clay , you are my potter . Do not allow me to be hardly broken and not to lift up my hands. Your mercy is like a river , do not stop it , Your grace is for everyone i heard. Are you going to have wrath ? Are you going to be quiet still? with all this inequities?  I know how comfort you are .  I know how close you are , to a broken.

Papa , I love you.

See , there is no peace around in any corner of your creations. Smell , there is not a good smell around , all there is ,a smell of sin. Look , what you see , Yes it is real.This is that beautiful world you made at first. Walk Papa , it’s been long time you did not walk with us, Still i remember the Eden. Call , were is the ear can hear you and talk where is the open heart to receive it?

But , still , I honor you. I admire you the only salvation of my heart , I seek you even there is no sign , even there is no miracle , even there is nothing to be praised on the earth , Because i am waiting for that ONE BIG DAY. Papa i wait , i love , i hope , i faith to encounter you face to face one day to show me all and that time i grab answers of my all questions.

I put my Papa everyday in my heart that:

“Wait for the Papa; be strong and take heart and wait for the Papa”. Psalms 27 : 14

Till that day – i want to be so close to you.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo : pixybay.com

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Undoubtedly Conviction

As i am browsing New York times website. A title attracted me till i came here and write for you as my devotion today was nearly about this. At the age of 100 a man plays and teach violin , keeps going and like the music. His name is Ed Simons. The first time he heard the music was in his mums belly, said Mr Simons . No body believes he is 100 years old. Even he lost his wife 20 years ago still he is keep going what he loves to do.


This was the conviction he has received and which is part of his mind and heart and soul. Convicted by music which became part of his soul. I belief to come here and write. To write about what? Not only for what i love and follow. because the conviction i received from above I tried to keep it up even the times seems no feel to do it so.

” That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched–this we proclaim concerning the Word of life. ” [1 John 1 : 1 ]

John’s conviction was unbelievable , great and awesome.  Even John was not in good condition on the earth, He was about to go in exile. But this undoubtedly conviction keeps him going.

Follow your honest convictions and be strong. William Makepeace Thackeray

What is your own conviction that can keep you up, That is able to push you forward. Jesus had a mission he was completely perfectly confident to do Father’s will. We are living in a world that is pleased to follow earthly way. If you are a bit swimming against , all things coming hard to you. We are living in a world which there is no respect between Father and Son , Husband and Wife , Mother and Children. We are living in a world which conviction is condemned . A belief growing to be a modern system. Our churchs are trying to make update themselves to be like world and generation and they have excuse to not to do do so. We need men and women with strong convictions. We need churchs that stirs up the faith , Not necessarily modern and not necessarily traditions. If i can hold on my own conviction in Christ , and , than , live on what he said to me , i would be a great member of the body of Christ. I do not mind a church that i can dance in it , I do not mind a church i can do my traditions prayer to God. I want a church with a strong conviction , commitment to hold the bride cleanse on the earth.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

When you even can not breath

It is Friday. The last day of the working day. I know maybe you are experiencing Friday now. But here in Australia we are a bit ahead. Oh.Man. I was somehow food poisoned and even i could not get up from bed. I do not know how but i think 2 piece of sausages made my whole last night very hard. If you have ever been food poisoned you know what i am talking about , heavy and bloating stomach , feeling vomiting and tired and loose body…

I could not keep this any more. The weather temperature about +46 degree- oh man. This year summer here in Australia is very very so hot. You can not do anything , stay home till the heatwave clam down. speechless ! Hot! Sick! Tired! I did not touch to any food. About 11 am this morning i emptied this from my stomach and feel really relief. I do not know you had experience this kind of things [ hope you will not ], but you simply could not breath. I know i am living here in Australia but this does not mean any Aussie got a air-conditioner! Seems you are in middle of Sahara desert.


I am going to straight to the Bible , what the scripture saying about me in this situation. Not me only , thousands of people which they are dying in hot weather .  Does God still with us? Does God even care?

In Isaiah chapter 41 : 10 gives me a huge relief

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed,

for I am your God;

I will strengthen you,

I will help you,

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Every word of this scripture is a promise to me. It is a expectancy . It is about releasing your breath again if you hold it long time. It is mending a wound and being strong and up standing forever. If He is my helper I am brave enough to go ahead. When the heat of the day blow me away i am not forgotten , Because i know He will strengthen me. I will renew my hope in Him and fly like an eagle to where ever i want. I am going to run but won’t be weary i will fly i wont be tired anymore. I am holding to the rope of greatness, To His meekness and righteousness. He won’t let me be thirsty and He will overflow the living water from His fountain to my brokenness and dry-land. Than my desert will turn into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.


I am grateful, I am humbly thankful for this. I wipe my tears off again and this time will rejoice in my Lord. And I tell everything to my Holy Spirit. I stand again and have joy in my portion. Because , because of Him i can breath again.

Till this , My knowledge is limited But His knowledge is limitless. He is the source of life. And I have freedom in Him. Than i would be able to praise Him in sickness , in joyfulness , in all the time. He cares for me. That is why he sent His begotten son.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

What We Can not | What God Can not

We are limited in word and action. We can not contain all knowledge of the world in our little brain. If we do , our brown-cells-brain will be blast. We can do certain things in certain times , we can be only in one place at ONCE.

We can not fly with our own hands , we can not read the minds and heart of people. Although we want to do it . But we are limited to do so.

My little brain can not handle How god is big!

We will be tired very soon. But God can not be tired. That is why we need Him to give us strength when we are tired of this fight. Honestly , we are human and not able take many jobs together , even sometimes saying God i can not handle it , He is there. Because God can not take a job that He can not handle it , He is so big . Our problems and storms may it be so so huge but For Him , is not!

I am not frustrated because i can not do the simple things simple. I am tired of that the simple things makes me tired!


Let me be very honest to my self I am not HOLY at all. Although trying to be. But God can not be unholy , His characteristic. The way He lives , His mighty presence automatically shows me , i am not that Holy He is. But even with that we are cleanse ours with the Blood of Christ , than, He can make us right and perfect. How many time i broke my promise . I can not keep my promise firm most of the time , But God can not break a promise , Which , this makes my heart overjoy because even i am weak and can not keep what i said , He is still there for me and faithful. The funny thing is here , even i sin , He chosen to forget me and wash me by his perfectness and holiness presence . Even I can not win the battle , I know i am not a loser because my God can not make a loser and i am included in triumph in Christ. It means

I am a   m o r e  than  a  victor er.


Is not this beautiful? even sometimes i am a bad boy (in my dady-eyes ) still He loves me and cares for me . Even i feel there is nothing around . Even i feel i am away from Him thousands stars more But HE IS THERE because God can not abandon me. When simply no one cares I know and i know He can not stop thinking about me and loving me.

His power and awesomeness never be ended because He is worthy of all.

Even with my limitation but God can not be limited.

Knowing that anything I can not do , God is able to do more than even i imagine.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Ice Cream| Belief | Faith

Ice Cream!

Hot Hot Hot , I think i am boiling now!

Because is summer and very hot here and I really like ice cream + cone + choc .


I bought three of this in McDonald a few days ago , and i was alone in car , i do not know what i thought and how can i keep three soft cone and drive ! Although home was about 1 kilometer away . Do not ask me! three traffic light , all three was red ! and the soft cones was melting like candle and turning to milk and all my dress was milky ,. By the time i arrived my car was a mess. I know! Do not tell me.

Okay.. anyway


It was maybe many years ago . I had an conversation with one of my old friend about the Spirit and the paradise and the hell. After many hours and talking about different aspect of the spirit we could not reach to any point . My friend was a Muslim friend which i really respect Him in any way.  But He opened his mouth as said : ” I am an atheist “. I thought he is Muslim but he was an atheist.  because he did not believe to any . He said everything would be finished in here. I talked to Him and with love about what i believe and experience but he was staying on his words firmly.


You may have many people in your life which they basically do not believe in anything. They will not believe to simple framework our belief! When you think about this , you say how come this people even live ! do they have any hope?

So , Yes they do have hope , but not the hope we have , they have hope to seen things , but we do hope to unseen things. We believe to a new world that God will provide for his lovers. We believe in spirit . Oh Yes we believe in heaven and hell.

Faith !

Sometime my Faith get lose and needed to remind myself time by time that God is in control , even in healthy time which would help me in crisis. There are many story in the Bible. But last night i was reading the faith of a Centurion. I was amazed . I was overwhelmed by this believe . I said God. Of Father , create in me this kind of Faith which i can only say and your will be done. The reason i am lacking today is because of faith . My faith need to be increase . About a year ago i was in a prayer meeting and a person prophesied over me and said : ” Your Faith is going to be increased “. This is Faith can calm the storm . This is Faith can clear the way and rescue us from this flesh world. When Noah was building the Ark , no one believed in Him, but according to His experience and believe , he has faith in God even if no one could believe in Noah. But He had Faith. َ


Abraham had Faith in God. The Centurion had Faith in God. The paralyzed had Faith in God. Paul had Faith . Mother Teresa had Faith . Martin Luther King had Faith. C.S Lewis had Faith( Later on).

“But without Faith it is impossible to please him”. If you want to restore your Faith In Him , You need simply put the earthly things away and have more time to spend with God and ask Him that God please restore in me a new heart to know you more. May most of us getting cold and /or repeating the same everyday and it seems a little bored. This is back to us , because a really healthy relationship is never bored. It is same as any relationship. Are you investing more in this?   Others tried many many years they have never been bored. They have been people ( ordinary one) like us.

Faith is the heart of our life. It is a MUST have for our soul.

Hebrews 12:2 says Jesus the author and finisher of our FAITH. 

Walk by Faith not by Sight. In hard times , In easy times.

Oh i have a lot to write for you. but let me leave it for next time. Hold what you believe and maintain your Faith in Jesus Christ that will be a benefit in you.Thank Jesus will say ” “Truly, I tell you, with no one in my nation have I found such faith.”

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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