Dream it | Fight for it 

It is possible to catch your dreams. Still there is tomorrow for you . Every breath of you is count. You are alive ! There is always an open light door around. Although shadows are chasing up … nothing to worry because you are determined and bold to follow the impossible – your mind and heart deeply believed in it . You connected your earthly desires and wishes to heavenly realm. Setting up your mind above and honouring your God honestly. Knowing that you can do it. How hard is hard ? Increase your endure and patience in God. Get standing up again. 

There are people out the like lion -willing and unwilling going to bite you. Take the courage . Stand firm – because our God is bigger and greater than any out there. There are people there cannot to see your dream come true. They are throwing stone on the way. Have Faith – you are above all of them. The plan and purpose of God is already been made. 

Break this cage of others and the world in you and ..

..Fight your Faith. Put away the distractions around you and Stay on the path. Focus on Him.

Like how in mystery , God reveals Himself  to Daniel . God of heaven loves to reveal you his vision and goodness. In the mixture of our chaoes world God can come and sit and talk to us. He can end to our uncertainty. By ascending His Son Jesus Christ to His right hand – it means we have such a great place in Heaven. Angels Wil come and sing the glory to God – All the galaxy and everything in it , they will come and sing a song of joy to our saviour. 

Catch a train and stop in God’station. Stop a moment and have a dream. His plan is greater than my trouble! His thoughts are higher than mine . Why do we need to bother my self ? He is good – He is a Father.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh 


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