Be a Fool![means you are wise]

The world teaches you .. How to not to be a fool. But I am saying to you be a fool and humble yourself in God’s presence.

. Be a fool. Completely. If you want to be a wise ( by kingdom standard)you need to be a fool. If you are wise by the standard of this world – you should be a fool. If I standard and modern my self by this world . I am fooling myself. Because the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. What wisdom has this world? Is it technology which I am able to write now on the blog? Is it science , philosophy , psychology , archaeology ? In what we proud most in this world? Is it our talents? Or the degree we got? or a property we have? ALL IN GOD’S SIGHT ARE FOLLISHNESS! I am thriving to reach and understand his greatness. I need to be the temple of God – That I am able to prioritise and order my time according to his well.  When I have his Spirit than I am going to tell the world around me what to do – not this world tells me what would be next!

The world will say tithing is a mistake.

The world will say getting is better than giving.

The world will say get more and more and more and never be satisfied.

But I am telling you be wise enough and be a fool in those things.

The world will say enjoy your life while you are here and that’s it.

But I am telling you enjoy the Lord while you are here because you have eternity in Him.

I am going bring down any wise in me that blocking the wisdom of God in my life. If I say I am wise enough to handle my life. It means I do not need God in my life. It means I am trusting my self in all I do – not God. Yes – I am wise enough to listen to his voice. I am wise enough to prosper my life by humbling my self in his presence with honesty and dignity.

I’ll be silly enough to make wise myself. I remind my self of what Job said in 5 : 13.  I’ll be clever enough to worship Him – Bow down in his presence and surrender every part of my life to Him. The Life I am living is by His Grace. It is by his life – I have full life in Him.

Is it sickness ? Is it pain? Is it sorrow ? Is it Joy? Is it? What going to make me convince that this world has wisdom ? Nothing in this and that world going to convince me that I am able to do the thing by my own. My mind and thoughts and the life I am living is limited. I am trusting to the one – the source of everything- who is unlimited! So I am rooted to Unlimited than I am able to do everything according to His will. The Joy I have right now is from Him- even the pain in my life they are good to open the doors for me. I am not ashamed of every experience I had and I will have(nice or not).

I’ll be fool in this world _ BUT.. assured and secured and guaranteed .. That.. I am wise in God’s sight absolutely.

I  do not need get a degree of theology … because  the conclusion would be I need to be a fool than I’ll be a wise.

The simple message of gospel is to know him in a personal way . Be wise in the eyes of Father. Becoming like Him. Following on his way. Every details of my life… glorifying Him.

That’s it.

1 Corinthians 3 : 16- 19



Written Dariush Youkhaneh





  1. I am reminded of the verse from Matthew 23:12 For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.. If we think we are wise in our own eyes we are exalting ourselves and putting ourselves in the high chair of pride… We are to humble “ourselves” and then God by His Grace will exalt us. It is better to be exalted by God than exalt our self. Thank you for sharing insight.. Bless you In Jesus 🙂

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  2. I’m so glad you brought out this important insight. I remember being glad to be a fool for Christ when being a christian camp counselor. The kids were laughing at me and it was ok. I’d rather be an idiot with Jesus than brilliant (which isn’t really smart) with out Him.

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    1. Hi , I’m glad you stopping by _ There is no shame for those in Christ. If I’m fool in eyes of Work . But I’m wise in Christ.
      I rather than be a fool but in Christ an have eternal life with Him than be wise in such a short time here ..
      I reviewed some of your posts they are good for the soul. Keep inspiring people around you and the people you Cannt see. I see the good potential of goodness of our God _ A clay which is shaping by Christ. God brought you to this point to show you more and more. Step into unknown because our God is known.

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