Oh oh o..

Hold your breath for two seconds. 

Look to the beauty of nature out there. All this beauty made for you to live in- to have a laugh of being alive right now! If I’m wrong correct me. Your life is full of awesome things need to be tasted. If you need to fly , so fly . If you need clim a mountain to summit and see this beauty do it . If you need smell a flower to know how life is worth _so smell it.

But don’t forget it. The eternal beauty has prepared in another world for us. This only is a glimpse of that.

Don’t worry about your life that what will happen tomorrow . Enjoy today and live as today is your last day on the earth. He who brought you here has a plan. You are for him and in Him you ‘ll be completed. Be joyful in Hope. A beautiful life.Do sport , run in nature have chat with friends. 

Open your arms see how God is great. And hug Him in nature , Kiss Him in the mountains and see Him in the sea. 

Suddenly our all gray nights turns to light. Suddenly our inequities turns to just. And in every valley love would be enlightened. Jesus said I am with till the end of the earth. I am the way and the Truth and I am the Life. Oh oh o what a God we GOT? Just believe in Him and move ahead. Reprogram your mind with His praise and pray everyday. And saying again oh oh o what a God I got! 

Are you ready for a new great adventure with God . It does not matter you are strong or weak we all need Him everyday every moment. 

So now Open your arms and say oh oh o what a God I got!; ) and start to praise Him in your life. It is never late.
Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Yes I agree with you . We should embrace God and the Life He has freely given each of us and to enjoy what God has created. I like to look at the butterfly and I am always in awe of this creature. God is Awesome and Amazing….We have one life and we should live as if it is our last day in this Tent our body.. I could hear the Holy Spirit in what you said tonight . God Bless you Bro. Dariush


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