Fall in His Love! 

Increase your Faith by Love. This is the love very society needs it. Some of us run away from it . Some others overdose with it . Others have never saw it. Jesus said by Love they will know you are my disciple. This is a simple powerful magic. Sometimes love looks like hate for us. That’s because we had a bad experience of the past. We can not break all our bad decisions and saying I hate love. You can never hate love. Because love is everywhere and everyone. 

For me , from heaven prospective I see it in Jesus. That how much he loves me that he died for me. May I can not explain you but I can point to it and you need to experience this love in your journey. 

From earthly prospective , I found thy love from the moment I opened my eyes into this world. You can not say I have never been loved. You are loved. Which mum can not love her own born child. Better than that, you are loved by your Father in Heaven. Apart from where you born or from which ethnicity you came. Race and background , we made them , in Heaven there is no such a things. So, if you don’t feel you are loved because you are thinking(or at least the society taught you ) you are grown and no need someone look after me in love prospective. Remember Even God is in relationship with the Sim and Holy Spirit. They Love each other , and they working the things for us according in their own love. In a one harmony. How come you are telling me I do not need this love ? If Jesus said I’m loved by Father and He sent me to you ,  So shall we. 

” He is changing the seasons , As his love is unchangeable. He is the author of our seasons “

Look around , look into you . The most obvious love evidence is You. The first things you need to love is you. Because you are created like Him. By His love. By His plan. By His Grace. So , your identity found in You , which the Christ is in you. When you see you , you need to see Him when you are accepted by  His love. 

By love all things made , on the earth and in Heaven. We can not measure this love , we can not imagine it how big would be possibly. All we can do receive it as it is. Some of us lost this love on the way. As Jesus is calling them to come home, they are in love of the this world. We are not meant to love more creature rather than creator! How can a sea would be called sea without water! I am going to end this letter with a quote from Bible: 

“ ..God is Love.” 1 John 4 : 8


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