Our Heavenly home.

There is no human on the earth without pain and suffering. There is no one will say I have no problem and I am perfect in everything. When you are teenage , you are enjoying your teenage time with your friends. When you get a little bit older , as you step into a responsibility ( adulthood). You see your taste of life changed. We need to know that , this is not our ‘forever’ home , Here is not my everlasting temple. A better building , a better home , a wonderful place has been made for us. Imagine that , you do not pay for that home and somebody say to you here is the key move in please.

I am longing for that eternal house God prepared for me. This eternal house made with light and love. I am so keen for it. This world is just a temporarily place for me , I am doing my assignment to reach to achieve my prize. I am running my race here now. It seems hard and tough for a short time. But we all can do it . As we cry out to the Lord. We are still stranger and away from our eternal house. We complain , Some ‘times’ are hell on the earth , tough like climbing an Everest. But think about that Jesus went to prepare our eternal house for us. But till that day we are not alone because He gave us the Holy Spirit , the spirit of truth and comfort. We need to be clothed with this mind, our real home is dwelled in heaven.

2 Corinthians 5 : 5 says ” Now that is God has made us for this very purpose and has given us the spirit as a deposit , guaranteeing what is to come.”

I lean on this word, even right now my situation looks like no end. I trust in this word even my circumstances seems hell. I a m I N I T . This word is for me to know God guaranteed my heavenly dwelling. He even gave us the spirit to protect and help us in this very short tent (life). I live by faith not by sight. I work in my salvation everyday , I pray until that day come. I am going to get closer every day to Him. I seek His face earnestly with a sense of gratitude. Instead focusing of my problem I am going to focus what he has done for me on the cross and my heavenly house is ready for me, Man it gives me a great and awesome satisfaction. But this is not related what is real to come. It is not imagination , this is real. Because my God is real and alive. Who loves me more? Who gives me more?

My Home is in Heaven , Where I live forever with my Father!

My Father in heaven thought of me. He knew I would in need of Him every day every moment! He knows I am away from home. He is looking my place is missing in His heart , And there is nothing can fill it and I look my heart and nothing can fill it except my father’s presence. Since , I was away from Home , He kept my place, He knew one day I am going to return home.

Father , I am so so thankful because You prepared a place for me in Heaven , Jesus you went for a reason , indeed for a better reason that one we can be with you. How blessed I am that I have YOU in my life. Let know better , When I know you , it is like heaven is in me right now here , it is like I am walking in heaven here. I am walking in air in your presence , When your kingdom is in me , I am here on the earth but in heaven. Your kingdom is not made by hand and things , Your kingdom is far away of our thoughts . I am eagerly want your heaven dwells in me forever. I love what you said Jesus , you said I am going to my Father’s place to prepare you place that you would be with me forever. You went for our benefits. I know Father , I know Jesus , I know Holy Spirit the greater and better things are meant to come for your children even may now looks like foolish in the eyes of this world we are keep continue to trust you not our own understanding at all. Thank You.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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