Wild Dream

​You​You have a dream. I have a dream and we have a dream. our dreams build our future and our imagination come true. Martin Luther King had a dream. Mother Treza had it and many many people before had it. They all came and gone. They tried and stood till the end , some of them saw the result , some not. 

IF we originally look at the dream. actually God had a dream for the humans. His dreams was from his love and compassion. His dream was wild and great[ the thought : but it didn’t go the way he wanted]. sometimes we try hard and hard , years and years but still, when the harvest time come , it’s not what we expected or what we planned for. [I hope these words are not heavy to understand for you.] when I flash back to my life _ I see the things change gradually happened , of course for us, ‘time’ is the matter. If God revealed himself to me as a little boy and if the time is not matter for God than I would be the same in the heart of God . May my appearance changed now and I grown and I am tall , my hand and feets and everything in me physically and emotionally changed . But He never changed. because we are limited to TIME  , God is not.
so I can keep going with my dreams and wishes. We can move forward even we feel pain as an adult humans.  our thoughts and mindset shaped during the time and our dreams and wishes dancing with it but the spirit is the same.
Moses also had a dream. GOD’s dream was higher than him. His identity on the earth was Hebrews but he was living in a forien land . When God said I make you a leader , He did not want it and believe it. “Me! I am an ordinary guy , no, leave me alone , I’m comfortable who I am now , I don’t want those crazy dreams “. God said I choose you before the creation of the world , you are my child. I want good things  / better one in your Life.
Jesus had a dream . you know what was that ? obey and doing the will of His Father.
Today is 14 October 2017′ write somewhere from now on , I promise to myself and God that I am going to live as a champion , as Jesus lived on the earth . Be a better man and woman in my school.  in my workplace in my city in where ever I go I Mark and leave a positive footprint that generation after generation will remember.
God , don’t want you be small but BIG. No hide and seek play anymore , not ashamed of His dream in my life. Be filled with His Spirit and carry the good news with you , with Joy.
it is not finished yet. it is not all about feeling good on that earth or even filled with His Spirit , no we have a new tertiary to conquer . The new earth and heaven. although his spirit working and living in us but this is not end of the story if it was how missed we were , He is preparing that the real dream come true . I hope again you know what do I mean. if not read the book of revelation where John had a dream. stay with me ,let me finish it .. I have good words to tell you.

drink a atea and keep reading , have a deep breath and come back.
No give up is in the plan of dreamers. No quit it’s in the map. discipline is placed for success. Try and try again should be thousands Times repeat. secrets are established in God’s hands.
For when dreams increase and words grow many, there is vanity; but God is the one you must fear. Ecclesiastes 5:7 ESV. The most thing we need to remember | : FEAR GOD.
He is the beginning of our dreams _ who establish it according to His will. Joseph had a dream _ but God had a bigger dream for Him. Joel had a dream but God had a better plan and dream for Him. Paul had a goal but God had a huge plan and dream for Him. Me and you have a plan and dream But God have a greater and awesome dream for us.
A Godly dream harm No one but bless others favourably. kindly , let us admit and admire love of God in all of our visions. Let us touch of God , makes a master piece in our heart that we would follow him in obedience. And humbly accept the cost of our dreams with carrying the cross everyday. Is this hard ? Yes. Is it worth? Yes.
Jesus died for the cause and dream. Once he was completely without support –  tolerated an unexplained pain for it. But he never gave up on himself and others , even those who persecuted Him.

I am wondered by His dream and love for me. I will run and not be afraid any more.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Amin Dariush jan ali bood khodavand behet brakat bede , nagshahaye khodavand braye ma alis va fekrhaye o fekrhaye ma nist va chehadr khobe ke bepazirm
    Khaharet maryam

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