Marvelous God!

It is Mid-spring here in Australia. although other nations not experiencing spring right now , but we are. The birdies singing along on any tree of Sydney’s streets. The flowers are out and smells like beauty. You can’t ignore them, You see them , you feel them and you will be touched. 

This is amazing. I am blessed to be here , Honestely. every moment of living is a chance to declare that you are alive. Even not _ my flesh will praise him , even not my soul will rejoice in my creator. 

Passed two weeks was such a dream. How Good is God ? How Good is his goodness ? if I am anywhere in his plan. I am thankful. His presence would be enough. Not that , His tangible presence would be found in nature , around , others … and in me.
Isaiah beautiful says : 
O Lord, I will honor and praise your name,

    for you are my God.

You do such wonderful things!

    You planned them long ago,

    and now you have accomplished them.[Isaiah 25:1

In sickness and goodness I will praise Him . In storm and calm I will praise Him. He is my God. He is my Saviour. He is my God. I will shout this till my soul knows that He is the mighty God. He planed everything in order , in right time , in right soil , in right Grace and in right Love. He is the Lord. If my eyes can not see it , I will tell my heart to feel it. If my mind can not cope it , I will tell it , be still and know that He is almighty Lord.  Beauty made by beauty_intelligent. 

The awesome God open the doors of opportunities for everyone if we know the truth and the truth will Set us free. [John 8:31_32] 

Repeat this after me  : 

God I praise you in my age. Thank um you that you forgiven me . Thank you that you set me Free. Your beauty is unbelievable. I believe I can change . I am a new person. Your goodness will follow me all my life rather I ma alive in here or death in flesh because you are always the source of everything in my life. In Jesus name . Thank you Father . Amen. 


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