Gratitude to God / Thanksgiving day 


I do not want to go to deep about this topic. As many as blog , As many as churchs around the globe written and talked about that. Today is a good reason to say a global family thanks to our creator. The encouragement words , the attitude we have , the beauty of nature , mountains and seas..Even the creativity of  me and you have , they all come from Him. In my last post I praised and talked about our marvelous God. The Father of All.

Psalmist wrote this “I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart “

Not half heart , nor quarter but whole heart.  Mainly means with all my mind , heart and body I’ll praise and give thanks to Him. My heart doesn’t look out for what he is done for me , no , I will give thanks for his lovingkindness. For his presence , for his heart. Yet I will praise his Name.


I know it would be greatly difficult to say thank God when we lost someone ,  our health seriously in danger , when our loved ones got in trouble … But still there is something to be thankful for it.

We can summarised our thankfulness in three parts :

#1 Thanking God for blessings and salvation

Good weather /bad weather they all are blessings. everything we see , the sun in the day and the moon in the night all are from Him. More importantly we have been saved by Christ. We hugely need to be thankful for that and thanking God for it.

#2 Thanking God for people in/out of our life

Thank God not only the people you know. I am telling there is a great blessing and reward when we are thankful and pray for those we do not know in person. There is power in it incredibly.

#3 Thanking Him for this earth and eternal life in Jesus  Christ

This planet we are living is a blessing and a gift from Him , Yes we somehow make it dirty and destroy it. but look above the sky , how beautiful is it ? Who can colour it like that ? Mountains , seas  and the nature all are his hand work on earth. This is not the end we have eternal and everlasting life stored in Christ for us . What a God ? should not we be thanking for it ?

All others come under these three thankfulness part. Everyday we need to be thankfulness , today is the reason to remember that where we at in this ? Do our eyes more highlight the goodness of God or not ?

My American Christian fellows as Christian post article written , 40% American do not thank God on thanksgiving day . This number possibly is more than double in Australia. Either way it is not a specific day point us out , how we are thankful , everyday we ought to be thankful. Are you agree with me ?

Apostle Paul was thankful in prison. Peter was also. Kind David says and believed in thanksgiving and he demonstrates it with dance.

Billy Graham once said ” thankfulness is the natural outflowing of a heart that is attuned to God.”

Isn’t his Grace enough for us to say thank ?

I believe that , more healing are on the way , the open doors are on the way if we simply be thankful for everything …

Read Psalm 100.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



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