St John

When I have decided to write I was a little boy who even have not finished the school yet. I have let the word comes and flow out and beautifully articulated the scenario. I even did not know what did it mean those words , I said it like a poem.


Today , After a few more life lessons , Still I am learning to be an inspirational writer like Saint John.  He inspired me with his Gospel. St John truly illustrated the word of God nicely , I believe God choose those have soft heart to transfer His message to us. John as a young disciple of Jesus is a pattern for me.  I am learning to have soft heart like John whom Jesus trusted to Him and said to John look after Mary ( Mother of Jesus).

All the evangelists, Matthew , Mark , Luke and John are inspirational one.

John the author of many books in new testament were anywhere with Jesus. Him and his brother James were following Him. He is one of the beloved disciple of Christ.

Depart of His testimony which very valuable for the Church. His writing are so unique and exceptional.  His words are very fluent.

He says :

“And these things we write unto you, that your joy may be full.”[John 1 : 4 ]

A great inspirational writer not writing for his/her heart but from his/her heart to gives someone joy. John says I am going to complete your joy. If you have never read John’s books , I recommend you to read.

God is Light , and in Him is no darkness at all.[ John 1 : 5 ]

God is Love, and those who remain in love remain in God and God remains in them. [ John 1 : 16 ]


John as an example for me , teach me and you how we can inspire others around us even when there is no hope . When they crucified John’s teacher ( Jesus) , He was there and witness. Imagine that , they have been killing the purest man , the master of his life.  John knew Jesus was not deserve to be crucified but as later on he realized he is fulfilling the promise although it was hard and harsh to believe. The real light of life was dying in front of Him. He could not write much about crucifixion , as only about one n half chapter talked about that. Because his man focus was the main picture- the real eternal life with Jesus. Later on , He Jesus completed his knowledge toward himself. Before he was so young but as he waked with him in journey. He has a better understanding why Son of God died on the cross.

Above words are a few things about St John. He is the one who see and tasted the love of God. All his writing is about Love and Love.

I want us keep encouraging each other, even you see the harsh things around. Keep up the good words up with the truth inside of you. You are rewarded from heaven. Smile someone today , do not matter what they think who you are because your secret Father knows you. Say a good word to your husband , wife , friend , workmate , father , mother … tell them how God love them , how much they are important in your life. Buy a flower do something .

Good Challenge

What is it most inspire you? Who would be that person? Tell to one person a good word.


Writing By Dariush Youkhaneh  








    1. Dear Noel , I do not know what name I can call you , Thank you so much for your good words , you made my day. and Your word inspired me to keep doing what I am doing . I checked your blog( site) ,, you got great one. Hope you feel home here and come more and I love to see your comments more. Please follow if you like here. Thank you so much again for the time … Peace be with you and God of heaven and earth bless you more and more in Jesus Name. Amen

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