A camp meeting

I want to laugh , When I see How God is involved in everything we do.

I went to Summer Camp for a few days away from Sydney to southern of Sydney. If I am not wrong for the location , A beautiful place like Gold Coast. If you have never been in Australia. Here is a country of  Golden beaches. Summers are crazy for outgoing.  I matched my self with a group of young people.

From my home – I took a bus to our local church from there I met two others guys , Two beautiful souls . One from South Africa and another guy from Paraguay.

It took about 2 hours we arrived to our Motel. We have been located in different rooms but same location. 3 days 2 nights life changing moments like in the heart of local school. Different speaker have been invited to this event.  This was my third summer camp , I had a little bit experience and expected what is going on.

But , That was not matter. I was going with a new prospective to hear from God. To close my heart to Him even it feels hard or impossible. I said ” I do not know God , why I am going there , but I know that you have plan ahead to speak to me “. Girls and boys , Mums and fathers came to this event.

The First day – it was like Holy Spirit night. I look into myself ask God to cleanse any inequity in me and pure me. I confessed , I cried and felt the Holy Spirit going through me. What a moment. You know. When Holy Spirit comes everything changes , our views to this life changes , our body , mind and soul will be renewed. I felt that right that Salon in that local church 10 minutes away from beach. I know that this camp would be entirely different of other normal camps. I was ready to hear and obey God . I was ready to see the changes in my heart. Even may I might feel and say ” Oh I am okay , I have God in me ” . But no , that was not the case. We are made to be together , to love each other in away never be same again. It was not the sense of God, But Himself was there and He took all anxieties , worries  and an ugly side of me out and replaced with goodness , peace and love. We say it is hard to tell God when we are really in Hardship , but I say it is easier than before .

Vulnerability is not sign of weakness but it is an alarm that you are sensitive , that you are beautiful.

First day gone. God did not speak to me directly. But His presence was  tangible . Looking forward for second day , two speaker in two sessions in the morning . One speaker , spoke and given advise about the most issue of young people which is Sex and another speaker talked about mind and thoughts. Why we are worry about future when Jesus told I am the future? and so on.  The same afternoon session was great our fav speaker Robert Fergusson spoke about ” a camp meeting “. How life changing would be? It was a great message which honestly I remember still. 

The Second the gone. God did not speak to me directly.

Third day was here. Before the session start I was so thirsty , It was about launch time. I bought a bottle of water ( small one) and a Kit Kat. I went inside and finished it. Honestly I was so hingry and thirsty and my bottle water finished and no Kit Kat left. I asked someone out there where can I find a water that I can fill my bottle. They said there is none. I said ” ok ” . I went to throw out my empty bottle water – I saw the bin was full. I went to another one- THERE ” Holy Spirit told me do not throw it out go fill it in restroom ” . I said ” what ? ” ” I am saying to myself ” as the Voice I heard told me ” go “. Quickly I went into toilet and I saw that the tap is a form that I can not fill my bottle fully – I said ” okay I will do it whatever “. When I was a bout to fill it . Right THERE heard a voice telling me ” I am going to fill your life full of living water ” . Again , I stopped and looked to the bottle – ” there were a sense of joy within me “..

What an encounter .. God speaks in away we never have expected . In your life , in my life If we allow God speak to us , He will . And He will.

I know you are a passionate person of God, You have read my post till here . I know you a heart that beating for to see his face . Our Father is not small , He is big and He does BIG. He will turn our impatience and weak body and mind and gives us wisdom and strength. Do you believe it? Be filled with LIFE. Live purposefully. Have Joy every moment. And it is okay sometimes we grieve.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh









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