Billy Graham Legacy

It is not about religion. It is about compassion and love. Pursuing what it convinced you to follow!

Billy Graham :

99 years of legacy. Each moment of his life , He lived for his saviour. I could not stop myself to not write about this great man of God. Although , the news of going in heaven spread around the globe. There are many books and article and blog about His mark for humanity. His Sermons were full of passion and love. I am not saying kind words because he passed away , No , He said ” My Home is in heaven and I am just traveling through this world ” . He lived the Christlike life on the earth. I am not saying Perfect. Only Jesus Christ the real living water is perfect. But something in Him was special , He was anointed for the task his saviour has been given him. He did well indeed. In the times of rebellion and war he proclaimed the Gospel pretty well.

Billy Graham Crusade in Texas Stadium, October 2002


I don’t think , the world can see like him very much. Somehow our new evangelism are attracted and attached to the new prospective of this world. But Billy Marked that He is not of the world, He Got his passport right 21 / 0 2 / 2018 from His saviour. Now , In this very need moment we need more leader and legend like Him , We need a real legend and brave frontline. This is not disappointing , we are sad he departed from us for a short time till we see him in Heaven. We still continue and fight a good fight of Faith. He was deserved to receive The Crown of Life  not because of huge crusade or his famousness , as he said I would a thief and ask ” Lord remember me “. We are sad but we are overjoyed because he reached to destination he was longing for.

Watch the last message from Him:


Thank you God for his life. Thank you Jesus that You are preparing us for eternity life.

” My home is in heaven , I am just traveling through this world ” – Billy Graham

Got to his official website for his memorial details :

We pray for his family.


-Dariush Youkhaneh



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