Intimacy with God

We are searching for the answers – a mountain of unanswered questions. We keep them one day in one place , it would be answered. Father God , But I am asking you only to all my uncertainty and questions that you only know my heart! I want to be one step closer to you that may your smell of truth gives me some peace. I am not here to search for answers only for whole my life but I am here to know you more and waiting to get to you one day.

You have designed me like Yours. Your fingers paint my heart and my soul rejoiced in you. I’ve flied but my wings has been taken from me now. Lord , you are the one said to me ” follow me ” , your whispered still are whispering in me. Each year, each season , each moment I get to know you more. When I am more in pain , I am more closer to you, is this the way you want me to be closed to you! Certainly not ,  in pain or in joy , in sickness and in health , I have always looked to you and you have been the same. Wear me your armor of Grace and forgiveness. Able me to love others unconditionally. Let me see from your eyes , Be like what you want me to be. I am going to full trust in you. Even may my mind cannot comprehend it.


In your garden of heaven , gift me the crown of life; A new sinless body. As you are building my house there, Can you paint it with your best colour there? Also , I want to be huge window that will be opened straight to your Glory. You are my friend , I am yours.  Heaven is the place which me and you can spend time for eternity. A perfect place to be. There I am able to count stars. There, I am able to walk on the waters. There , I am able to see you, face to face. There , I can take the fruit of life on the trees – Able to eat it. Drink water from unlimited fountain of life.

I surrender to you all, and my prayer is to know you more. As you are preparing a place for me, I am waiting to see you one day! Revealing yours to me – a glorious day. I live here because you are living in me. I try here because you have died for me. I run here till I am in your arms.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Why not share it to your friends and loved ones. Let them know there is place  a perfect place which the Lamb of God preparing for us.



  1. Amen. Yes Father, I surrender it all to You and I want to know You more.
    Show me to live my life the way that You intended me to live, Father. I pray that I live my life to honor You and not to satisfy myself. And most of all I ask You Father, lead me in Your truth. Your word is truth and the truth will make me free.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Today I needed to be reminded of who I am in Christ and your beautiful words make me realize again how precious I am to our Father. God bless you, Beloved son of God.

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