Review of The Case For Miracles by Lee Strobel book

This review is my personal view of The Case for Miracle by Lee Strobel Book.


Before giving my rate to 66 year old Lee Strobel’s latest book; let us introduce him first.

Although you can find a full biography of him in Wikipedia .

He is a wonderful journalist. Let us put away all his awards and shinny outward view of Him. He all deserved it. He is an educated man. His got his bachelor and master degree in two different schools. He was 29 years old became a Christian. He claimed to be an atheist before that. He was impacted by his wife believe Leslie , who invited him to church – shortly after that a ” thought ” shape an investigation further about Christianity. And than he was convinced – The living , the dead and the resurrection of Christ was truly true. Than he becomes an advocate of Him and start writing his investigation which in the figure of interviews and searches. No, Doubt he has a brilliant view of Christianity and a motives for the fellow believers.


His slogan for this book is : Seeking Truth. Finding God. Telling Everyone.

There is a lot of truth in the context of this book reveals. I am really glad for it. They are truly have been experienced in my life and they are right in the right.  Start of the book are about 2-3 pages  random supernatural miracles have been mentioned. Than the book will go in the series of interviews. The book is divided in 5 parts with several interviews.

He started with Dr. Michael Burnt Shermer. Lee Strobel before opening up the interviews he explains why he choose that person for interview and He gives a short introduction for that person. The interesting thing is here Lee uses Michael Shermer name mostly all over the Case For Miracles. He has a special respect to Michael Shermer’s opinion it seems. In all his interviews he never gives sounds of opposites to those people. Though, He leaves the judge to readers. Although in couple of cases looks like he is putting weight much on supernaturality of things. May a miracle will be coincidence  or May Not? Shermer’s faith fall away  during his graduate studies.

The Second interview is with Dr. Craig S. Keener. This time Lee choose a person from non-believe to a strong faith in God. Craig S. Keener is a North American academic and professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. Keener received his Ph.D. in New Testament Studies and Christian Origins from Duke University. He response well to Lee’s questions along the way.

The book is not going to convince you that ” oh Here is the prove that God can heal “. Actually it is not going to do that – The book is going to debate the topic and have a conversation around and a few experiences based on explanations. As you see in the title of the book – it is ” the CASE ” for miracles. Lee is travelling a few places to have these interviews. But this is not the case! It is an academic book – a classic interview. Some of the sentence even are not related to what they are talking about and try to relate to topic of the book. Bing Bang theory !  The book is not going to ask real people whom they had a real experience of miracle. But He went to back sense of miracle and ask others what do you think about miracle ? Why did you come to Christianity ? I am sure there are a lot people out there can explain a miracle a way better than this! But this is a research based book not relying on uneducated people rather jumping to ” educated ” people and ask them about these things! If you are like hmmm! and wondering Why he is going to ask those people only?  My idea always was on this – “respect people in their own world even they do not respect yours one! ” Here ; Lee brought you to his own world of research, ask , seek and finding the truth. He leaves the answer to you.

It is you that make distinctive between the coincidence and the miracle. It is up to God who is going to heal. Some will be healed- Some will not be healed. It is God who is the author of life.

In general , If you are investigating the miracle – It is recommended to read. If you are a normal Christian and curios about this topic also recommended to read. Highly recommended if you are non-believer and just changed your faith recommended to read.

He finished the book well with a proverb :

If you scream for insight  

   and call loudly for understanding,

If you pursue it like you would money ,

 and search it our as you would hidden treasure,

then the Lord will be awesome to you,

 and you will come into possession of the 

 knowledge of God.


Improvement :

There is a lot of sentences not need to be mentioned – Just filling the gap? It looks like advertising the interviewee’s products to reader – they are again mentioned at the end the of the book! ( 5% book are references !!!) The form of interview are same and predictable- you will be bored in the mid reading of the book. You know what is going to happen in most cases. It is not a book gives a big ‘ WOW’ but rather slowly try to explain you that now ” you may think not all coincidences are really coincidence , they are from God “.

My own experience of Miracles are different and in general this book is not weird and it is in right way of Christianity. I love the way God changes life and radically use Him for His kingdom way.



My rate for this book is 3.8 out of 5. 




If you read this book- gives me your rate and opinion here.



Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of ” 7 Things For Your Soul ”


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