Review of ” EveryBody Always” Book by Bob Goff

Bob Goff is a funny guy. He was a lawyer. I’ve listened to his speech in person in our local church. He won’t take the things serious, with a simple faith and act of love he brought us a book from his everyday act of love and passionate to people. We read his new book and says yes I’ve seen somethings similar, how can I improve my life?


I am so glad that finished the second book from Bob Goff. You may or may not know Bob has written a book called ” Love Does “. Which I have read it while back ago.  Now in this space I am going to give an overview of ” Everyday Always ” book.

In second page of this book he wrote :

“I’ve spent my whole life trying to make my faith easy. The truth is, it’s not . From what I’ve been reading, if we do it right, it will actually kill all the earlier versions of us. What I’m trying to do now is make my faith simple. “

Everybody Always ( EA ) has 24 chapters. It has been published in early 2018 ( if I’m right). This book is a collect of short stories which happened in his life. This book is fascinating , well written and get the point right. I am amazed of simplicity of his words. Although some in the middle of the book , you are reading and saying to yourself I’ve heard that before. He sometimes repeated some words specially about ” becoming love “. But it was been well edited. Some phrases are astonishing like :

“When joy is a habit, love is a reflex.”

“We’re not held back by what we don’t have, but by what we don’t use.”

” When you have all the power, you don’t need all the words.”

everybody always

EA will encourage us to bring love to our people around us. It teaches us that sometimes the acts of love are larger then the words . That loving an unlovable is bigger then a dry preach on spot. That  the world needs love. That is all in need now. Act , Love and Faith working together hand in hand to bring God’s kingdom on this earth. There is a light in loving others. Jesus said that ” The world will know that you are my disciple when you love one another “.

This Book is all about loving others. It is about the stories. The story of love , love and love.

In His 24 chapters of EA book, Profoundly bob speaks to your own situation.  Chapters are not long , they are short in 5 pages. I believe this book will change your prospective. It is an example of being Brave , not afraid , love , passionate , hope , light  and Faith. My recommendation is read this book as your inspirational love book. Although this is a spiritual modern Christian book. Jesus Name has been mentioned some area of the book but mainly it represents the love of God on this earth. How can we become love in our workplace, in our neighbourhood , in our school , in our all sphere of life.

The last page of the book, Bob left his number and email address for if you have any question you can ask him directly. After you have read his book , you will realise, that he will definitely will answer you questions.

Here is his Wiki page : Bob Goff wiki

Here is his page : Bob Goff



Buy the book here : Everybody Always Paper book

My rate for this book is 3.5 out of 5.

If you read this book let me know what you think about this book? I love your honest review of this book. If you have not read it yet! Why not ! Go ahead grab a copy and read it.




Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of the Head Hel High








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