Can’t deny your LOVE

I can not even imagine to deny your love God. Your love is everywhere- even before anything else to given me a joy – an unexplained one. Here and there , this and that – How can I see and deny! How can I touch your love , your beauties , still saying you are not there! That is an obvious lie. I can see it , I can love it , I can wave it – when I discover your love I am more in love with you. I am melting with your beauty around me. When I see your mountain , I see how small my problem is! When I see your ocean of blue sea , I can not even blink right that moment and tears are looping on my cheeks. I am amazed. I am wondered! I am an eagle like bird , flying to see and hunt your beauty !

I discovered that not only your love is everywhere – also in everyone! You are teaching me to see the light side , to humble my self , That I don’t doubt to your promises , That I don’t doubt to your beauty. You Beauty God! Just thinking how great you are. I am just full of joy when I realise you are BIG. YOU ARE BIG! your love is huge than any enormous forest. The highest of your love measured thousands greater than any mountain.

I can’t deny your love, your fingerprints are everywhere! The closest one is on my heart.

Later on, just realised this is only a small art of you in millions of millions great one around me! When you painted earth , you knew how are you going to paint my heart , mind and soul. I am right here having awe of your art ! Right now writing up your majesty , How great you are God? Which wise person going to deny your love? Let them be foolish of your love.

Hugging my self – looking to you and shouting how great your love is! I am the craziest one of you- even may this new generation label me by a name! You tagged us by your love, You chosen us by your beauty, You made us by your beauty eyes. I am just wondered In this, I am just like as you , made in likeness of just you. I can’t edit this love , I can’t remove this love , I can’t modify this love. I can just discover it as it is- Pure , Precious , Perfect. You are a spring rain- coming to my soul, A blossom tree – Opening up a peace in my heart. You are always a green tree with a smells of 4 season Father.

Much love Dariush Youkhaneh


  1. Wonderful Blog Bro. Dariush. You shared your heart with us on your love for our God and it is encouraging. God Bless you May the Good Lord continue to grow you and inspire you to write these posts. Take Care πŸ™‚

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