Sydney Summer

I know, another summer here in Sydney. It was like yesterday I was posting about hot Christmas summer. Realy, gone fast. 10 days gone already. Our Santa will have an another hot summer coming and Prepared the swimming stuff, because santa will visit the beaches too. Hahah.

Opposite us, it is going to be cold for most of you guys. Please stay warm and send some snow on my way, right here in my room, becaue it is going to be very hot. Okay enough talk about seasons. How are you doing these days? Did you set up Christmas tree yet? Prepare yourself becaue loads of chocolates coming on your way. Make sure you do some sport during the day where ever your spending your holiday. If you are like me staying home then I can advise to do some walking in the evening.

What book are you reading? Or did you prepare to read which book during the Christmas? You may think who’s gonna read book in Christmas time? Well. Book lovers. Are you reading bible regularly, what God talked to you recently? Would you share it? I am reading book of Romans chapter 8 and also daily reading Max Lucado s book called unshakable Hope. I will give out the review for it soon. I also will finish my book soon but still there is more need to be covered. You know God loves you so much. He loved us all first. Let us show his love to the world. And shine for him everyday. I just came here to God is a good father for you. In this new season He opens the doors for you.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. All nice posts. I don’t want to inundate you with “likes” as I enjoy catching up; so please know I like each post? Thank you, for understanding AND sharing ♡

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    1. Oh I see, I love snow :), in Sydney we have no snow 😐, now is very hot summer, today was about 43 c. Thanks for the wishes, you too merry Christmas and a happy new year 2019. Bless you. Peace and love

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