Don’t Judge, Love More

Yesterday, when I was helping some other outreach ministry, (which I occasionally attend to help them) in our small town centre. Such a street ministry. They are doing pretty well in the kingdom of God. An unknown small church but known in Christ eyes. “The pastor is not here, His brother passed away he went to another state” on of the member told me. An African Australian guy with a nice smile on the face. He is a youth minister. Speaking on his testimony every time takes the microphone. He is a young guy who loves Jesus with honesty. I sang a few song with them. Like “Power of your Love”. With my one eyes to my bike. This area is not a really safe area. If you don’t look after your stuff will be gone away in a second. Gospel will be preaching but where is ear to listen.

Actually, a nice Fijian lady came to me and asked me about how to join. She was listening and another member came and explained about the services.

Anyway, one of the member approached to me and asked me which church am I going? I said I go Hillsong and proudly 7 years I am there. He started commenting, Judging one way. I just was listening and give him a few words. As we already sang a Hillsong worship music song.

My advice was :

[[Is it really important which church you go? As long as the spirit leads you on. If we all go one church what will be happened to other local church’s? (true we need to examine the church). Your heart need to be set right with the plan of God in your life. I would never allow my self to Judge people which Church they Go(except those have a foundation faith issue) . I rather love them. Love them deeply. Paul says I can not even judge myself. How do we allow ourselves to judge others in anyway?

We meant to build not distroy.

We called to unity not division.

Take my advise and apply in your life. I did judge others before not even had one small benefit, it will keeps you narrow minded and one way looking. Even on people. Never allow yourselves judge others base on thier colour skin, race or nationalities.. These all not a good sign of a “grown Christian”. If we want to grow in the knowledge of Christ we need to grow in all area of our life, look at the big picture where Jesus Christ died for all of us. Let Christ rule in your heart and lead you to green pastures.

I encourage you love one another in the word and deed.

No need to say I belong to this community or to other one. That one is right that one is wrong. Listen to what the Holy Spirit says.]]

I pray 2019 we love more we judge less. We build more distroy less. We listen to the Holy Spirit as we confess to Him. More of Him less of Us.

4th day of 2019 gone! Hooray. Days are flying, next week I go to summer camp. It would be great. Here in Australia right now is summer and warm. You should visit Sydney, it is a beautiful City. I love to host you if I can. Do you still on holiday? How’s it going?

Much Love

D. Y



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