a person who steals.

I have never seen in my whole life such this one. I got a phone call Last Friday morning that somebody stolen our (city) a gift beautiful bike from inside our home. I was shocked a bit. I had experience that they stole my bike before with lock. Inside home , in the back that no one can even see! How could it be possible? I was really upset about this. Not because of that I am belong to the things because that bike was a gift that I brought with me here in Sydney from Europe. Apart from that it was a really good run one.

I came back from work. Family explained what happened to the bike. I went and checked the place . they left the helmet and took the bike with lock. I was calm but really upset about this. How earth this could happen? I prayed.

I went to our local police to report as they may come back to stole other things.  Friday gone.

This verse highlights:

Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need. Ephesian 4 : 28

Saturday my brother called me and said did you look the gumtree may they are selling there? But I’ve checked the facebook market. Here , there my beautiful bike selling it only $90!!! My sister message them said if still is available and they replied ” No sorry sold”. I got the facebook account – as we found it is a fake account and all their friends are fake! Yes.

I was thinking God you are so good, how good you can be that you have forgiven those they stole , they are thieves, they are murderers , they are far away from you , even indeed , you invited them to your kingdom , yep one was next to you when you have been crucified on the cross. You forgiven him. And you brought him into your light. we are living in a world that Satan put his thief heart into people’s life. I know , you know there is a lot of story behind this. But in this century people are hungry. Basic item of life is in need. Some of you already encountered those around you possibly. But what is the bible view of this? Obviously as I mentioned in the above verse you can see the clear view of bible. ” Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor“.

I pray for those they are really in need of something in their life. I pray for their mind and heart that will be changed. I pray for their hands that be used in honest and integrity. That not only they work in honesty also they meet someone else in need. I pray God wash their life with his presence. And give them a new identity in heaven. I am not surprised when I see the thieves on the earth will be my neighbour in heaven, Yep saved and washed by the blood of lamb. And shouting how good is our Father. Once, we all been dead in our sin and in the dark , lost! But God came for all of us. Who are far , who are near.

Exodus 20:15 “You shall not steal”. It is the one of the 10 commandment! ( at the moment I am talking about the physical things , stealing can be vary )

There are tones of bible verses about thieves , robbers , stealing … humans are struggling in this still in this century.

I want to take the word of God , strongly be firmed in my position. I wan to mark a goodness in people’s heart. I want to follow Christ. I am trying to reach in his heart , stay there forever. One day this world will be redeemed. There will be no thief , there will be peace forever. I hold this until Christ arrives again in His Glory.

Share your view? What do you think? How do you say to God these things?



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Amen brother! You have a righteous attitude about the whole thing. I’m sorry your bike was stolen. I pray the Lord blesses and protects you and I pray the Lord saves those people that stole your bike. I also pray the Lord blesses you with a new bike! God bless brother!

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  2. Your attitude of mercy toward the thief is admirable. I will join you in your prayer for the thief’s transformation and for your new or returned bike. “All thugs work together for good for those who believe.”

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  3. It’s very sad that this thief chose to steal your bike, hopefully they one day see the light and can turn their life around … “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  4. Dear friend,

    “Every Saint has his past and every Sinner his future…” -this is what holy people say, means that we all have our mistakes some in this field others in other directions. In this connection it is important that we are able to forgive and forget too and it is good to have even positive thoughts for those who have done any kind of hurt to us (be it through words, thoughts or deeds…) – those prayer coming from our heart will even help them to understand what it means to steal something from someone as this is an act of violence (we are hurt). Sometimes these things happen to because we are tested how we react. Do we react “eye for an eye” or do we even feel compassion for those who have done it, as they obviously haver not learnt yet that we are all brothers and sisters in Him.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend
    All good wishes

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